Time Dilation Accelerator
Hobgoblin Time Accelerator.jpg
Hobgoblin wearing the Accelerator
Real Name Time Dilation Accelerator
Powers and Abilities Opens Interdimensional Portals
Allies Hobgoblin
Norman Osborn
Green Goblin
Family and Friends Dr. Johnathan Ohn (Creator)

The Time Dilation Accelerator is a device that opens interdimensional portals to limbo allowing for near-instant travel between two points.


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The device was designed by Dr. Jonathan Ohnn to create portals that can transport people or objects across time. He designed it for Stark Enterprises but after the incident with Venom and Carnage he was let go by Tony Stark.

Wilson Fisk then hired Ohnn to build the device. An accident with it turned Ohnn into Spot, who could control the portals with his mind.

The device was lost but found by a man in the park. He tried to sell it at a Pawn Shop but accidentally created a large portal. Hobgoblin got the device and intended to use it against Kingpin.

Eventually Green Goblin got it and caused the disappearance of Mary Jane Watson and himself, though Spider-Man thought they were both dead. The device was destroyed in the Goblin's final confrontation with Spider-Man, trapping both himself and MJ trapped in limbo.

Alternate Version

In an alternate universe Spider-Carnage used a device created by Dr. Ohnn to destroy all of reality. Eventually Uncle Ben convinced Spider-Carnage to stop and he destroyed the device along with him.


The device is original to the series.

Had the series continued Mysterio would have used it to rob banks, but eventually come across Dormammu. Both villains would then go against Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

In the Comics

It was Gwen Stacy, not Mary Jane, who was taken to the bridge by Green Goblin. She was knocked over the side and while Spider-Man caught her she was dead.

After the death of Gwen Stacy, Green Goblin tried to ram Spider-Man with his glider. The hero dodged causing the glider to slam into and kill Green Goblin. However, he wasn't really dead.

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