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Real Name Thrym
Team Affiliations Frost Giants
Family and Friends Geirmarr (Son)
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Thrym is the Frost Giant king of Jotunheim and the father of Geirmarr. When he heard that Thor used Elderstahl to kill two sentries, Thrym went off to siege Asgard. He realized that his fellow king Odin did not know about his son's actions but knew he could not turn back then. When Odin offered anything to have the truce between Asgard and Jotunheim to be reinstated, this seemed to made Thrym change his mind, accepted the offer on the grounds that Elderstahl be surrendered to the Frost Giants before dawn. He was rather calm and talked Geirmarr out of attacking Asgard hastily. He then spared Thor when the boy offered Elderstahl to him.


Thrym was voiced by John Novak.

Thrym was given a son so that both Odin and Thor would have a Frost Giant counterpart.

Although Thrym has no comic book counterpart, in mythology Thrym stole Mjolnir but was stopped by Thor, Loki, and Heimdall.

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