Titanium Man
Titanium Man
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Titanium Man
Powers and Abilities Titanium Man Armor
Team Affiliations The Hand
Allies Dark Aegis
Iron Man
War Machine

Titanium Man is the codename of an unknown armored supervillain. He was a member of The Hand and associated with Dark Aegis.


Little is known about the life of Titanium Man. He is some kind of cyborg.

At some point, he fought Iron Man and Force Works at Magnitogorsk, but they apparently defeated him.

The Hand called him in to help fight Force Works at the opening of the Hammer Channel Tunnel. However, he was once again defeated.

In an attempt to gain a weapon that would help him annihilate his enemies with ease, he began working for Dark Aegis. After Aegis completely obliterated an alien word with his help, he became overridden with guilt. Completely destroying a planet full of people to save Russia from their enemies overcoming him, he helped Iron Man and War Machine defeat Aegis. He gave them the technology they needed to return home and sacrificed himself to save them in order to redeem his lost honor.


Titanium Man was voiced by Gerard Maguire.

Titanium Man is the name of several different characters in the comics, but is never stated which one exactly this version is. Most likely it is the original Boris Bullski.

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