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Thor: Tales of Asgard
Thor Tales of Asgard Title.jpg
Release date May 17, 2011
Rating Not Rated
Director Sam Liu
Writer(s) Greg Johnson
Craig Kyle
Producer(s) Gary Hartle
Editor George P. Rizkallah
Distributor Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Music By Guy Michelmore
Running Time 77 Minutes
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Seeking a true adventure, Thor and Loki, the sons of Odin and princes of Asgard, set off across the nine realms in search of Elderstahl, a weapon of seemingly unlimited power and the desire of all. To aid in their quest for the legendary Sword of Surtur, the two boys recruit Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun, better known as the Warriors Three. Their quest takes them deep in into Jotunheim where their presence threatens a deadly war between the Frost Giants and Asgard. But the true threat may come from within the House of Odin.


Showing Skills

Einherjar Over Pit TTA.jpg

A group of warriors approach and surround a darkened pit. They leap down and approach the young Thor, who wields a sword. Thor leaps forward into the group. He blocks the sword of one warrior, slashes the cape of another, and trips a third.

Thor Taunts Einherjar TTA.jpg

On the other side he goads the others into attacking. The larger warriors approach holding up their swords and axes.

He looks high above the pit, the audience watches and cheers. He spots Sif standing on the ledge looking down.

Thor Einherjar Lock Swords TTA.jpg

Thor smiles and readies his sword. He turns and blocks another's attack. Thor locks swords and leaps over the warrior. He flips over and blocks another. He continues to flip and block until he makes his away across the pit of warriors once again.

Upon reaching the last warrior, Thor trips and loses his sword. On the ground Thor reaches out for the sword as the warriors stand by, first watching him then looking at each other.

Ander Lifts Sword TTA.jpg

One large warrior approaches and lifts Thor's sword with his. He raises it up and tosses it back at Thor. Thor grasps the sword and smiles.

High above, Sif continues to look on.

Ander Confronts Thor TTA.jpg

Thor stands and attacks the helping man. Despite his attacks, the man blocks with every move. Thor circles around him but the man keeps moving back away from him.

Sif grows tired of the show and turns to leave down a dark hallway.

Ander Bows To Thor TTA.jpg

Back in the pit the man, Ander bows before Thor and tells him that he is victorious. Thor rests his sword on is back and asks if they would do this again the next week. The other warriors also bow. Ander says they will do as he asks.

Thor starts to walk away but stops when the audience cheers. He lowers his sword and looks up but does not see Sif.

Thor Sword Slippery Handle TTA.jpg

As Thor leaves the arena, Loki congratulates him on the fight, though he notes that the sword had a problems with the grip and was too slick. As Thor passes Loki starts to follow. He says he will punish the dwarfs for Thor. Thor puts the sword in its sheath and tells him to do it.

Friendly Competition

Thor walks up to a barn. Inside, Sif dips her hand into a bucket of feed and holds it to a horse who eats out of her hand. Thor approaches and claims she missed his victory. Sif tells him she left after the opponents helped him with his weapon.

Thor Blames Dwarves TTA.jpg

Thor gets flustered but walks up to her saying it was the dwarves' fault they didn't work on the grip right. Sif gets angry knowing that blaming the dwarves was Loki's idea. Thor also gets angry at the idea that he shouldn't have won the match. Sif tells him that it wasn't just that day's match.

Thor Grabs Sif TTA.jpg

Sif grabs the bucket and walks past Thor. However, Thor grabs her arm causing her to drop the feed and demands an explanation. She yanks her hand away from him and demands that he explain why he never ceded victory to the most celebrated warriors in Asgard, the Einherjar.

Sif Berates Thor TTA.jpg

Thor claims that he is simply more skilled than they are. Sif leans in and points out that they have the toughest foes in the Nine Realms. She shoves her finger into his chest and reminds him that he has never left the royal grounds.

Thor then claims to have the strength of Odin. Sif crouches down and scoops up the feed. She agrees but notes that he also has the authority meaning that the warriors have no choice but to lose.

Sif Believes In Thor TTA.jpg

Sif stands and Thor demands to know why she has so little faith in him. Sif claims she is the only one who does and that all others protect him. Thor yells at her to stop. The two stand staring at each other.

Sif Accepts Challenge TTA.jpg

Sif tells him that he has never had an honest fight in his life. She turns to walk away. Thor pulls out his sword and tells her that since she is good with blades she should fight him. Sif warns him to be careful but Thor insults her saying to choose a weapon.

Sif drops the feed and steps on a pitch fork to grab the handle. She spins it around then readies it at Thor. Thor sees the barn tool and realizes she thinks less of him than he thought. Sif breaks off the fork end and holds the broken handle to him.

Sif Trips Thor TTA.jpg

Thor raises his sword and runs forward. As he approaches Sif lifts the bucket with the handle and drops in on his head. She swings the handle around and sweeps Thor's feet from underneath him.

Thor lands and lifts the bucket off his head growing angry. Then Sif points the broken end at him and he stops. She drops the handle and bids him farewell.

Sif Leaves Barn TTA.jpg

Loki sits outside the barn on a barrel. Sif rides the white Pegasus out. He tells her that Thor was wrong and she would fit in with the Valkyries. She tells Loki to stop protecting his brother.

Thor Watches Sif Leave TTA.jpg

She rears the Pegasus causing its wings to expand. The Pegasus flies up and away from the barn. Thor, still covered in feed, exits and watches her fly away. He turns to see Loki then walks away.

Can't Leave

Elsewhere, Volstagg stands on a raised circular platform in a large public square. He drinks from a stein and speaks to the crowd. Hogun sits off by himself also drinking from a pint. Fandral sits with two beautiful women.

Volstagg Lies To Crowd TTA.jpg

Volstagg tells him of a time when the Warriors Three were on the side of an icy mountain with fire leaping up from a gorge below. One of Fandral's ladies wonders how fire got in Jotunheim. Fandral tells her that it was dragons.

The other woman then asks how many were after them. Fandral says there were seven but Volstagg interrupts saying there were ten. Hogun speaks up saying there were a dozen at least. The four look over at the quiet warrior who turns to look back at them.

Volstagg Lies TTA.jpg

Fandral then claims that Frost Giants were also approaching them. He goes on to say that there was no escape for him but Volstagg interrupts and continues. He says that the Warriors Three would not stop their quest. He told them that the Sword of Surtur was worth their lives. The crowd mumbles in appreciation.

Crowd Laughs At Thor TTA.jpg

Just then Fandral sees Thor approaching and congratulates him on his victory. Thor walks past without saying a word, obviously angry. He holds up his pint saying his victory is nothing compared to those found outside the arena. The crowd laughs and parts as Thor approaches.

Suddenly Thor stops. Hogun stands and lifts his mace saying that next time Thor could join them. Volstagg grabs Hogun reminding him that Thor is not allowed to leave the kingdom. The crowd laughs once again.

Thor Grabs Volstagg TTA.jpg

Thor shakes with anger then runs towards Volstagg. He grabs the overweight man and threatens him for insulting him. Volstagg says they were only jesting and reminds the prince that they are friends.

Thor sighs and lets him go. He turns and leaves. Volstagg asks Hogun what is wrong with the boy. Fandral walks up next to the other two as they watch Thor leave.

You Will Obey

In the Asgardian Palace, a man named Skala tells Odin that the Valkyries established a new training camp in the branches of Yggdrasill, west of Svartalfheim.

Thor Enters Throne Room TTA.jpg

Just then Thor bursts into the room asking to see his father. Odin holds up his hand telling him to wait.

Skala Meeting TTA.jpg

Odin turns back to Skala and asks how he found out about this when the scout sent to track them failed to return. Skala tells him that they followed Brunhilde after she secretly met with Lady Sif.

Odin notes that last bit of information and ends the day's council. Odin's advisor, a Dark Elf named Algrim, then follows them men out. Thor watches them all go.

Thor Requests To Leave TTA.jpg

Once the mighty doors are closed, Odin sights and asks his son what is wrong. Thor walks up to his father asking permission to go with the Einherjar on one of their patrols. Odin knows Thor already knows the answer but Thor does not agree. Odin tells him that as his son he has different responsibilities.

Thor Doesnt Agree With Odin TTA.jpg

Thor says that at least warriors know their limits. Odin knows that Thor has outgrown his training. Thor looks away asking if the Einherjar let him win. He turns back to his father who says that it is true. Thor is shocked and wonders why.

Odin tells him that it is because Thor turned his training to public entertainment. He goes on to say that the kingdom cannot see their prince defeated week after week. Thor realizes that his father also doubts his abilities.

Odin stands saying that being king is not about drawing a sword in battle but avoiding battle entirely. Thor gets angry saying that running away sounds more like Loki's strengths and claims that he should just give his brother the crown.

Thor Not Leaving Asgard TTA.jpg

Odin walks up to his son saying that perhaps he will give it to Loki. In the meantime, Odin, as the king and his father, says that Thor will not leave Asgard. Thor turns and walks away.

Elsewhere, Thor enters a large room with weapons. He looks up at a long spear. He takes out his sword and throws it to the side. He then walks up to the mystical hammer Mjolnir.

Thor Finds Algrim Armory TTA.jpg

Thor then tells Algrim to come out. Algrim walks out from behind a column near the Destroyer armor. He is impressed that Thor could find him in the shadows while not many can. Thor admits that neither can he.

Thor walks to the other side noting that Algrim always checks on him after a fight with his father. He walks to a sword and lifts it up. He swings the sword around trying it out. Algrim says that he usually checks up on him because Thor insists on doing something foolish. Thor admits that he usually lets himself get talked out of it but he won't this time.

Thor Wants Quest TTA.jpg

Algrim walks up wondering where Thor is going that he would need that sword. Thor sheathes the new sword and tells Algrim that there used to be a test for young warriors, a secret quest.

Thor walks over to the spear and Algrim follows. Algrim knows of the test. Thor says that no one has ever died on this quest. Though Algrim notes that it is because the object will never be found. Thor turns to the elf and says that searching for the Sword of Surtur is not about finding the weapon but in looking.

Algrim notes that he would be trespassing in Jotunheim though the boy is glad to do it. Algrim walks up to him and says that the truce with the Jotuns is fragile and warns that he must not be found.

Thor Feels Bad About Insult TTA.jpg

Thor starts to walk away while insulting the Jotuns. But he quickly stops and turns to see Algrim in pain. He turns back and apologizes to him. Algrim forgives him and tells him that his people are an example of how dangerous the Jotuns can be.

Algrim Wont Tell Odin TTA.jpg

Thor tells him he will be careful and asks that this stay between the two. Algrim tells him that he will keep quiet for as long as he can. Thor tells him that he is a good friend and leaves.

Making Magic

Elsewhere in a temple high above a waterfall, Loki moves his hand over a bowl of water. He waves his hands about and the water begins to ripple. Then it forms a tentacle and reaches out of the bowl. Loki is amazed at what he is doing.

Amora Teaches Loki TTA.jpg

Amora stands next to him and tells him to influence it. She walks around the bowl behind him as Loki tries a spell that does nothing. She whispers in his ear that a true master only needs to think it.

Loki tries again, this time in a whisper. The tentacle turns into a cobra then splashes against Loki.

Amora Laughs At Loki TTA.jpg

Loki, soaking wet, turns to Amora who is laughing. She tells him that he made the water into a snake and snakes bite, and he did it perfectly. Loki smiles at that and Amora brings her face in closer to him telling him he is amazing.

Loki Amora Near Kiss TTA.jpg

She tells him that controlling water is terrific because it can also control ice and mist. She leans in closer to his face. Loki closes his eyes and they prepare to kiss.

Amora Passes Thor TTA.jpg

Just then Thor calls out to her. They look over and see him standing in the doorway. Thor enters the room telling her to leave. Amora bows and walks out passing Thor on the stairs.

Loki Magic Expert TTA.jpg

Loki asks what Thor needs and Thor asks how Loki is doing on his magic. Loki arrogantly tells him that his magic is advanced. Thor tells him that they're going to be hiding aboard the Thunder Runner and they're going to need his magic. Shocked, Loki admits that he's not very good.


Thor Loki Find Thunder Runner TTA.jpg

At the docks, Thor and Loki sneak from behind one crate to another. Thor finds the Thunder Runner and tell his brother that they'll hide in the hold. Loki wonders why they should hide from their friends. Thor says that their friends aren't foolish enough to sail with the sons of Odin on their ship.

They make for the ship but hear Fandral boasting behind them. They quickly sneak off.

Fandral tells two lovely ladies that even though they will only be gone seven days it will feel like an eternity while fighting in Jotunheim. Behind them, Volstagg carries two kegs. One of the women asks him to bring them something. Fandral suggest a claw or fang from a savage white bear. Behind them, Hogun pushes a large cart.

Thunder Runner Leaves Dock TTA.jpg

The boat launches from the dock. Hogun uses an oar to move them back. Fandrall stands on the ship's bow waving farewell to the women. The ship turns and the sail drops down.

Heimdall Thunder Runner TTA.jpg

As the ship moves away from Asgard Volstagg drinks from his pint. The ship then flies off into the heavens past Heimdall.

Thor Peaks Thunder Runner TTA.jpg

As the three stand on the deck, Thor peaks up through a hatch. He turns to see Asgard growing more distant. Down below, Loki sits against the cargo with his eyes closed. Thor tells him of the amazing sight, though Loki wished never to see it.

Thor closes the match saying that his brother always worries. He reminds him that the Warriors Three have returned from the last three seasons without any harm done. Loki says that since they are royalty they are not skilled in such adventures.

Loki Admits Sif Was Right TTA.jpg

Thor claims that since he is so good with a blade he will protect his little brother. He then returns to peaking out the hatch. Loki sighs saying that Sif was right.

Back in Asgard, Algrim stands under a painting of Svartalfheim reading a book. Odin enters holding a candle and Algrim wonders what is wrong. Odin says he is just looking for his sons. Algrim claims not to have seen them for some time but says it is not uncommon for them to leave their rooms at night.

Odin Admits Argument TTA.jpg

Algrim walks over to Odin and asks if there is cause for concern. Odin sets down the candle saying that he and his son had an argument. Algrim reminds the king that boys do argue when they near adulthood.

Algrim Comforts Odin TTA.jpg

Odin walks over to the balcony saying that Thor is not yet an adult and may do something foolish. Odin goes outside and leans on the railing and Algrim follows. Odin wonders why he, the "All Father," should have trouble raising two boys. Algrim says that they are not average boys.

Odin then wonders if he is a good father and asks if he is protecting the two too much. Algrim says that if his sons came of age, though he holds back tears while saying this, he believes that keeping them too close is what drives them away.

Algrim Misses Family TTA.jpg

He tells Odin that some lessons need to be experienced and perhaps that is what Odin should now do. Odin puts his hand on the elf's shoulder saying his advice is always wise and appreciated. Algrim watches as Odin leaves. Algrim then turns back and watches out over Asgard.

Another Round

Thunder Runner Stopped TTA.jpg

Back in the ship, Thor wakes Loki. He tells him that the ship stops and assumes they are in Jotunheim. The two peak out of the hatch and leave. They then see a large creature throw a man out of a door saying that if the man returned he would kill him. Loki tells Thor that it is smaller than he thought.

They then see that they are on a small platform with just a few ships docked.

Inside the pub, creatures walk in. The creature from before, now behind the counter tending to the customers, gives a pint to a waitress. Another creature digs his dagger into the table causing the bartender to glare at him. In the back, the Warriors Three sit at a table.

Nixie Tickles Fandral TTA.jpg

Volstagg raises his pint and burps then sits it down as he laughs. Fandral grabs the arm of a passing beautiful waitress. He asks where he could find a claw or fang of a white bear. The waitress leans down into the light revealing herself to be a Nixie. Fandral is shocked but she then tickles his chin.

Volstagg Teases Fandral TTA.jpg

Hogun slams his pint down and demands another round. The waitress stands and leaves. Volstagg jokes about Fandral going after the waitress. The waitress brings them more drinks. Volstagg jokes that next he should find a hobgoblin girl. Fandral then replies that that may not be such a bad idea.

Volstagg tells Hogun to cheer up or they'll make him sit with the Greeks. They look over and see a number of Greek figures including a Nymph, Satyr, Centaur, and Harpy.

Hogun laments that sitting in this place stealing stories isn't interesting anymore. Fandral jokes that nothing interests Hogun anymore. Hogun drinks from his pint and notices a hooded figure staring at them. He sees that it is the smiling face of Thor.

Hogun stands and yawns saying he will go to bed. As he looks across the room he sees Loki in the shadows. Loki raises his hand motioning for him to sit down. Hogun sits down saying they're going to get a new story.

Thor Confronts Warriors Three Pub TTA.jpg

Volstagg tells the two that he'll go get some meat while they spread out and see what they can hear. Thor walks up asking about the story of three travelers who never went past the inn. Thor takes off his hood shocking Fandral and Volstagg. Hogun buries his face in his hand.

Loki Enters Pub TTA.jpg

Volstagg asks how he got there and Thor tells him the Thunder Runner. Volstagg realizes that Thor stowed away, but Hogun knows it gets worse. Just then Loki walks up. Hogun believes they'll all be drawn and quartered.

Thor Grabs Stein TTA.jpg

Thor tells them to relax and grabs a stein from a waitress behind him shocking her. He lifts it up in a toast for their upcoming adventure. Before he can drink, a Fenris Wolf grabs his arm saying that was his ale.

Bartender Stops Fenris Thor TTA.jpg

Thor tells him not to touch the son of Odin but Fenris merely growls at him. Then the bartender slams his ax down on the table telling them to stop. Thor looks over at the bartender and back at Fenris. The bartender then calls out to Fenris who takes his stein and walks back to the counter.

Thor turns back to the table complaining of Fenris's smell. Fenris looks over and laughs. He takes a drink as Loki watches and casts a spell.

Causing Trouble

Fenris No Ale TTA.jpg

Fenris looks surprised as nothing comes out. He holds up the glass and shakes it.

Loki Fenris Eyes TTA.jpg

Loki chants again and the ale spills all over the wolf. He growls and looks back at the boys. Loki laughs until he realizes the wolf is staring at him. Loki hides behind his brother as Fenris leaps forward.

Fenris pushes Thor off to the side and onto a table spilling all the drinks. He stands and starts attacking the nearby men. The bartender sees him then looks to see Fenris pushing aside a table to chase Loki. He tells the room to stop and grabs his ax.

Fandral Distracts Bartender TTA.jpg

Thor punches a man then sees the bartender leap over the counter and walk towards him. Fandral tells the man that someone is stealing his money. When the bartender looks Fandral hits him with a barstool, but to no effect. Fandral then flees across the room with the bartender chasing him.

Two Minotaurs walk up to Hogun and asks who started it. Hogun says it doesn't matter and hits one in the stomach with his mace. He then smacks the other in the head.

Hogun Bar Fight TTA.jpg

High above in the rafters, dwarves play their musical instruments. They look down below to see a creature approaching Hogun. On the other side of the room, Fenris is still chasing Loki.

Thor Loses Sword Pub TTA.jpg

Loki leaps over a table but Fenris knocks it away. He growls as Loki is backed against the wall. Fenris raises his claw as Thor body slams him across the room. Thor reaches for his sword but realizes that it's missing.

He asks Loki if he has seen the sword but his brother hasn't. Loki runs away suggesting they look for it. Thor turns to see the wolf standing up before him. He raises his arm and slams him across the room.

Volstagg stops fighting with a creature to drink from a keg. Thor then flies into the creature knocking him down. Volstagg and Hogun, who is held by another man, look down at him. Hogun smashes into the man and Volstagg raises his keg to slam it down on the man releasing Hogun. He sits on him and returns to drinking.

Fandral Hits On Cooks TTA.jpg

Fandral flies over the counter past two waitresses. He looks up to see women cooks in the kitchen. He starts to ask them out but a large hand pulls him out. The women then return to their work.

Thor asks if they have seen his sword and describes it as gold, jeweled, and perfectly balanced. The two look blank but then turn as they hear the wolf behind them.

Thor Throws Hammer TTA.jpg

Loki reaches up and tells Thor to try a wooden hammer he found. Thor looks at the hammer then back at Loki in confusion. Loki admits it is better than nothing. Thor shrugs and tosses it at Fenris.

Fenris dodges but it hits the bartender in the head. The hammer bounces off the pillars and rafters. It then cuts through the cord holding up the chandelier and dwarves. the chandelier falls and slams onto the wolf.

Thor looks at Loki and wonders if he used any magic to help him, but Loki denies any involvement. Thor looks back out to see his sword embedded in a table. Then the table flies up as Fenris stands and charges. Thor backs up as he, his brother, and the Warriors Three are surrounded.

Loki Fires Door TTA.jpg

Outside, Fandral and Hogun fly out through a window. Thor leaps through the adjacent window. Volstagg runs out the door followed by Loki. Loki turns and closes the door. He casts a spell causing Volstagg's keg to fly out and break on the door. He then commands the fire to light the ale. Volstagg looks back lamenting over his lost ale.

Hogun and Fandral make their way aboard the ship while Thor tries to untie it. Loki pushes Volstagg on board. Thor looks up to see the bartender break out through the burning door. He raises his ax and throws it. The ax embeds itself in the dock but cuts the rope. As the ship pulls away Thor is yanked into the boat.

Thor Sees Burning Inn TTA.jpg

Fandral and Loki pull Thor in as Hogun and Volstagg row away. They watch as the they sail away from the burning inn. Suddenly, Loki begins to laugh. Fandral looks back as Thor also cracks up. Soon everyone aboard is laughing heartily.

Fandral walks to the stern of the ship to guide it. Volstagg says that this is enough adventure and suggests they head home. Hogun and Fandral agree and say they can be there by morning.

Loki To Jotunheim TTA.jpg

However, Thor rejects the idea saying that he cam in search of Surtur's sword. Thor tells him that they will not return to Asgard until they find it. Loki stands in the center and tells them to go to Jotunheim.

The sail drops down and the ship sails away.

With the Valkyries

Elsewhere, a group of women fire arrows out of their bows. At the end is Sif. She fires at hits the target.

Brunhilde Congratulates Sif TTA.jpg

Brunhilde walks up telling Sif that she has great aim, though she appears to be focusing on some man. They look out at the targets of dummies dressed like men and with Fandral's hair style. All have arrows in the head while Sif's is in the crotch.

Sif bows and apologizes. Brunnhilde tells her she is fine since many in the sisterhood joined for similar reasons. They turn and walk to a ledge to see many women training all over the place.

Brunhilde Shows Off Kona Lifandi TTA.jpg

She tells Sif that in Kona Lifandi they severed their reliance on men. A group of women on Pegasus fly by. Down below two women fiercely battle each other. Brunhilde tells Sif that here they can reach their true potential. Sif says that is why she came there.

Brunhilde Teaches Sif TTA.jpg

She tells Sif that men have only one purpose and should be otherwise disposed of. She then tells her to return to the line and continue practicing. Sif nods in agreement and runs back.

In the realm of Jotunheim, the Thunder Runner lies broken upon the shore. The head of the bow breaks off and lands at the feet of the Warriors Three. Hogun looks up saying he is close to weeping. Volstagg says that it wasn't a pretty boat but it worked well. Fandral says he appreciated it.

Thor Loki Begin Quest TTA.jpg

Thor bids to go forward and not look back. The three turn to see Thor and Loki standing on a hill above them. Thor looks away from the ship and makes his way up. Loki follows and soon the three join.

Fandral whistles while Hogun walks up next to him. He wonders how the man can whistle while his lips are frozen. Fandral shields his eyes with his hands while Hogun, Volstagg, and Thor bundle up in their coats.

Thor Teases Loki TTA.jpg

Thor wonders why he is freezing when Loki looks perfectly calm. Loki jokes that it is because he is tougher than Thor. Thor retaliates by saying that Loki can deal with the first Frost Giant they find and the two laugh.

Hogun stops and readies his mace. He tells them that he sense movement and Fandral pulls out his sword. Thor goes for his weapon but remembers that it is gone. Fandral and Volstagg ready their swords.

Hogun Attacks Snow Sprite TTA.jpg

Just then the ice breaks apart. A swarm of small creatures fly up and at the Asgardians. Fandral stops and notices that they are simply snow sprites. He jokes that Hogun is overreacting. One sprite flies over to Hogun and takes a piece of his coat. Hogun tries to get it back but the sprite flies away.

Thor reminds them to stay alert.


Jotunheim Trek TTA.jpg

The five continue on their way. They wander through the intense winds and across the long and frozen plains. They inch their way along a ledge.

As they turn a corner on the mountain ledge Thor looks out and sees only more frozen land. He then collapses on the ground and leans against the wall. Volstagg also kneels down to rest.

Thor Gives Up TTA.jpg

Fandral looks over and calls out to Thor. Loki then walks over to his brother and sits next to him. He asks if Thor is giving up and he replies that Algrim was right, that the sword could never be found.

Loki asks how Algrim could know of it. Thor tells him that he knows Jotunheim because it killed his people. Loki responds that it wasn't the land itself, but the Jotuns who live there. Thor responds that the realm will keep its secrets from them.

Loki then says that every secret has a clue and reminds him of the stories they memorized. Loki stands and walks to the edge. Thor says he loves the stories. Loki says he loves the story of Odin defeating Surtur. Thor claims he also loves that one.

Thor Loki Odin Tale TTA.jpg

Loki tells him that he should then remember the valley he is looking at. Thor stands and looks over. He recognizes it and points out the mountain where Surtur once stood. Thor and Loki imagine the story.

Surtur Odin Battle TTA.jpg

Surtur stood on top of the mountain billowing in fire. He held his sword ready. Thor says that Odin's spear Gungnir was the only weapon to rival the sword. Odin held up his spear as his six-legged horse reared.

Surtur raised his sword and brought it down. The energy from the swipe destroyed the mountain Odin stood on. Odin leapt down in time and raced across the plain. Thor and Loki look out over to the destroyed mountain, still with the mark of Surtur's sword.

Loki goes on with the tale saying that Odin knew he had to tire Surtur before defeating him. Odin readied his spear as the horse dodged one of Surtur's slashes. Surtur turned to see Odin riding down a mountain towards him. Thor explains that Surtur needed grew tired and needed both hands to lift the sword, leaving his chest open to attack.

Odin Finishes Surtur TTA.jpg

Surtur saw Odin flying behind him. He raised his massive sword with both hands. Odin turned and raced towards the fire demon. Odin threw his sword hitting Surtur in the middle of his chest. Surtur was blasted back and his sword flew into a far mountain.

Loki Thor See Elderstahl Mountain TTA.jpg

Thor sees the mountain from the story and realizes the sword must be there. The five once again make way across the icy fields and through a frozen valley. They approach a dark ice cave and enter. They walk along the ledge of a dark chasm.

Inside, Volstagg pants and leans against the wall. He tells the others that he cannot take another step and sits down. The others stop and look at him, but Hogun hears something and tells them to be alert.

Thor Warns Volstagg TTA.jpg

Volstagg jokes that this time it is a moth or cricket but stops when he hears something underneath him. Thor tells him not to move. Volstagg looks up as the ice breaks underneath them. The cracks spread and all the Asgardians fall through the hole.

Asgardians Fall Cavern TTA.jpg

The five travelers falls down into the icy abyss.

Such Power

Odin Worried TTA.jpg

Back in Asgard, Odin sits on his throne looking worried. He hears a knock at the door and tells whoever to enter. The guards open the doors and Algrim enters. He walks in and approaches Odin.

Algrim tells him that a visitor from the outer realm asks to see Odin. Odin tells Algrim to deal with it. He tells the king that he has, but the matter concerns Thor and Loki. Odin looks up and tells the visitor to enter.

At the doors, the guards let in the bartender from the inn. He holds something wrapped in cloth in his hand. The bartender enters followed closely by the two guards. Odin asks what the man wants.

Bartender Demands Payment TTA.jpg

The bartender says that he has come seeking payment for his destroyed building. Odin asks why he would come to him for such matters. The bartender reveals that Odin's two sons were responsible.

Bartender Angers Odin TTA.jpg

Hearing this, Odin grows angry and grips his throne causing it to crack.

Bartender Reveals Sword TTA.jpg

The bartender then motions to the object wrapped in cloth saying one of them left it behind. He then slams the sword embedding it into the ground. As he takes his hand away the cloth falls and Odin sees the sword from his armory. He his shocked as he realizes what is sons have been up to.

Deep in the ice covered cavern, Thor lies unconscious in a pile of snow. He moves himself up. Behind him, Volstagg is also trying to stand and Fandral is just waking. Loki calls out to his brother telling him to come. Thor looks up to see him standing off to the side. Hogun also starts to wake.

Thor stands and goes to his brother. The Warriors three brush the snow off themselves and run after the two.

Asgardians Elderstahl Cavern TTA.jpg

They make their way towards a fiery glow. They look up to see the legendary sword of Surtur embedded in the roof. The hilt of the sword gives off massive light illuminated the gloomy chamber.

Elderstahl Shines Asgardians Cavern TTA.jpg

Thor says it is magnificent. Volstagg notes the immense size of the sword. Thor tells them that the dwarves called it Elderstahl. He explains that it changes size for whoever holds it.

Elderstahl Hits Cavern Floor TTA.jpg

Loki turns and asks Hogun to free it. Hogun agrees and walks forward. He throws his mace at the ice holding the handle. The ice breaks apart but the cavern begins to collapse. The mighty sword breaks free and slams into the ground.

Thor Approaches Elderstahl TTA.jpg

As the debris settles they see the sword nearly buried up to its hilt. Thor steps forward toward the glowing gem in the hilt. He sees his reflection in the sword and touches it causing it to glow. The other Asgardians shield their faces as the light grows too much.

After the light dissipates, the Asgardians watch as Thor pulls the now much smaller sword from the ice. He looks at it as the sword begins to glow once again. He holds it up and it bursts into flames. He can barely hold it as powers surges through the sword.

Jotunheim Elderstahl Blast TTA.jpg

Thor points the sword away from him as the sword causes a massive blast of fire that bursts straight through the mountainside. Debris from the mountain falls far away. Inside the cavern, the roof begins to fall on them once again.

Thor Sheathes Elderstahl TTA.jpg

Thor struggles with the sword and tries to put it in his empty sheath. Thor fights with all his might and inserts it in causing the flames to stop and the cavern roof to cease falling. He looks up to see the massive hole left behind.

Thor Dark Side TTA.jpg

The others walk up to him as Thor says he has never felt anything like that before. Loki tells them that they cannot be found in Jotunheim with that weapon. Thor asks why not and believes that with that sword no one would stop them. Loki looks down at the sword and back up at his brother, worried. Thor merely smiles.

Thor walks through the cavern and the others follow.

A Dangerous Path

Outside, the group travel through a crevice to avoid the howling winds above. As they leave the crevice they shield themselves against the wind, but also hear growls among them. Hogun readies his mace.

Thor Proposes Sif Help TTA.jpg

Loki tells Thor that they must get to Asgard quickly. Thor agrees but tells them thy must go North. When Loki asks why Thor reveals that they need to get horses in Kona Lifandi. Loki is shocked that he would ask help from the Valkyries saying they would be lucky to leave alive, let alone with horses. They both know the Valkyries won't help, but Thor believes that Sif will.

Loki Realizes Thor Loves Sif TTA.jpg

Loki thinks that Sif is the real reason for going there. Thor stops and turns to his brother. He tells him that he is merely trying to get home. Thor and the others continue on their way.

Fandral Dreads Valkyries TTA.jpg

Volstagg tells Hogun and Fandral where they are going. Fandral laments that the they are going to an equally inhospitable place. Hogun asks how many of the Valkyries Fandral is responsible for. Fandral states that there is a reason their archery targets look like him. The three look grim as they press on.


Elsewhere, a polar bear yawns near the edge of a forest of pine trees. It is tied, along with another bear, to a sleigh that a Jotun is working on. A snow sprite flies down to the hear of the Jotun and whispers into it.

Snow Sprite Jotun TTA.jpg

The Jotun stands and tells the others that there are intruders. The other giants look over to him. Another snow sprite digs through the snow and pops up at the feet of a giant holding Hogun's coat piece.

The Jotun takes the piece and lets the polar bear sniff it. It growls and the giant walks back to the sleigh patting the other bear on the back. The giant tells the others that the bears have the scent and tells the others to follow.

He grabs the reins and the bears run off. The other Jotuns follow with their weapons. Behind them at the camp, their flag waves in the wind.

Loki Points Out Sentries TTA.jpg

As the Asgardians wander through the plains, Loki suddenly drops and pulls down Thor. Thor looks up, angry, but Loki points to two frozen Jotun sentries. Loki tells him that they must find another way. Thor tells him that they both remember the realm charts and know there's no other way.

Hogun tells them they have other trouble. The group looks back to see the polar bears and Jotuns approaching. Loki reveals that the sentries are just sleeping and they can sneak past. Thor tells them to go.

Asgardians Sneak Past Jotun Sentries TTA.jpg

The group approaches the sentries so they may cross the bridge into the other realm. They calmly walk through the two guards but neither moves. Nevertheless, Fandral keeps his hand on his sword closely watching them. Hogun keeps his mace ready. Loki is nervous but glad when they finally make their way through.

Sentry Sees Asgardians TTA.jpg

Just then, the leader of the approaching Jotuns calls out to the guards. One of the guards breaks through the ice covering his head. The leader tells the guards to stop them. The guard turns to see the Asgardians and breaks through the rest of the ice.

Asgardians Dodge Sentries Axes TTA.jpg

Thor tells the group to run as the guards approach them. The guards bring their axes down and slam them among the group. The Asgardians dodge the but Loki is knocked over. Thor turns to see the giants standing over his brother.

Thor Uses Elderstahl TTA.jpg

As the giants lift their massive axes, Thor orders them to stop and pulls out the sword. The two stop in shock as they see the fiery sword. Thor holds it up telling them that they are the sons of Odin and they mean no harm.

Thor approaches the guards and picks up Loki. He orders them to let them pass. Then he tells Loki to run. He starts to follow but so do the guards. Thor then swings the sword and launches the fire at the two guards.

Jotun Obliterated TTA.jpg

One of the sentries looks on his horror as the blast obliterates the other. First his skin is ripped off, then the muscles, and finally the skeleton is destroyed. The first is knocked back. The force of the blow destroys the bridge knocking the approaching giants down.

Sentry Begs Thor TTA.jpg

As the bridge collapses the other giant tries to get to safety on Thor's side. Thor watches as the guard fails to get hold and falls into the nothingness below. The guard cries out as he falls.

Thor Realizes What He Did TTA.jpg

Thor looks down horrified then back up at the other side. He sees the other giants scowling at him. He admits he didn't want that to happen and sheathes the sword. Loki walks up to him agreeing, but telling him that they must leave. The two boys walk away. Thor looks back to see the giants and continues on.

Patrol Leader Sees Thor Kill TTA.jpg

Back on the other side, the giants look across the ruined bridge near a large fire. The leader tells another to go and inform their king. The Frost Giant leaps onto a bear and rides off. The leader turns back to the bridge.

A mist begins to form at the end of the bridge as the Jotuns attempt to rebuild the bridge.

I Need You

On the other side, Fandral cuts through a vine as the group make their way through a jungle. Volstagg takes off his coat and throws it to the side. Hogun readies his mace for possible dangers.

Loki Comforts Thor TTA.jpg

Behind them, Loki tells his brother that it wasn't his fault and that the giants attacked them. Thor replies that they were in the wrong and the giants were only protecting their land. Because of that, he killed two beings.

Back in Jotunheim, two bears wander outside a frozen palace. Guards stand ready outside.

Inside the palace, guards stand in wait as their king sits on the throne. A giant runs up and bows before the king. A giant standing at the foot of the stairs, Geirmarr, asks why he is there. The giant tells his king that Elderstahl has been found.

Thrym Initiates War TTA.jpg

Geirmarr asks who did it. The guard reveals that it was the sons of Odin. Geirmarr calls out to his father, Thrym. Thrym bows his head and tells them to prepare the army to march on Asgard.

In Kona Lifandi, a trio of women on Pegasus fly towards large mushrooms growing on the tree. They land on a platform.

Down below, Thor climbs up at the base of the tree. He climbs a ledge and presses himself against the side to search for any approaching Valkyrie. Seeing nothing, he continues to climb.

Down below, Loki laments that they should not let Thor go alone. Fandral says that none of them should be going in there.

Thor Sees Kona Lifandi TTA.jpg

High above, Thor climbs the enormous wall. He reaches the top and makes his way through the tree. He then spots the land of Kona Lifandi, with a large pool of water surrounded by aqueducts and waterfalls. He looks down searching for Sif.

At one pool, women bath naked and dive into the water.

Thor Finds Sif TTA.jpg

Sif approaches another pool and begins to take off her bathrobe. She unties the belt and begins to slip it off when Thor calls out to her. She quickly turns wraps the belt around his neck. She pulls him forward and grabs his neck with her hand. Thor tells her to stop.

Thor Needs Sif TTA.jpg

She asks him why he came. Thor manages to get out "I need you" before he starts coughing. Sif is shocked and lets him go. Thor kneels over and coughs. He repeats that he needs her to get him five horses.

Thor Stops Sif Attack TTA.jpg

Sif gets angry and throws a punch at Thor. Thor grabs it saying that he doesn't have time for her anger. He pulls her in close and says he just needs help. She pulls her arm away saying she came there to leave Thor. She tells him he must go before he is found.

Thor approaches her revealing that he just came from Jotunheim. He says that terrible things happened and he must return home. She asks why he would go there and Thor reveals that he found the sword.

Thor Shows Sif Elderstahl TTA.jpg

He pulls it partly out and it begins to glow. Sif realizes that it is the Sword of Surtur. Thor puts the sword away and again asks for help.

Thor Sif Caught TTA.jpg

Just then an arrow flies into the tree next to his head. The two turn to see a group of Valkyries pointing arrows at him. One of the Valkyries tells Thor to get on the ground or they will kill him. Thor is suddenly knocked unconscious from a Valkyrie behind him.


Odin Feels Chill TTA.jpg

Back in Asgard, Odin stands at the window. He feels the air and sees snow fall down. He tells Algrim, who is standing behind him, that the chill in the air is familiar. Algrim states that he will prepare his chariot. Algrim bows and leaves. Odin looks out upon Asgard.

A rocky valley suddenly becomes covered in ice and snow. Soon Jotuns stomp through.

At Asgard, the icy wind chills the gate as it opens. Odin on his chariot pulled by rams stands in the doorway, the Asgardian army behind him ready.

In the outside fields, two large mammoths pull a large throne with Thrym on it. The two kings stare at each other. Odin grabs the reins and the rams move forward. Thrym's mammoths also make their way towards Odin.

Odin Geirmarr Talk TTA.jpg

As Odin crosses the now-frozen fields, Geirmarr stops him with his bear. Odin asks Geirmarr to see his father. Geirmarr says Odin can talk to him. Odin tells the prince that they are violating their peace accord by being there. Geirmarr tells him that Thor already violated it.

Odin gets off his chariot and walks around Geirmarr to talk to Thrym. He asks if their peace was so fragile that it could be destroyed by a boy's carelessness. Geirmarr gets off his bear and stands before Odin. He tells him that Thor has Elderstahl and killed the two guards.

Odin is shocked at the news.

Thrym Continues War TTA.jpg

Thrym stands and walks down the icy stairs. He pushes aside his son and asks if Odin knew anything about this. Odin responds that he did not. Thrym sighs and says that this changes nothing. He explains that Thor's actions were an act of war. He turns to walk back up his stairs.

Odin Asks Thrym TTA.jpg

Odin asks what can be done to stop the war. Thrym stops and turns back to Odin.

Later, Odin opens two mighty doors and enters his palace. He takes off his helmet as Algrim walks up next to him. He tells the king that Jotuns continue to gather. Odin says they are waiting the meeting of their terms. Algrim asks what those are, and Odin responds that he has to give them the Sword of Surtur before sunrise.

Algrim Hears of Elderstahl TTA.jpg

Algrim realizes that Thor found the sword. Odin explains about the two guards killed. Two more doors open and the two enter the throne room.

Algrim states that they must find the boys before the giants do and offers to go with the Einherjar to find them. Odin wonders how he would find them as they could be anywhere.

Algrim Shows Yggdrasill Map TTA.jpg

Algrim opens a map of Yggdrasill. He explains that the only guards in the North of Jotunheim would be by the bridge to Svartalfheim, which they would have to pass to get to Asgard. Odin is shocked that his advistor would go back to Svartalfheim, but Algrim says he will do it for the boys.

Algrim Odin Last Good Moment TTA.jpg

Odin says that his selfless actions will be rewarded and holds out his hand. Algrim takes it and the two stare at each other smiling.

A Spy

Thor awakes to find himself chained to the floor. He gets up and finds himself surrounded by Valkyries. He looks up to see Sif standing next to Brunhilde. Sif looks away, ashamed. Brunhilde holds Elderstahl.

Brunhilde says that Asgard made a mistake in sending him there. Thor rattles his chains saying she is mistaken in thinking he came alone. Brunhilde sets down the sword and sits. Brunhilde says he should have.

Brunhilde Hates Fandral TTA.jpg

The two look up as the Warriors Three, tied together by their hands, are lowered into the room. Fandral asks his love "Hildie" to stop this but Brunhilde quickly yells at him to stop. She tells them that they will share the same fat as Odin's last spy.

She points to a column where a hanging skeleton is pierced with arrows. The Warriors Three, Thor, and even Sif are horrified at this thought.

Thor Dominance Over Sif TTA.jpg

Thor calls out to Brunhilde asking if she really believes a prince would act as a spy. He looks back at the dead spy and sees Loki hiding behind the column. Brunhilde says that she thinks he came to control Sif because she left him. Thor explains that he simply needs horses.

Thor Spy TTA.jpg

He begs to be released to they can return to Asgard. However, Brunhilde believes that he will deliver the sword to Odin so that the king could use it to further destroy those who would rise against him.

Thor claims he is only trying to keep the sword from falling into the wrong hands. Brunnhilde asks who he is to judge who is worthy. She then suggests that the sword should belong to her.

The Fire Sword

Loki Threatens Valkyries TTA.jpg

Suddenly she looks down and sees that the sword is missing. Loki runs in front of Thor and readies to unsheathe the sword. He orders the wenches to release the prisoners, and pulls out the sword just a little bit. Brunhilde is shocked as the fiery glow fills the room.

The Valkyries prepare their bows and arrows and aims at Loki. They all simply stare at each other.

Thor Orders Loki TTA.jpg

Brunhilde smiles and steps down. She orders Loki to stop or they will kill Thor. Thor agrees saying that the sword must not be used anymore. Loki turns back to Thor then returns to Brunhilde, who orders him to give it to her. Loki lowers his head and sheathes the sword.

Brunhilde Executes Men TTA.jpg

The Valkyries relax their bows and run forward to surround Loki. He extends the sword for Brunhilde. She takes the sword and walks back up to her throne, ordering them to be executed. Sif cries out but Brunhilde tells her that if she doesn't stop she will be executed also.

Brunhilde Sees Cold Breath TTA.jpg

Just then Brunhilde notices that her breath is cold. She asks what is going on and Loki realizes that it's the Jotuns.

The wall of the camp freezes and a giant breaks through it. The debris crashes into the camp and slams near the Asgardians. One piece knocks Brunhilde out cold.

Jotuns Smash Kona TTA.jpg

A group of giants enter the compound. The leader, who chased the Asgardians before, tells them to kill everyone and get the sword. The Valkyries ready their bows. The giants step through the buildings and begin to smash them.

The Valkyries fire their arrows which stick in the giants but to no effect. The leader brings down his mighty ax among the Valkyries. A group of Valkyries fly in on horses but the giants smack them away. More arrows fly at the intruders.

Thor Kona Siege TTA.jpg

Thor struggles to break the chains as the fight rages behind him. Sif comes to him but stops when the Warriors Three call out for help. She readies an arrow but a bear storms her. She fires and nicks the rope. She then leaps out of the throne room followed by the bear. She lands on her horse and flies away with the bear in pursuit.

The patrol leader makes his way to the throne room. He pushes the Warriors Three out of his way. The giant's shadow passes over Thor as he looks at the sword and unconscious Brunhilde. He renews his determination and eventually breaks the chains.

Patrol Leader Sees Elderstahl TTA.jpg

The giant approaches the sword as the three continue to swing around.

Thor grabs a spear and runs ahead of the giant. Brunhilde wakes to see the giant's foot coming down on her. Thor runs underneath and readies the spear against the ground. The spear pierces the giant's foot and he stammers back, letting go of his ax, in pain.

Sif Leads Bear To Jotun TTA.jpg

The giant stops and tells the murdering Thor that he is going to die. Thor and Brunnhilde look down and see Sif leading the bear back into the chamber. She approaches the giant and dodges at the last moment. The bear slams into the giant forcing him out the chamber and into a building below.

Sif Loves Thor TTA.jpg

Sif flies around and lands. She gets off the horse and runs to Thor. The Warriors Three continue to swing and the rope finally breaks. The bear looks up and the three slam down on its head knocking it out.

Pure Evil

Fandral Gets Fangs TTA.jpg

Fandral opens the mouth and asks the others to help him get the fangs.

Sif helps Thor up. She looks down and begins to unlock the shackles. Brunnhilde gets up and sees the two. Sif gets the shackles off and the two hold hands staring into each other's eyes. Brunhilde continues watching.

Outside, the Valkyries watch as a giant forms a giant snowball. He then throws it at the Asgardians.

Loki Melts Snowball TTA.jpg

Loki steps in front of Sif and Thor and casts a spell. The ball turns to water and splashes them all.

The Warriors Three run up and Volstagg says not to show any mercy. But Brunhilde quickly stops them. They turn and see her holding the sword out to them. Thor asks why not let them help with the giants. Brunhilde says that the men assume they cannot defend themselves.

Sif Shouldnt Return TTA.jpg

She gives the sword and tells them to take it. She orders Sif to provide horses and escort them to Asgard. Thor fastens the sword to his belt. Sif agrees and they turn to leave. Brunnhilde stops Sif saying that she should only return when she is truly ready to join them.

High above the now frozen Kona Lifandi, the six Asgardians fly away on Pegasus.

Ander Svartalfheim Beauty TTA.jpg

In the wastelands of Svartalfheim, Algrim leads the Einherjar on horses. Ander asks why nothing grows. Algrim says it is because of King Thryme. Ander states he thought the war ended in Jotunheim. Algrim agrees, but said the killing did not.

Algrim Apologizes To Ander TTA.jpg

A dusty wind blows across the path. Algrim explains that the Jotuns sent glaciers to destroy the land to make sure nothing would ever grow there again. Ander reminds them that they are on a difficult mission. Algrim apologizes.

The elf explains that the boys will need water to cross and there is only one source. They ride forward towards the water.

At the watering hole, the Pegasus drink up, disrupting the reflection of two moons. They hear the Asgardian horses and flee. The horses stop and the Einherjar and Algrim get off. They take out their swords and Ander leads the way forward. He tells them to search the area and they spread out.

Asgardians Svartalfheim TTA.jpg

Suddenly all of their helmets fall down over their eyes. They lift them up to see the six Asgardians waiting for them. Thor welcomes his trainer and they all step down. Thor approaches Ander and the two shake hands.

Einherjar Rejects TTA.jpg

Volstagg jokes that that Warriors Three and Sif weren't qualified to train with the Einherjar. The Warriors Three laugh but Sif looks forward sternly.

Algrim Finds Thor TTA.jpg

Algrim approaches saying how glad he is to see the two boys. Thor says he is also glad to see a friendly face. Loki asks how the Einherjar found them. Algrim tells them that the Jotuns threaten war.

Thor realizes it is because of him. Loki explains that it was merely an accident. Algrim says that doesn't matter because the Jotuns want the sword as payment. Thor grasps the sword saying that it is a tool of death and cannot be handed over.

Algrim Asks For Elderstahl TTA.jpg

Algrim states that Odin agrees, which is why they are there. Algrim offers to take the sword so that he won't have to carry it any longer. Thor agrees saying that it is pure evil. Thor extends the sword out to Algrim. After a moment's hesitation, Algrim takes the sword.

My People

Algrim Hates Frost Giants TTA.jpg

He then looks down at the sword and turns, saying that it is the Jotuns who are evil. Algrim walks away from the group and begins to mumble about the things that the Frost Giants did to his people.

The confused Thor calls out to his friend. Algrim talks about how even though the weapon now causes grief, it was once a source of hope. Thor approaches him saying that they should leave since the place is disturbing Algrim.

Ander Prepares Sword TTA.jpg

Algrim ignores him saying that the elves came to Odin first. He turns his head saying that Odin rejected their help and they were forced to asked Surtur for help in order to survive. Ander watches intently and prepares to pull out his sword.

The elf goes on to say that after Surtur helped Odin joined only to stop them. As his voice lowers, another Einherjar grabs his sword. Algrim explains that killing Surtur meant death for his people.

Thor Worried About Algrim TTA.jpg

The worried Thor calls out to Algrim once again. Algrim says that he now knows why he lives. He lifts the sword and grabs the handle. He says he is to avenge the elves and punish those responsible.

Algrim Uses Elderstahl TTA.jpg

Algrim quickly unsheathes the sword and swings it around. He fires it and Ander quickly leaps up. The blast obliterates the Einherjar with one mighty hit. Thor cries out in horror.

Asgardians Dodge Elderstahl Blast TTA.jpg

Algrim looks up to see Ander in the air. Ander throws his sword and cuts Algrim across the cheek. Without looking Algrim fires the sword and obliterates Ander. He then turns the blast to the remaining Asgardians. They just manage to dodge out of the way.

Algrim looks up, his cheek bleeding, and proceeds forward into the steam. He comes forward and sees three of the Pegasus drinking. He looks around and sees nothing. He sheathes the sword and mounts the Pegasus.

Algrim Threatens Thor TTA.jpg

He calls out saying that if any of them return to Asgard he will kill them. The Pegasus then flies up away. Thor and Loki hide behind a rock. As Algrim leaves Thor looks out to watch.

Thor Ander Sword TTA.jpg

The Asgardians emerge from the steam. Loki asks what they should do and Thor looks down at Ander's sword. He pulls the sword out of the ground and tells them to find the horses so they can stop him.

You Know Why

Back in Asgard, the Jotuns wait outside the city walls. Geirmarr and Thrym look up to see Algrim flying above. They notice that he is carrying Elderstahl. Geirmarr suggest attacking him now and just take the sword. Thrym reminds him that he gave until sunrise and will wait until then.

Algrim Blasts Odin TTA.jpg

Odin throws open the door to his armory and looks at Gungnir. As he enters see turns to see the Pegasus outside. He calls out to Algrim. In the dark shadows of the armory, Algrim lights the sword and blasts Odin back smashing a wall. The blast echoes outside of Asgard.

Algrim Blames Odin TTA.jpg

Odin lies in the debris, his armor badly damaged and one eye not opened. Odin looks up and asks why. Algrim claims he should already know. Odin asks if Algrim still blames him for the death of his race. He then calls Gungnir and it floats to him. Odin grabs it and stands.

Odin Sees Elderstahl Blast TTA.jpg

Algrim steps forward and charges the sword. He says that Odin could have defeated the giants. Odin claims that the war could not have been won even at the cost of every life in Asgard. Algrim claims otherwise and fires the sword once again.

Elderstahl Blast Armory TTA.jpg

Odin spins his spear creating a shield to protect him. Odin then raises his hand. A great storm forms over the top of the palace. Lightning fires down into the armory.

As the storm calms Algrim looks around for Odin through the smoke. He claims that they did know how to win. Suddenly the giant figure of Odin appears behind him. The All Father explains that Surtur was a demon only looking to conquer Jotunheim. Then many faces of various size appear throughout the chamber.

Odin Tortures Algrim TTA.jpg

All of the faces tell Algrim that Surtur would not have stopped in that realm. Algrim looks around in shock then fires through the faces. He hits Odin pushing him back. Odin slams through floors and walls until he finally stops.

He looks up to see Algrim high above through the smoke. He struggles to stand and tells his former advisor that the elves risked all the nine realms by asking Surtur for help. Algrim points out that his people are still alive.

Odin Algrim Battle TTA.jpg

Algrim leaps down and charges the sword. Odin leaps into the air with Gungnir also charged. They meet and their forces create a mighty explosion.

Outside, the entire top of the palace is engulfed in the blast.

Odin Reaches For Gungnir TTA.jpg

Gungnir falls down into a rock. High above, a weakened Odin reaches out to it. He looks up through the smoke to see sunlight hit the ruins.

Too Late

Geirmarr Sees Sunrise TTA.jpg

On the fields outside the walls, the Jotuns also see the light. Geirmarr turns to his father and tells him that Odin failed to meet their demands. Thrym sits with his hands interlocked staring at Asgard. He unfolds them and tells the army to begin.

A horn blows signaling the attack. Catapults fire massive rocks at the city. The rocks destroy buildings and topple towers. An Asgardian warrior commands the defenders to return fire. The Frost Giants begin to march.

Trolls Hit TTA.jpg

The Asgardians prepare giant crossbows. Out on the fields, a line of trolls sprint forward. The Asgardian arrows hit many of the trolls, though many continue their charge. As the Asgardians prepare more large arrows, one crossbow is hit by a flying rock.

Rocks Hit Mess Hall TTA.jpg

In the field, a fired catapult is reset and two trolls put another rock in it. Another volley is launched destroying more of Asgard's buildings. A group of people sit in a large mess hall as rocks fly through.

Several Jotuns lift a battering ram and charge forward. They hit the front gate causing it to shake. Inside, the guards watch as the door continues to hold.

Geirmarr and Thrym look out over the battlefield.

Thor Returns To Asgard TTA.jpg

Behind them, the returning Asgardians stand on a hillside surveying the conflict. Loki realizes they are too late. They look up to see the storm still surrounding the palace. Thor is shocked as he realizes his father is in battle.

Pegasus Dodge Ice Shards TTA.jpg

He orders Sif and the Warriors Three to help fend off the Jotuns while he and Loki go to help their father. Loki leaps from Sif's horse to Thor's and the they fly off. The Jotuns see the group and throw large ice shards at them but miss.

As they fly above Asgard Thor and Loki pull away and fly up towards the palace. Sif and the Warriors Three land and dismount. She pulls out her sword and readies for battle. Overhead, rocks continue to fly in. They look at the pounding of the gate.

Sif Glares At Warriors Three TTA.jpg

Sif asks the three if they can actually fight. Volstagg starts to tale another of his stories but Sif interrupts demanding to know if they can fight. Fandral says they can if they have to.

Sif Warriors Three Charge Jotuns TTA.jpg

Just then the door bursts open. The four duck as they dodge debris. The ram pierces through the door allowing the Jotuns to break through and enter. The Asgardians run forward into battle.

Back in the palace, Odin falls through the ceiling and crashes to the floor. Through the smoke and dust, Algrim waves the sword clearing a path for him. In his crater, Odin claims that Algrim will gain nothing. He struggles but his hand collapses.

Algrim Defeats Odin TTA.jpg

Algrim walks over to him and stands over the king. He says that it is enough that the war Odin sought to avoid is upon them, and that Asgard, which he protected over the dark elves, will fall. He lifts the sword again. Odin can only look out. As Algrim brings it down Odin closes his eyes preparing for death.

Thor Confronts Algrim TTA.jpg

Algrim's attack is stopped by Thor wielding Gungnir and causing sparks to fly around. Thor pushes Algrim back and prepares the charged spear for battle. He tells the elf that the sword will kill no one else. Algrim tells him he will kill all in the House of Odin. Algrim fires the sword and Thor protects himself.

Loki Cradles Odin TTA.jpg

Loki walks over to Odin and cradles him in his arms. He tells his father to hold on as he starts to cry.

Thor fires at Algrim forcing him back into the far wall. Algrim hits the wall then crashes to the ground. Thor walks forward through the flames with the spear ready. Algrim stands and scowls at Thor. He then raises the sword up.

Algrim Sheathes Elderstahl TTA.jpg

Thor is shocked to see all the flames in the room dissipate as they move towards the sword. He is left it total darkness save for the sword. Algrim then sheathes the sword sending them into complete darkness.

Cannot Forgive

Thor Dodges Algrim Attack TTA.jpg

Thor lights up Gungnir casting the area in a blue glow. Behind him, Algrim pulls out the sword and swipes at Thor. He fires at Thor who dodges to the side.

Loki and Odin are bathed in the conflicting lights of the sword and spear. He looks up at the battle, tears streaming down his face.

Algrim once again sheathes the sword and disappears. Thor looks around waving Gungnir but cannot find him. Algrim appears behind him as he takes another swipe. Thor fires Gungnir but Algrim is gone. Back in darkness, Thor looks around but sees no one.

Thor Meditates TTA.jpg

He then stands tall and puts the spear on his shoulder closing his eyes. Algrim runs behind him and Thor hears the footsteps. He turns and throws the spear. Algrim is hit and pinned to the wall. The partly unsheathed sword lies on the ground.

Thor Releases Algrim TTA.jpg

Algrim struggles to look up and sees Thor approaching. Thor grabs the spear and pulls it out dropping Algrim who collapses to the ground. Thor tells him he cannot forgive him for what he has done. He grabs the spear with both hands and readies it. Algrim stares at his attacker.

Thor Loki Blast TTA.jpg

But Thor tells him that he will not forget all the years Algrim was his friend and family. He drops the spear though Algrim still scowls at him. Just then Loki cries out and the swords blast erupts behind Thor.

Algrim Killed TTA.jpg

The blast hits Algrim blasting off his flesh exposing his skeleton and then obliterating any last trace of him. As the flames stop the shocked Thor looks up to see the ruined area covered in flames. Loki stands behind him with the sword.

Thor Takes Elderstahl Back TTA.jpg

Thor looks horrified then turns to Loki. He holds the flaming sword as tears begin to stream down his eyes once again. Thor walks over and takes the sword from him saying that everything is alright.

Thor Loki Hug TTA.jpg

Loki finally looks at his brother and closes his eyes. Thor puts a hand on his shoulder and Loki hugs and cries onto Thor's shoulder. Thor hugs his brother back.

Just then they hear a loud crash. Thor breaks the hug telling Loki to stay with their father. He turns and runs out leaving Loki and Odin alone in the crumbling room.

Thor Versus Geirmarr TTA.jpg

Outside, Thor guides Odin's chariot out through the gate and into the fields. Geirmarr rides forward on his bear and raises his war hammer. Thor rides through the ranks of the giants and towards the Frost Giant prince.

Thor Races Up Geirmarr TTA.jpg

Geirmarr brings his hammer down and shatters the chariot. Thor leaps up and runs along the enormous handle. He continues up Geirmarr's arm and leaps off his head to land in front of Thrym. The surrounding Frost giants aim their weapons at him.

Thor Stands Before Thrym TTA.jpg

Thor speaks to Thrym and bows. He holds up Elderstahl and offers it to the king, and himself as a prisoner, in the hope of ending the war. The king listens to his words.

Thor Accepts Death TTA.jpg

Geirmarr pushes his way through the army ranks and grabs the sword from him. He unsheathes it causing it to grow for his size. He then readies the sword suggesting they kill Thor. Thor then prepares for death as the surrounding giants raise their weapons.

Just then, Thrym stops them. Thor looks up in shock as the king asks about Odin. Thor bows his head telling him that Algrim betrayed them and nearly killed his father. Thrym asks about the elf. Thor looks up revealing that Loki killed him.

Thrym Approaches Thor TTA.jpg

Thrym stands and walks down the stairs. He reveals that he warned Odin against helping Algrim.

Thrym Ends War TTA.jpg

Going on, Thrym says that many desire the weapon as it allows anyone to rise up against his kingdom. Therefore, he accepts the offering. He announces to the troops that the war is over.

Geirmarr walks forward saying that they are nearly victorious. Thrym grabs his son's hand telling him not to underestimate the Asgardians. He takes the sword saying that they have what they wanted.

The troops begin to march out. Thor still kneels on the ground at the king's feet. Thor asks what is to happen to him. Thrym walks up reminding him that he killed to Jotuns. Thor bows his head. But Thrym explains that his offering saved countless others. Thor looks up in shock.

Thrym Releases Thor TTA.jpg

Thrym covers the sword's blade with ice, sheathing it, putting out the flames. He tells the boy to go back and help his father. Thor looks up in wonder as he sees the army leaving.

When Family is Threatened

Loki Freezes Water Snake TTA.jpg

Later, Loki sits in the temple before a bowl of water. He waves his hand over the water causing it to ripple and form another snake. Loki and the water snake stare at each other. The snake then moves forward to strike but Loki holds up his hand stopping it. He then breathes out causing it to freeze.

Thor Threatened Family TTA.jpg

Thor then calls out to his brother. The ice snake then shatters and falls to the ground. Thor watches from the door then walks forward. He tells Loki that he has been hiding in the temple for too long. Loki says he's not hiding and he likes it there. Loki waves his hand and the ice quickly evaporates.

Loki Wanted Vengeance TTA.jpg

Thor tells him he knows Loki regrets his actions. Loki corrects him saying that he wanted revenge, and believes that he would have done the same thing in Algrim's place. Thor claims that no one knows what will happen when their family is threatened. He turns and says he hopes they never have to find out again.

Elsewhere, Odin lies bandaged in his bed. A large replica of the Yggdrasill is behind him on the wall. Thor calls out asking if he will see a visitor. Odin looks over, left eye not opening, and sees his son in the doorway. He tells his son he can enter.

Odin Calls Thor Man TTA.jpg

Thor walks up and Odin asks about Loki. Thor responds that he will be okay, so Odin asks about him. Thor claims he will also be fine, though he looks away.

Odin asks what is troubling him. Thor claims he should have listened to him and just wanted to prove himself. Odin tells him he should also have listened. He explains that Thor was coming to him as a man but he thought of him as a boy.

Odin Forgives Thor TTA.jpg

Thor turns and says he was a child and his mistakes caused a war. Odin admits that is true, but reminds him that in the end Thor managed to find peace despite the cost. He grabs his son's hand turning him back to him. He tells him that the House of Odin is in good hands and that Thor has made the kingdom pround. Thor finally smiles.


Volstagg Tells Elderstahl Tale TTA.jpg

Elsewhere, Volstagg drinks from his stein. The Warriors Three are back on the raised platform in front of the crowd. Hogun sits off to one side. Fandral has his two ladies. Volstagg tells him that before they could even get to Jotunheim they stopped at a pub with the worse creatures of the nine realms.

Fandral Gives Claws TTA.jpg

Fandral holds up a necklace with the bear's tooth on it to one of the women. She asks if it is from a bear, but Fandral claims it is from a wolf. He holds up another tooth necklace for the other woman. He tells them that wolves eat bears, like he does.

The other woman asks how many wolves were after him. Fandral claims it was seven. Volstagg interrupts saying it was ten. Hogun speaks up claiming it was thirty-four. The four look over at Hogun to turns his head to them.

Thor Lies For Warriors Three TTA.jpg

Thor speaks up asking if they are lying again. He walks forward and Volstagg explains that it was dark. Fandral pipes in saying there were no torches lit. Thor then tells the crowd that there were at least fifty.

Hogun is shocked at hearing that. He stands and agrees. He lifts his mace telling them that luckily he knows to how to disembowel. Volstagg goes on to talk about their fur and fangs. As Thor walks away Volstagg tells them that the creatures tried to eat them. Fandral stands joking that they went after Volstagg first, and pats his friend on the stomach.

Sif Thanks Thor TTA.jpg

In the barn, Sif brushes her Pegasus's wings. She looks over at the door as Thor approaches. She says that she hears Odin is getting better, and Thor agrees. She says she is glad to hear that. Thor pets the muzzle of the horse. She turns back and continues brushing the winged horse.

Thor Sif Recruited TTA.jpg

Thor walks around the Pegasus asking about her being recruited into the Einherjar. She wonders if he had anything to do with it. Thor claims that she proved herself in battle and got in herself. He then says he is glad that it wasn't just a mere woman who beat him with the barn tool. Sif wonders if he wants a rematch and Thor agrees.

Thor Pulls Sif Close TTA.jpg

They walk out in front of the Pegasus. Just as Sif reaches for her sword Thor grabs her arm pulling her close. They stare into each other's eyes and kiss.


"When I grow up I'm going to be just like..."

-Boy, first line of video

"Your Highness, we celebrate your victory."
"Try again next week, Ander?"
"We are at your service."

-Ander and Thor, first lines

"That was a stunning display, Thor. You were victorious, despite the trouble with your sword's grip."
"Plainly, it was too slick. I'll reprimand the dwarves for you."
"Good idea."

-Loki, first lines, and Thor

"Sif, you missed seeing my victory."
"I left right after your opponents threw you back your weapon."
"Well, there was a problem with the grip due to the dwarves' habit of..."
"So now you're blaming the dwarves. Whose idea was that? Loki's?"
"Are you saying I shouldn't have won today's match?"
"Not just todays."

-Thor and Sif, first lines

"I'll tell you what needs explaining, Thor. Why you have never once ceded victory to the Einherjar, the most celebrated warriors in Asgard."
"I am simply more skilled than they."

-Sif and Thor

"Why do you have so little faith in me, Sif!?"
"I am the only one who has faith in you. Everyone else treats you like a spoiled child."
"That is enough!"

-Thor and Sif

"Oh, since you're a fair hand with a blade, perhaps you should make an honest man out of me."
"Be careful how you jest."
"Choose your weapon, wench!" [Sif grabs pitch fork] "A barn tool. You think less of my skill than I realized."

-Thor and Sif

"Thor was wrong about you, Sif. You'll fit right in with the Valkyries."
"You do your brother no favors, Loki. Stop protecting him."

-Loki and Sif

"There we were, clinging to the side of a sheer mountain of ice, plumes of fire billowing up from the gorge below."
"Fire? In Jotunheim?"
"Dragon's love."
"How many were after you?"
"At least a dozen."

-Volstagg, Fandral's Women, Fandral, and Hogun first lines

"Well, look who it is! Greetings, Thor. Congratulations on your victory in today's match. Of course, his victory pales to those found outside the arena."
"Perhaps you'd like to join us on our next quest, Thor."
"You know he can't, Hogun. He's not allowed to leave the kingdom."

-Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg

"You dare mock the prince of Asgard!?"
"Thor, we speak only in jest. We're friends, remember?"


"What crawled into his keg?"


"Skala, how could you come by this information when the scout tracking them has failed to return?"

-Odin, first line


-Algrim, first line

"Now son, tell me what troubles you."
"Father, I wish your permission to ride with the Einherjar on one of their patrols."
"You know my answer."
"But I do not agree with it."
"You are the son of Odin, and, as such, you have different responsibilities than that of a warrior."
"But at least a warrior knows the true limits of his abilities."

-Odin and Thor

"Being a king is not about drawing a sword in battle. It's about avoiding battle entirely."
"Hiding from conflict sounds more like one of Loki's strengths. Perhaps he should inherit your throne."
"Perhaps he will. But as for you, there will be no leaving Asgard. I am your king and your father, and you will obey me."

-Odin and Thor

"Thor, where are you going that you need such a weapon?"
"Are you aware that there was a test of manhood for young warriors? A secret quest."
"Yes, I know of it."
"It's a rite of passage. Warriors pursue it every year. No one dies."
"Because the object of the quest will never be found."
"The test is not in finding the Sword of Surtur but in looking for it."
"So it is the art of trespassing you aspire to."
"Yes, it is. When it's in Jotunheim."

-Algrim and Thor

"Thor, our truce with the Frost Giants is fragile at best. They must not find you in their realm."
"They won't. You think too highly of those lumbering...Forgive me, Algrim. That was thoughtless of me."
"Rest easy, Thor. But if nothing else, let my people's fate serve as an example."

-Algrim and Thor

"I'm-I'm doing it!"
"Now try your hand at influencing it. Keep it to three words."

-Loki and Amora, first line

"A spell's power is in its whisper. A true master needs only to think it."


"You find humor in this?"
"Loki, you granted magic to water. It became a snake, and a snake bites. You did it perfectly."

-Loki and Amora

"Metal and rock are easy, but to have an apprentice control water, it's a triple threat, for it is also mist and ice."


"It's...astonishing, Loki. This is a view of Asgard like we've never seen."
"And one I never cared to see."
"You always fret. The Warriors Three have returned from this adventure for the last three seasons with nary a scratch."
"But we're royalty. We're not equipped to handle adventure."
"Fear not, little brother, for I am a skilled hand with a blade. I'll protect you."
[Sighs] "Sif was right. I've done him no favors."

-Thor and Loki

"Thor and I had an argument."
"Quarrels are to be expected. He is nearing the age of adulthood."
"Yes, nearing. He has yet to arrive, despite what he believes. I'm afraid he may have done something foolish. You would think that someone known as the 'All Father' should possess the wisdom to raise two boys."

-Odin and Algrim

"Some lessons, my lord, can only be learned with real consequences."


"Having established your standards, let's maybe try your hand at a nice, plump hobgoblin girl."
"You jest. But in the later hours, who knows."

-Volstagg and Fandral

"Spending half a fortnight in this rotting armpit, merely to steal stories, has lost its charm."
"What hasn't lost its charm fro you, Hogun?"

-Hogun and Fandral

"We're about to get a new story."


"I'll secure us a little roasted mystery meat, boys, while you two spread out and see what can be overheard."
"Do you know the one about the three explorers whose travels never took them beyond an outpost inn?"

-Volstagg and Thor

"Relax. Lift your steins for a toast, lads. To frigid worlds and lost swords."


"You took my ale!"
"You dare lay your foul-smelling paw on the son of Odin?"
"Stay your hands."

-Fenris Wolf, Thor, Bartender

"Greetings, ladies. Perhaps later we can..." [Gets pulled away]


"Did you use a little..." [Wiggles fingers] "You know."

-Thor and Loki

"While I commend your aim, novice, it is evident that one man has claim on your focus."
"My apologizes, Brunnhilde."
"No need to apologize. We've all joined the sisterhood for similar reasons. But this is Kona Lifandi, a place where we sever our reliance on men. Where we are free to reach our true potential."

-Brunhilde, first line

"Men are useful for one reason and one reason only. Beyond that, they should be disposed of."


"I have to say, I'm close to weeping, lads."
"Aye. she was far from pretty, but she did perform her duty well."
"A quality I've grown to appreciate."

-Hogun, Volstagg, and Fandral about the Thunder Runner

"You're not giving up, are you, Brother?"
"I fear Algrim's right."
"About what?"
"The sword. He said it will never be found."
"What does Algrim know of it."
"He knows Jotunheim well, Loki. It claimed his people. It wiped them out as if they never existed."
"Nay, it was the Frost Giants who claimed them. The land itself is not to blame."
"It matters not. We hold no kinship with the ice. Therefore, it's secrets are safe from us."

-Loki and Thor

"Do you recall the many tales of valor we were forced to commit to memory as children?"
"Yes, I love those stories."
"Verily. I can recite Odin's great defeat of Surtur by heart."

-Loki and Thor

"Father held the only weapon that could rival Surtur's sword, his spear, Gungnir."
"Yes he bided his time. A wise warrior, Father knew his only hope was to tire the fire giant first."
"So exhausted was Surtur, that to lift the sword, he needed both hands."
[Together] "Thus exposing his chest."

-Thor and Loki

"What news do you bring?"
"News? I've come for compensation. My dwelling was destroyed!"
"And for what reason do you seek payment here?"
"Because the sons of Odin were responsible!"

-Odin and Bartender

"It's magnificent."
"And it's large. Very large. Who of us knew it would be that large?"
"Not me."
"I'm very surprised."

-Thor, Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral

"The dwarves called it Elderstahl. They fashioned it to fit the hand of whoever wields it."


"I've never felt such power."
"This has moved beyond a harmless quest. We must not be found in Jotunheim with such a weapon."
"Why be concerned, Loki? I defy anyone to confront us, especially now that we are armed with this."

-Thor and Loki

"Hear that? We're heading to the Valkyrie training camp."
"And passing from one frigid world to another."
"Fandral, just how many of their maiden warriors have you...angered?"
"Let's just say I bear an unsettling resemblance to their, uh, archery targets."

-Volstagg', Fandral, and Hogun

"We have intruders!"

-Frost Giant Patrol Leader, first line

"Stay back! We are Odin's sons, heirs to the throne of Asgard. We mean you no harm. Just let us pass."


"I said stay back!" [Fires sword]


"I...I did not mean for that to happen."
"I know, brother. But we must go."

-Thor and Loki

"We were the trespassers, Loki. They were in the right, and now, two Frost Giants have died by my hand!"


"Your Majetsty, Elderstahl has been found."
"By whom?"
"The sons of Odin, and they killed two sentries escaping to the North."
"Prepare my army. We march on Asgard this day."

-Frost Giant, Geirmarr, and Thrym, first lines

"He should not be going in alone."
"No man should go in there alone. No man should go in there at all."

-Loki and Fandral

"Sif." [Sif chokes Thor] "No! Wait!"
"What madness brings you here?"
"I need you..."
[Lets Thor go] "You what?"
"I need you to secure five horses for me." [Sif tries to punch Thor] "I've no time for your hostility, Sif. I just require your help."
"No. I came here to get away from you. Now leave before you're discovered."

-Thor and Sif

"On your knees, male. Or die where you stand."


"There is a chill in the air. A familiar one."
"I'll prepare your chariot, my lord."

-Odin and Algrim

"Geirmarr, I seek an audience with your father."
"You may speak to me."
"Then I will state it simply for your benefit. You violate our peace accord by your presence here."
"We no longer have an accord. Thor made positive of that."

-Odin and Geirmarr

"King Thrym, was our truce so tenuous that it could be broken by a youth's careless trespass?"
"Careless trespass? He took up Elderstahl and slew two Northern sentries!"
"He what!?"

-Odin and Geirmarr

"Odin, you knew not of this?"
"I'm afraid it changes nothing. By his actions, Thor has declared war on Jotunheim."

-Thrym and Odin

"Sire, we must find them before the Jotuns do."


"You would be willing to go back there?"
"To save your sons, yes."
"Your selfless actions will not go unrewarded, Algrim. Thank you."

-Odin and Algrim

"Here me well, Odin's son. Asgard has made a grave error in sending you here."
"The error is yours, Brunnhilde, for I did not come alone."
"You might as well have."

-Brunhilde and Thor

"Hildie, my love, why don't we end this silliness..."

-Fandral and Brunhilde

"Do you honestly believe the prince of Asgard is here to spy?"
"What I believe is that you have come to exert your dominance over the female who fled your embrace."

-Thor and Brunhilde

"I know of your thievery. How you wish to deliver the fire sword to Odin so that he can further subjugate those who might rise against him."
"I am all that keeps that weapon from falling into the wrong hands!"
"Who are you to judge a hand's worthiness? Perhaps its rightful place is in mine."

-Brunhilde and Thor

"Attention, wenches! You will release your prisoners now."
"Loki, your brother currently enjoys his final breaths of life unless you sheath that weapon."
"Loki, do it. The fire sword must not be used again."

-Loki, Brunhilde, and Thor

"Prepare them for execution."
"Hold your tongue, Sif, or you will join them."

-Brunhilde and Sif

"Slay them all and recover the sword."

-Frost Giant Patrol Leader

"Murderer. Now you DIE!"

-Frost Giant Patrol Leader, last line

"Give them no quarter, lads!"
"But the Giants."
"It's just like men to assume we need their protection."

-Volstagg, Brunhilde, and Thor

"Why does nothing grow in this place?"
"It was a final gift from King Thrym."
"But I thought your war with the Frost Giants ended in Jotunheim."
"The war ended there, but the killing did not. They set glaciers in motion across the land, grinding away any hope that life might ever return here."

-Ander and Algrim

"Ander. You're slipping."
"Your Highness. Rest assured, it won't happen again."

-Thor and Ander, last line

"And to think the four of us didn't qualify to train with the Einherjar."


"Algrim, never have I seen a friendlier face."


"No, this weapon is a seeker of death!"


"Thor, you've carried this burden long enough. Allow me to take it from you."
"Gladly, it is pure evil."

-Algrim and Thor

"No. It is the Frost Giants who are evil. The pain, the persecution, the enslavement. The eternal suffering they caused my people. There was no end to their cruelty."
"And though this weapon has caused you much grief, there was a time when it offered great hope. A promise of freedom."

-Algrim and Thor

"Did Odin ever tell you that we came to him first? That we asked for help in our war against the Frost Giants. But he refused! We were forced to turn to Surtur and this sword for our very survival. Only then did your father join the war. Against us! He struck Surtur down and sealed the fate of my people."
"Now I understand why I was spared. To avenge the dark elves. TO DELIVER JUDGMENT" [Fires sword]

-Algrim and Thor

"If you return home, I'll bury you in the ashes of Asgard!"


"Here, SIRE!" [Fires sword]

-Odin and Algirm

"You more than anyone should know why."
"You still hold me responsible for the fate of your race?"
"You could have defeated the Frost Giants!"
"No. That war could not have been won, even if I had sacrificed every life in Asgard."
"YOU LIE! We found a way to win!"
"Surtur. He was no savior. He was a demon. He aligned himself with you only to conquer Jotunheim. But he would not have stopped there. By bringing him into your fight, you risked all the nine realms."
"Easy to say when your people still live!"

-Odin and Algrim

"The sun rises, Father, and Odin still possesses Elderstahl."

-Geirmarr and Thrym

"Be honest. You can fight, can't you?"
"Of course. Have we never told you of the time..."
"Yes, if we must."

-Sif, Volstagg, and Fandral

"Algrim, you will gain nothing from this."
"It's enough that the war you avoided is upon you, and these walls which you protected at the cost of my people will crumble!"

-Odin and Algrim

"That sword has taken its last life, Algrim."
"Not as long as the House of Odin still stands!"

-Thor and Algrim, last line

"I cannot forgive this betrayal, Algrim. But I cannot forget the many years you were my friend and my family."



-Loki while killing Algrim

"Your Eminence, I am Thor, son of Odin, I humbly return Elderstahl to you and offer myself as your prisoner in hopes of ending this conflict."
"Kill him."
"Wait. Where is Odin?"
"Algrim, the dark elf, betrayed us. My father lies dying."
"And the dark elf?"
"He is dead, slain by my brother."
"I warned your father against giving him sanctuary."

-Thor, Geirmarr, and Thrym

"There are many who seek this weapon, for with it, even the weak can rise up against Jotunheim. So I accept your peace offering." [To army] "The war ends!"


"Father, we are on the cusp of victory."
"Do not underestimate the might of this kingdom, Geirmarr."

-Geirmarr, last line, and Thrym

"And what of my fate?"
"Two Jotuns died by your hand. But you have saved countless others by returning this weapon to us. Now go. Tend to your father, son of Odin."

-Thor and Thrym, last line

"I know you lament your actions, but you did what you thought was right to save us."
"No, I sought vengeance. Thor, I am convinced that, in Algrim's place, I would have acted no differently."
"Who of us knows what we're capable of when family is threatened? Hopefully we'll never again be faced with such choices."

-Thor and Loki

"I'm going to see Father. Will you join me?"
"I will. Later."

-Thor and Loki, last line

"Father, I should have listened to you. I was just so eager to prove myself."
"And I should have listened to you."
"You came to me as a man, seeking to test you mettle. I saw only a boy."
"Because I was. Father, due to my heedless actions, I ignited a war."
"Yes, you did, and you saw what little it takes. But then you also saw the value of peace even when its cost can be so very great. Such wisdom took me ages to learn. Son, never has the House of Odin stood on firmer ground or been more revered. You have done this kingdom proud."

-Thor and Odin, last lines

"We hadn't even gotten to Jotunheim when our troubles began. Stopping for a little repast at an outland pub, we found ourselves surrounded by the most vile beasts of all the nine realms."
"White bears?"
"Wolves, love. These fiends eat white bears for breakfast, as do I."
"How many were after you?"
"Lads, have I caught you filling their ears with lies again?"
"Well, it was the dead of night after all."
"With nary a torch lit."
"Because I'm certain I counted at least fifty."
"He's right. Fifty. Fortunately, I knew the art of disemboweling."
"They attacked with mattered fur and dripping fangs, intent on feasting on Asgardian meat!"
"So, naturally, they went after Volstagg first."

-Volstagg, Women, Fandral, Hogun, last lines, and Thor

"I understand your father continues to gain his strength."
"He does, with new scars added to old."
"Good. I am happy to hear that."
"And what's this I hear about you being recruited to train with the new Einherjar?"
"As if you didn't have anything to do with that."
"No, you've proven your worth. Your acceptance was your doing. Although, I am please it's no longer a mere maiden that bested me with a barn tool."
"Care for a rematch?"

-Sif and Thor, last lines of video


Ander Finds Thor TTA.jpg
  • Ander wears the cape and helmet that Thor is typically shown using. The producers stated that Thor wears them in his honor when he became captain of the guard. Gary Hartle almost dropped a Thor coffee mug when he first saw the designs and realized this.
  • The different helmets and armors of the Einherjar are meant to indicate the various ranks.
  • Loki is Joshua Fine's favorite Marvel villain.
  • Pegasus are from Greek mythology. Valkyries of Norse mythology are often portrayed has having wings themselves but not on their horses. This error is present in Marvel Comics. In the video, Volstagg mentions interacting with the Greeks showing that many different mythological figures may interact in some way. In reality, the various mythologies may have shared certain aspects.
  • In the comics, Algrim is better known as the villain Kurse. He fought Thor and fell into lava. He then came back with no memories in a special suit of armor.
  • The spell that Loki uses to manipulate the water is, roughly translated, "Give Magic Water."
  • Hogun hitting the two Minotaurs for no reason was to show he was looking for a fight.
Brunhilde TTA.jpg
  • The comics spell her name Brunnhilde with two "n"s while the subtitles and credits use one.
  • The bar scene is Greg Johnson's and Matthew Wolf's favorite in the movie.
  • Similar to the Pegasus, Nixies are from Germanic folklore.
  • Volstagg jokes to Fandral about finding a hobgoblin girl. Hobgoblin is a Spider-Man villain.
  • To be hanged, drawn, and quartered meant severe punishment.
Loki Magic TTA.jpg
  • The spell Loki uses to stop the ale is roughly "Hollow" or "Empty" while the one to make it drop is "Give Rain."
  • To show the difference between Sif and the Valkyries, Sif is facing the opposite direction from the other archers during practice.
  • The one reason for men that Brunhilde mentions is likely for sex and the propagation of a species.
  • Loki is unaffected by the cold because he is in fact a short Frost Giant. This would explain how he is able to so easily manipulate water and how he freezes the water at the end.
  • In the comics, Surtur allied with the Trolls, not Dark Elves, and was defeated by Odin and imprisoned inside Earth.
  • In classic mythology, Gungnir always hits its mark and always kills. Here, when thrown it always hits, though it only kills one being.
  • The Sword of Surtur has similar properties to the One Ring from the The Lord of the Rings series. Both were made for evil fiery creatures, change size for whoever holds it, and seeks out the evil inside a person to exploit it.
  • The idea behind the Frost Giant sentries breaking out of the ice is that they have been standing there for so long they became covered in ice.
Thor Rams TTA.jpg
  • In classic mythology, the rams that Odin is shown using here actually belong to Thor. This was shown in the The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill".
  • The Frost Giant use of mammoths, and the long-living nature of people in the Nine Realms, could indicate that the story takes place about about 150,000 to 10,000 years ago when mammoths were alive on Earth. It could have been earlier if the Jotuns brought the mammoths to Earth, or more recent if they saved the species while the ones on Earth died out.
  • Algrim's ears perk up upon first hearing about Elderstahl, hinting at his upcoming turn.
  • The watering hole where the Einherjar find Thor and the others is meant to be the same exact location that Algrim has a painting of in his room.
  • The final battle is one of Joshua Fine's all-time favorite Thor moments, including comic books, films, and series.
  • This is listed in the Marvel Multiverse as Earth-8096.


Einherjar TTA.jpg
  • In actual Norse mythology, the Einherjar are warriors fallen in battle that have been saved by the Valkyries and brought to Valhalla to prepare for Ragnarok.
  • When Ander throws the sword to Thor, the animation of the sword appears behind Ander.
  • Thor sheathes the sword when he leaves the arena, but it is out when he approaches the barn. Inside, it is back in the sheath.
Asgard TTA.jpg
  • Thor peaks out of the Thunder Runner to see Asgard, as it is portrayed in the comics. The problem is, the video establishes that each realm, including Asgard, is on a branch of Yggdrasill, which is no where to be seen. Other maps and iconography of Yggdrasill do show Asgard laying on a branch just as Jotunheim and Svartalfheim do.
  • When Fandral grabs the waitress her face is in shadows. When she stands again her face is perfectly lit.
  • Why do Fandral and Volstagg not recognize Thor until he takes off his hood when Hogun noticed him so easily?
  • After Thor is pushed by the Fenris wolf, he starts attacking the other customers for no apparent reason.
  • Both the Minotaurs react to being hit before Hogun lands any blows.
  • The subtitles spell it Konurlifandi while and the producers call it Kona Lifandi.[1]
  • The mountains from the Surtur-Odin battle tale are not shown in the shot when Thor looks out over the land before.
  • Why did the Frost Giants never find Elderstahl when Thor found it so easily on their own lands?
  • Why didn't the snow sprite with the coat piece just fly to the Frost Giant like all the others?
  • When Loki looks up as he passes the sleeping sentries, it is clear that the animation is making the sentry and the immediate background one flat image.
  • In the first shot, Thor is using Elderstahl to hit the rear sentry, but in the next he is hitting the forward sentry.
Asgard Spy TTA.jpg
  • Dialogue at the beginning indicate that Asgard's last Valkyrie spy disappeared not too long ago. But the skeleton shown to Thor has long since decomposed, far too quickly. Unless the disappeared spy is still alive and simply not been found and not been in contact with Asgard, and the skeletal spy is an older one.
  • Brunhilde realizes that the Frost Giants are approaching because of seeing her breath. But no other breath is seen throughout the scene despite the presence of more giants.
  • Loki apparently disappears between the time the Frost Giants attack the Valkyries and the snowball is thrown. He could have easily grabbed Elderstahl and used it while Thor was struggling with the chains.
Ander Throws Dagger TTA.jpg
  • Ander throws a relatively small blade at Algrim, about the size of a dagger, but Thor later finds it to be a sword.
  • The Pegasus are spooked by the approaching Einherjar but not the fiery blast of an evil sword.
  • When Algrim stands over Odin in the destroyed armory, after the illusion, Algrim's hair does not match the hair in the shadow.
  • The storming trolls and Frost Giants disappear when the catapults are being reloaded.
  • The strong energies of Gungnir and Elderstahl should carry the light far than just a few feet. In reality, even a small light can illuminate a fairly large area.
  • When Fandral puts the tooth necklace on each woman, the cord passes through both of their hair.


Thor Sif HV.jpg
Tales of Asgard Cameo PH.jpg


Actor Role
Matthew Wolf Thor
Rick Gomez Loki
Tara Strong Sif
Alistair Abell Fandral
Paul Dobson Hogun
Brent Chapman Volstagg
Chris Britton Odin
Ron Halder Algrim
Cathy Weseluck Brunhilde
Additional Voices
Michael Dobson Geirmarr
Additional Voices
John Novak Thrym
Additional Voices
Mark Acheson
Ashleigh Ball
Mark Gibbon
Jillian Michaels
Ty Olson
Venus Terzo
Additional Voices


See also Thor: Tales of Asgard (Video) Full Credits.
Job People
Distributor Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Production Marvel Animation
In Association With MLG Productions 7, INC.
Editor George P. Rizkallah
Music Composed By Guy Michelmore
Music Supervisor David Ari Leon
Voice Director Jamie Simone
Executive Producers Kevin Feige
Eric S. Rollman
Supervising Producer Craig Kyle
Co-Executive Producer Stan Lee
Producer Gary Hartle
Screen Story Greg Johnson
Craig Kyle
Screenplay Greg Johnson
Director Sam Liu
Supervising Director Gary Hartle
DVD Box Art Alex Ross

Home Video


The movie was released on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download on May 17th, 2011. In the United States, the feature is released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment while in Canada it is released by Maple Pictures Home Entertainment.[2]

The DVD is presented in widescreen format (1.78:1) and feature 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital audio. The Blu-ray is presented in 1080P high definition widescreen and features English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio.

Special features include:

The second disc of the two-disc Blu-ray edition is the DVD copy.

Artist Alex Ross returns to do the box art after creating the Planet Hulk cover.

The tagline for the movie is "Before the hammer...came the sword."




The feature is part of Marvel's plans to bring Thor into wider public awareness along with The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The Super Hero Squad Show, and the live action Thor film. They did the same thing for Iron Man with The Invincible Iron Man, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and the live action film. The video was released May 17th, 2011, just eleven days after the live-action film.

The feature is inspired by the comic series Thor: Son of Asgard. Thor: Tales of Asgard is a completely separate series. They were also inspired by the works of Walt Simonson and J. Michael Straczynski. There are a number of direct influences taken from Son of Asgard:

  • The story follows a young teenage Thor before he wields Mjolnir.
  • Thor goes on a journey with Sif and Balder across various realms. This is a mission given by Odin to gather four items to use to make an enchanted weapon. Loki does follow and becomes involved later.
  • At one point, the three come across a jungle area. Loki tricks Thor into seeing Sif bathing.
  • Thor and the others return to Asgard to help defend a siege.

The producers consider the video sort of a follow-up to Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, also featuring teenage heroes.

The producers were heavily influenced by The Lord of the Rings, which itself was heavily influenced by classic Norse mythology. Coincidentally, Graham McTavish, who plays Loki on Hulk vs Thor and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, played Dwalin on The Hobbit series while John Rhys-Davies, Thor on Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk, was Gimli on The Lord of the Rings.

It was the last film from Marvel's deal with Lions Gate Home Entertainment.[3]


With this movie, the producers wanted to create a classic type of fantasy story different from the other Marvel animated feature. They wanted to go with a Shakespearean feel by not having any clear villain. The idea for this was so that all the problems in the movie would seem to be Thor's doing rather than the malicious plans of some evildoer.

Ander TTA.jpg

Gary Hartle flushed out many of the minor characters, especially that of Ander, so that they all had full backstories and development despite very little appearing in the film. Ander became Hartle's favorite character. Much of the proposed backstory involved Ander seeing a great deal of horrible things and being humbled by it, which explains his softer voice.

The producers switched the typical roles of Thor and Loki, with Thor being the one to cause trouble and Loki being the good son who does what he is supposed to.

Joshua Fine wanted audiences to like Loki and appreciate him being a hero, so that his eventual transformation into a villain would be that much more tragic.

The producers made Sif the kind of warrior that Thor will eventually become, and is known as in the comics.

Lauren Montgomery, who directed the similar Wonder Woman film for DC Comics, worked on the first scene in the barn.

Warriors Three TTA.jpg

Kevin Feige was the one who convinced the producers to incorporate the Warriors Three.

The producers had to tone down Alistair Abell's (Fandral) work because he was so funny that he was stealing all the scenes he was in.

Balder was in the movie at one point but cut out.

Amora was originally in the movie more but they cut her scenes down as the producers felt they were not helping the story.

The reason Mjolnir is not used is to make Elderstahl seem more powerful. They felt having Mjolnir being used would degrade the power of one of the weapons. They also felt that using Mjolnir would make it more Thor's story when they wanted it to be about the other main Asgardian characters as well.

The producers felt that Algrim had no ulterior motives at any time, and that he was only a villain upon getting the sword when his dark thoughts were brought to the surface.

The producers changed Yggdrasil, the World Tree, from a vague concept into an actual tree to make the nine realms seem more real, with each realm as a different ecosystem on a separate branch.

Pub TTA.jpg

The producers compared the bar scene to the Cantina scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The music in the bar scene was modeled after the opening in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to have, what the producers called, "chaotic fun." Also, much of the video was based off that idea of seeing a hero before he becomes the well-known hero.

The producers had to come up with the name Elderstahl as they could not find any name for the Sword of Surtur. It means "Hellfire Steel."

The producers gave Thrym a son so that both Odin and Thor would have a Frost Giant parallel.

Originally, Ander was going to die with the other Einherjar, but the producers felt they needed to see him do at least one heroic thing. It then helped to explain how Thor was armed once again.

Siege of Asgard TTA.jpg

The producers wanted to show more of the final battle with the Frost Giants, but they felt it detracted from the main story and wanted to focus on the scenes with Thor and Algrim.

The producers considered that the end battle would be the moment in which Odin lost his eye. However, they felt that it wasn't appropriate compared to the moment usually given, so they simply made him unable to open it during the battle and assumed that it was damaged at another time. Originally, he was designed with the eye patch already on.

The last scene with Sif and Thor almost was not in the movie. Sif was originally in the previous scene with the Warriors Three, but the producers felt the movie needed to become full circle and added it.


Animation was done by MLG Productions, who have done all the Marvel Animation films.

The producers went with more muted colors for this video, as opposed to the brighter Hulk vs Thor, so that it would give the sense of being in the past.

Typically speaking, characters are traditional 2D animation while environments are computer 3D animation.

Pegasus TTA.jpg

Gary Hartle is a horse enthusiast and made sure the horses were portrayed realistically. His favorite moment is when Algrim mounts the Pegasus.

The Pegasus are based off Arabian horses.

At one point in the design, Odin was going to have elaborate furs on his armor. The producers then felt that those would be more appropriate for the more barbarous Frost Giants.

Originally, the animation studio put in a lot more snow when Odin first realizes the Frost Giants are coming. The producers sent it back to show less, believing that Odin would know what's coming with less to go on.

Asgardians Prepare For Kona Battle TTA.jpg

The color tone of every character changes with the presence of the Frost Giants except for Loki, hinting at his true origins.

The opening and closing credits are designed to give a sense of classic storytelling and includes boxes to invoke the comics.

Voice Work

Matthew Wolf (Thor) and Paul Dobson (Hogun) are the only two to reprise their roles from Hulk vs Thor.

Despite appearing in Hulk Vs, Matthew Wolf did audition for the role again.

Matthew Wolf only recorded lines with Rick Gomez. Ironically, for Hulk vs Thor he only recorded with Graham McTavish, the voice of the older Loki.

When Elderstahl blasts, it's many different voices screaming. It's meant to be various souls the sword has taken.


The film was produced in 2009 but not released until 2011 so it could coincide with the live action Thor film. It was actually produced about six months before Planet Hulk.

TTA Promo.jpg

A preview of the video can be seen on the Hulk vs Thor two-disc DVD. The opening sequence is on the Planet Hulk DVD.

According to Gary Hartle, live-action Thor film director Kenneth Branagh saw the movie and said "I wish we saw those backgrounds before we started our movie."

As with Planet Hulk, the video is unrated.


Thor: Tales of Asgard was not as well received as previous the previous films from Marvel Animation. They felt it was a step down from previous efforts such as Hulk Vs and Planet Hulk. Like The Invincible Iron Man, many complained that it was a noticeably inferior effort to the concurrent live action film. Many critics felt it was too episodic as if designed for television. Many did not care for how Thor did not become the hero he is supposed to be, as if there were more to the story that was not shown. Some noted sexist undertones in the story. The reaction to the animation was mixed with some feeling it was cartoonish while others praised it for its scope and design. Many did enjoy the relationship between Thor and Loki as it made their eventual rivalry more tragic. Some liked that it explored an age of Thor not usually seen and set up many of the characters to be the versions they eventually would be known as. The score was widely praised as being of the movie series' best.


Algrim TTA.jpg

James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age felt that the movie was worth the wait and thought it complimented the live-action film well. He liked that the film focused on an aspect of Thor's life that is rarely seen. He thought it was an invigorating fantasy-adventure. He had enjoyed all the previous movies and also liked this one. He felt the story was well-told and characters were great. He thought it was a pure fantasy story suitable for all ages. He enjoyed that the film took chances with the characters and worked against their usual type, while some changes were questionable though justifiable. He thought it showed the shades of grey in Asgard rather well. He enjoyed that all the characters were fleshed out and got their own moment to shine. He liked the Thor and Loki relationship and felt it was even more powerful knowing that the two would become enemies. He felt the writing walked a fine line perfectly. He appreciated that it wasn't just a straightforward hero versus villain plot. He thought all the characters had justifiable motivation. He was disappointed by the quality of the animation and found it just above television standards and sometimes slightly less. He noted several problems and felt it was a step down from Planet Hulk and Hulk Vs. He felt the design on the film was excellent and the backgrounds and characters were great. Though he thought they were tame compared to what DC Comics were producing with their animated movies and cartoon shows. He liked that it was more linear and less episodic than he thought from the promotional materials, though he felt it was edited with television presentations in mind with moments specifically for commercial breaks. He did not believe it hurt the film but did make dull it. He felt the score was terrific and possibly Guy Michelmore's best. He enjoyed that the movie fully embraced Thor's roots and the expansive Asgard universe without watering down for younger viewers. In comparison with the other Marvel animated features he thought it fell somewhere in the high middle. He thought it compared with Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow and Planet Hulk but the animation kept it lower down. "By no means is the story original but it's handled in a way that makes it fresh. It's an interesting new perspective on what could be a tired tale, and the film excels because of it. Greg Johnson, responsible for the screenplay and story inspiration with Craig Kyle, takes some bold chances with Thor: Tales for Asgard that does pay off in the end. I'm actually surprised at how much Johnson is able to put into this movie without it ever feeling like it's about to collapse under its own weight. There is so much here that it warrants repeat viewings. Just look beyond the disappointing animation quality and I promise you'll find an enjoyable story that provides a fresh spin on the standard superhero adventure." [4]

Kofi Outlaw of ScreenRant said that it was a worthy continuation of the live-action movie and something that kids would enjoy. He said it was a nice "bridge piece" that would appeal to longtime Thor fans with its numerous Easter eggs and how it sets up certain plots fans would know, but also appealing to new fans. However, he felt it was contradictory in the story. He pointed out that it set up a lot of the characters seen in the live-action film, but at the same time went over the same ground with aspects such as Thor breaking the truce with the Frost Giants. He did like that it featured more worlds, races, and weapons than the live-action film did, and it showed more of what life in Asgard is like. He felt it was a more unique and great comic book adaptation. He felt the animation was good, but not as good as what DC Comic films have been doing. He claimed director Sam Liu kept the movie streamlined and exciting. He praised the voice actors, and pointed out the work with the Frost Giants. "All in all, Tales of Asgard is an enjoyable Thor adventure -- even with the titular character reduced to teen age. It’s not necessarily one of those animated features you’ll want to watch over and over again, but if you’re a collector of every Marvel animated movie released, or are looking for an entertaining superhero adventure to rent, definitely check it out." [5]

At Sci-Fi Movie Page, called the film "Young Thor or I Was a Teenaged Norse Deity" and noted it was different from the Thor most people would know. He said that while it sounded at at children, it worked for people of all ages. He said that parents could feel safe letting their children watch it, though he pointed out that there were a few mild double entendres. He noted that the story was short. He said the animation was decent but not much more than television standards. He felt the story was predictable but he liked the characterizations. "Kids will dig it and adult animation fans will find it passable entertainment. It is reasonable true to the spirit of the original Marvel Thor comics even though there is no pseudo-Shakespearean dialogue or one of the characters feels as if it wandered off the planned World of Warcraft movie instead of a comic based on ancient Norse legends..." [6]

Christopher Glennon of Toonzone felt it was time for Marvel Comics' heavy-hitter to hit mainstream audiences. He thought that all the recent exposure with the live action movie, The Super Hero Squad Show, and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes would go over the same ground, but felt that this movie put a different spin on the character. He thought it was a solid story especially since his world stands on its own separate from other Marvel heroes. He felt that direct-to-video features was the perfectly place to explore Asgard, though he claimed the movie failed to live up to that. He didn't like that Thor doesn't display any powers like weather control, Mjolnir, or any of the strength he is famous for. He also didn't care for not seeing much of Loki's potential villainy besides for a few hints. Same with the mere cameos of Mjolnir and Amora. He was disappointed that the film only seemed like part of the story and didn't build Thor up to the hero audiences know him as. He claimed this could have been better as a backstory rather than standalone movie. He thought that on its own the movie was entertaining. He thought the movie looked impressive, going between the different realms, colorful characters, and use of magic. He enjoyed things like the Warriors Three traveling through space, and how the Frost Giant kingdom paralleled Asgard. He liked how Sif was portrayed but didn't care for how the Valkyries were the stereotypical Amazons type. While he enjoyed the sets he thought the characters were mixed. He felt Thor, Loki, and the Warriors Three worked well and the Frost Giants and Algrim looked fantastical. However, he didn't think there was anything special about Odin and he was a generic old man, and the same with the other Asgardians and Valkyries. He thought the animation was nice and action scenes worked well. He praised the music for giving and "Old World" feel to it and pointed out the end credits.[7]

Valkyries Bathe TTA.jpg

Cindy White of gave the feature a five out of ten. She said that the episodic format, fitting with the comic series of the same name, made the story uneven and did not flow together. She berated the plot for being thin and the characters one-dimensional. She also felt there was a disturbing undercurrent of sexism towards women at times. She felt that the resolutions, especially Thor's, in the end were not properly earned. She did not like that he did not even get Mjolnir at the end. She didn't care for the animation feeling it was cartoonish, the backgrounds simple, and movement was kept at a minimum. She complained that the stylistic choices varied from scene to scene. She felt that the film failed to live up to past films like Planet Hulk. "When it comes to content made just for DVD, DC and Warner Bros. have consistently edged out Marvel with their series of original animated movies, in quality of storytelling as well as animation. There's nothing about Thor: Tales of Asgard that reverses that trend." [8]

Scott Chitwood of gave the feature a 5.5 out of 10. He felt it was a good idea in theory as it could serve as a prequel to the live action film, but felt it had a few problems. He thought the plot was very similar to the live action film following the same plot devices and featuring the same characters, but was dull compared to the other film. He also didn't think it felt like a "Marvel Thor" film and was more like Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons. He also did not like that Thor never uses Mjolnir. He thought it did not pick up until the second half but didn't make up for the un-engaging first half. He didn't like how the Valkryies were translated and how different they were from Old Norse and Marvel Comic mythology, and thought they were closer to the Amazonians of Greek mythology. He did like the animation and fight scenes. He thought the final battle was impressive and would have looked cool in live action. He also liked the score by Guy Michelmore. He especially liked that it was appropriate for children, as compared to the more violent PG-13 films that Marvel usually makes, and this was a nice change. "I'd recommend "Thor: Tales of Asgard" to fans of the Marvel comics and to kids. If you're interested in it simply because of the live-action movie, you're probably going to be disappointed." [9]

This is Craig Kyle's second favorite of their movies after Hulk Vs, and believes this to be their strongest story. Guy Michelmore believes this is one of the best, if not the best.

The movie has a 6.3 on the Internet Movie Database, a 43% among user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and four and a half out of five stars on Amazon.


Cindy White of gave the film an overal seven out of ten: five for the feature, seven for the video, eight for the audio, and seven for the extra features. She felt the animation style did not translate well to Blu-ray and found little detail in anything. The color was accurate though muted. She also noted some blurring in early scenes. She felt the 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track was pointless as it did not make full use of the capacity of the sound system. She noted that the rear and side channels were only used for big fight scenes. She thought the audio commentary track with Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson was interesting with the two trading insights into the making of the film. But she felt that the other track featuring Gary Hartlle, Sam Liu, and Phil Bourassa was more technical and not as interesting. She felt the "Worthy" featurette was less informative. She like the "Thor the Mighty" episode but felt it made the feature look inferior compared to the series.

Scott Chitwood of gave the Blu-ray a 6.5 out of 10. He felt the features were limited. He thought the features spent too much time discussing the opening credits.

James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age claimed the release was worthy of the Mighty Mjolnir itself. He felt the image looked really sharp with clear and crisp animation and lush backgrounds. He didn't find any flaws and thought every inch of the image looked stunning. He thought the audio was a full-bodied experience and always sounded good. He liked the bonus features though noting that they were as numerous as other releases. He felt the commentary with Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson was informative with great insight. He also enjoyed the commentary with Phil Bourassa, Gary Hartle, and Sam Liu and was still interesting, though not as much as the other and suffered from some dead pauses. He liked how the "Worthy" featurette covered a lot of information, including a brief mention of Thor. He liked that the DVD and Blu-ray had the same features, rather than what some studios are doing recently and packing the Blu-ray and offering little on the DVD. "Thor: Tales of Asgard is an excellent Blu-ray release from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, there's no question about it. The movie itself looks just great from start to finish, especially in stunning high-definition, and features a great helping of bonus content to compliment. While some of the earlier home video releases for the Marvel Animated Features line were noticeably bare, Lionsgate Home Entertainment really stepped up to the plate over the past few releases, and that continues here. We get commentaries, a solid featurette, and some extra goodies that fans will dig. Whether it's Blu-ray or DVD, you get it all! It's just a great package that other studios should take a hint from when releasing their own comic book-based animated features, especially when it comes to that second disc in the Blu-ray Combo Pack. Thor: Tales of Asgard is definitely worth your time, and the Blu-ray Combo Pack is the best way to experience it." [10]


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