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Thing (Fantastic Four (1967)).PNG
Real Name Ben Grimm
Alternate Identity Thing
Touchdown King
Grimm Reaper
Powers and Abilities Super Strength
Rock-Like Body
Team Affiliations Fantastic Four
Allies Anelle
Silver Surfer
Lady Dorma
Family and Friends Mister Fantastic
Invisible Girl
Human Torch
Thing is from the Non MAU series Fantastic Four.

Thing is a superhero and member of the Fantastic Four.


In his youth, Ben Grimm had a friendly rivalry with the Yancy Street Gang.

In college, Ben played football and because he was able to get so many touchdowns during a game he was nicknamed the Touchdown King. Ben was also roommates with Reed Richards and that was how they first met.

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Ben enlisted in the Marines and fought overseas during World War II. Ben was a fighter pilot for the Marines and he was given the nickname, The Grimm Reaper.

After the war ended Ben Grimm opened an aircraft company called Grimm Aircraft Company.

Reed later developed a space shuttle and was planning to go into space. However, Reed needed a pilot so he approached Ben and asked him to pilot the shuttle. Ben agreed and him, Reed, Sue, and Sue's brother Johnny traveled to space in the shuttle. However, the shuttle was bombarded by cosmic rays and when the ship crashed on Earth the four of them discovered that the cosmic rays had given them super-powers. Ben's skin had been transformed into an orange rock and he now had super strength. They all decided to form a group of heroes called the Fantastic Four to use their powers to protect mankind. Ben took the code name, the Thing.

Thing once agreed to serve Diablo if he turned him into a normal human. However, Thing realized that Diablo was evil and turned against him.


Thing was voiced by Paul Frees.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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