Titanium Man
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Real Name Buldar
Alternate Identity Titanium Man
Powers and Abilities Titanium Man Armor
Titanium Man is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Titanium Man is the codename of an armored supervillain.


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Buldar was a colonel in the Soviet Union. Buldar grew jealous of Iron Man and ordered the scientist that he was holding prisoner to create an armored suit for him.

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Buldar, now with an armored suit and calling himself Titanium Man, went to America and publicly challenged Iron Man to fight him. Iron Man accepted Titanium Man's challenge and fought him at a carnival with a crowd of people watching them. During their fight, Iron Man's armor began to run out of power which gave Titanium Man the upper hand. However, Happy Hogan arrived shortly afterwards and gave Iron Man a power pack for his armor. With this extra power Iron Man was able to defeat Titanium Man.

Iron Man was later kidnapped and brought to Russia. The leader of the Soviet Union told Iron Man that he would fight Titanium Man on live television in Washington D.C. or else he would be killed. However, Iron Man was able to escape back to America and Titanium Man went after him. After a short fight Iron Man was able to disable Titanium Man's armor.


Titanium Man was voiced by Ed McNamara.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

His name is Boris Bullski. For unknown reasons his name was changed to Buldar in The Marvel Super Heroes.

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