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The Monster of Frankenstein
The Monster of Frankenstein.jpg
Release date July 27, 1981
Director Yugo Serikawa
Kentaro Haneda
Robert V. Barron
Writer(s) Mary Shelley (Novel)
Gary Friedrich (Comic Book)
Michael G. Ploog (Comic Book)
Akiyoshi Sakai
Producer(s) Toei Animation
Studio Live
Harmony Gold USA
Ahmed Agrama
Distributor Vestron Video
TV Asahi
Mountain Video
Mondo Home Entertainment
Music By Kentaro Haneda
Running Time 93 Minutes
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While attempting to discover the secrets of life itself, Doctor Victor Frankenstein creates an enormous horrifying creature with incredible strength. He attempts to put it behind him, but his vengeful assistant and a series of gruesome crimes keep coming to haunt him. The doctor and his creation become locked in a struggle to the death consuming everyone and everything that Victor knows and loves.


An empty cemetery

Somewhere near Geneva, an empty cemetery stretches over the land. The area is filled with crosses, some of which have fallen over. Lightning strikes illuminating a skeleton in an open grave.

Some time later, Chief Inspector Bellbeau describes these events as he investigated the "Giant of Geneva." He claims that the report will only be published following his death and it proves the existence of the Monster of Victor Frankenstein.

Castle thunder

Elsewhere, the storm causes lightning strikes near a castle. The storm can be heard deep inside. An old wooden staircase leads past some swords placed on the wall. A stone hallway leads up further.

Further inside, lightning comes in through a window with spikes on each side. It brightens the inside, showing a decapitated steer head on a blood-covered table. On a nearby table lies various medical tools, saws, a drill, and ax.

There are various electrical devices lying inside. On a table, an enormous man wrapped in bandages lies down with electrical cords connecting to bolts in his neck.

Victor and his creation

A man, Victor Frankenstein, walks up to the body, another stands nearby. Victor speaks to the other, Zuckel, that their creation only needs the spark of life. He pats the body on the head.

Nearby, a poster of the Vitruvian Man with drawings of the human body is on the wall.

Lightning continues to strike outside. It begins to rain.

Victor tells Zuckel that they need the power right away. The assistant begins to object, but is cut off. Victor explains that they are doing something scientists have only dreamed of. He says they are going to bring hope to every person afraid of dying.

Victor will do anything for his goal

Zuckel asks if Victor considered the moral implications of this act. Victor grabs him by the collar and tells him that this is no time for Zuckel's moralizing speeches. He pushes the assistant back ordering him to continue.

Zuckel falls against a control board. He reminds Victor that this is his decision, and then pushes one of the levers up.

Victor watches his creation in progress

Sparks begin to fly over the body as Victor leans over. A light bulb and other coils begin to glow red.

Victor looks over telling Zuckel that they need more. Zuckel then pushes up another lever.

A second light bulb and more coils glow. Wire between the coils begins to glow as well. Bolts in the walls start to smoke.

Victor demands more power immediately, but Zuckel warns that it will blow up. Zuckel reluctantly pushes a third lever.

More wires begin to glow red, slowly reaching the body. The bolts in the body glow as well as they heat up. The body begins to shake.

Victor looks on saying "yes" as the body comes to life. Soon the fingers begin to move on their own making Victor excited. He tells the creation, calling it his child, that he gave the thing life.

It's alive!

Then the eyes of the body opens and look over to its creator.

However, sparks begin to fly across the machines causing the light bulbs to explode. Zuckel screams that he warned Victor. Victor looks over to see fire race across the wall bolts and other machinery go out.

Victor asks what happened. Zuckel says that the generator has been destroyed. Victor wonders why it happened now.

Lightning continues to strike outside. A powerful bolt strikes the castle.

The spark of life

The storm's power charges the machines with the electricity entering the body.

Another lightning bolt strikes the castle blasting a hole in the roof of the tower with the lab.

Inside, equipment explodes. Victor and Zuckel and thrown back by the blast. Debris rains down on the smoke-filled room as the two men lay unconscious.

The body groans as it lifts its massive hand breaking the chain holding it down. Victor wakes and looks towards the body. It continues to grown as it sits up breaking the chain holding down its chest.

The monster rises

Victor watches in shock as the creature sits up and breaks all the chains holding its legs. He once again calls it his child and watches as the creature sets its feet on the ground.

He shakes Zuckel to wake him. When the assistant regains consciousness, Victor points to the creature telling him that they did it. Zuckel looks at the massive creature wrapped in bandages.

Victor meets his creation

Lightning strikes outside and the two can clearly see the enormous monster they have created. When the strikes end, it only a giant silhouette.

Zuckel is shocked when the monster leans over close to him and he can see its eyes.

The monster on fire

Lightning strikes again hitting the monster directly. He screams in pain. The two doctors watch in horror as the monster withstands the lightning and its bandages burst into flames. He continues to scream.

The flames die down but the monster is still smoking. Victor stands and goes to his creation. The monster turns, showing that the bandages have burned off his upper body showing grey skin, and walks towards his creator. His massive steps cause the floor to shake.

Fear the monster

Victor backs up to the door in horror. He wonders if he created a monster. The creature then roars.

Zuckel backs out the door into the hall and Victor follows. The doctor closes the door bolting it shut telling his assistant to run. Victor runs after him carrying a bag in his arms.

The monster breaks the door apart as the two men leave. He crouches down to go through the door, but breaks apart the brick doorway.

The two men run down the stairs. Victor stops and turns when he hears the creature growling. He tells the assistant that the monster is still coming and continues to run.

The monster stomps down the stairs close behind.

Outside, the storm continues but has moved on. The two men flee the castle on a small road. They stop and watch the castle while rain beats down around them.

Two massive arms break through the stone wall. The monster growls as it breaks its way through and escapes. The two men scream in horror.

The monster is loose

The monster stomps towards them in the rain.

The two men run until the find themselves on the edge of a cliff. The monster still closing in on them. Zuckel claims that the monster is going to kill them.

Victor tells the assistant that they have to destroy him and he needs Zuckel's help. Zuckel refuses saying that he tried to warn the doctor.

Victor reaches into his bag and pulls out a pistol. He hands the gun over to Zuckel saying that they cannot allow the monster to destroy Victor's research and his entire life's career. He says he will make the effort worth Zuckel's while.

Victor grabs his bag and runs away. Zuckel asks him to wait and goes to follow when the monster catches up to him. He looks and sees the monster getting between him and Victor.

He cries out to Victor as the creature follows him. Victor looks behind him and trips dropping the bag.

Zuckel aims the pistol and fires at the creature. The monster stops and turns to see his attacker. Lightning strikes behind him. He growls and heads towards Zuckel.

Victor sees the two then flees with his bag.

The monster closes in on Zuckel

Zuckel tells the creature to get back as it closes in on him and continues backing up. He reaches the edge of the cliff and looks down.

The monster screams as it nears him. He again raises the gun and fires at his head.

The monster feels his cheek then grabs Zuckel by the arm. The assistant cries out as he is lifted into the air by his arms. He begs to be let go.

Zuckel loses an eye

Zuckel looks up to see the monster putting his massive hand on his head. The monster squeezes and blood begins to pour down as Zuckel screams.

The monster then tosses Zuckel aside.

Zuckel lands in the mud and rolls over revealing a missing eye. He raises his gun again and continues firing. The monster backs up from the bullets and steps on a loose rock that crumbles off the cliff.

He survives because he wants to live

The monster falls into the forest below screaming.

Zuckel rolls around in the mud clutching his wounded head.

In his time, Bellebeau describes that this is the point in which he became involved, forming memories that he will forever carry.

Some time later, a large castle rises above Lake Geneva with the Alps rising behind it. The water sparkles and the trees are in bloom.

On a road near the shore, a horse pulls a carriage with Victor in the back. He sits in anger, not noticing the beauty passing him by.

The carriage comes upon a large group of people standing about muttering to themselves. The driver looks at them as they pass, noticing police officers talking to the people. Victor looks out the window as the carriage passes.

Inspecting the crime scene

After the carriage leaves, the officers look at a murdered man on the grown covered in a sheet. Trampled food and a torn bag lie nearby.

A man in a tan coat, Bellebeau, walks over and kneels by the body. He lifts the sheet and confirms that the man, a peddler, was murdered. He wonders who did it.

His assistant tells him that there was a large piece of him missing. A nearby officer says something ate part of the man.

Bellebeau asks if there was any witness but hears there were none. He stands and another officer suddenly sees footprints nearby.

The officers stand over to examine the footprints. One officer says that they are too big to be from a man, but the assistant says that they do not look like any animal.

Bellebeau makes a fool of himself

Bellebeau kneels over and looks at them. He stands inside one of the prints. He stretches his foot out and tries to step into the next print but stumbles, his assistant grabbing him.

Eventually the carriage reaches the mansion of Frankenstein. An elderly maid, Emma, tells the missus that Victor has returned.

Husband and wife together again

Elizabeth Frankenstein runs out of the house and sees her husband. She runs up to him. Leaving the carriage, Victor tells her he has missed her and the two kiss.

He then asks where Emily, their daughter, is. She tells Victor that Emily will be home soon. She grabs the bag and says she will make a cup of tea.

He puts his arm around her and the two go inside. He asks about his daughter. Elizabeth says that she is with Victor's father.

The monster has arrived

Elsewhere, a ridge overlooks the lake and city. Large enormous boots, covered with tattered pants, stomp onto the ridge.

In another part of the city, goats graze in a field near a small cabin. A piece of wood sits on a tree trunk and is suddenly split with an ax. Nearby, a dog barks.

The boy, Philip, looks over at the dog and tells Lucky that he's finished.

Nearby a young girl, Emily, rubs the shoulders of her blind grandfather as he sits in a rocking chair.

She tells him that she brought him a letter from her mother and cleaned up the cabin a little. He then tells her that it is time for her to go home. She wonders if he needs anything, but he responds that Victor will be waiting for her.

Nearby, Philip pets Lucky. Grandfather calls out to him ordering him to see Emily home. He agrees and leaves the dog. He runs over to them asking if she is ready to go.

Grandfather likes having his granddaughter around

She asks Grandfather if he wants to move in with them. He tells her that even though his sight is going he can take care of himself. He knows this cabin very well and does not want to go. She again asks if she can do anything. Grandfather says that he appreciates the company but she should go home.

Philip holds Emily's hand while they walk down a road with Lucky running around them. The dog runs ahead then stops. Philip asks why Grandfather does not live with his family. Emily explains that she doesn't know but he and her father are always fighting.

She thanks Philip for taking care of her grandfather. Philip replies that he loves the old man. She then stops and admires some wild roses. She crouches down to pick some up for her father.

Lucky runs around watching then begins to growl at some tall grass. A tree in the field begins to shake.

Emily stands holding a bouquet saying she has enough. The two walk on ignoring the dog's warning. Philip crouches over and picks up the dog asking what got into him.

The dog senses trouble

The two walk past the grass with Lucky kicking his legs. After the two leave, the tree falls over. A massive hand moves apart the grass and the shadowy figure of the monster peers at the children.

By the time they reach the mansion it is dark. Just outside, Emily asks Philip if he wants to come inside and have dinner. He thanks her but says that her father will want to spend time with her on his first night back.

Lucky goes off and begins growling at another patch of tall grass.

Emily explains that she wants him to meet her father and hopes he will visit soon. He says he will and leaves. When he is gone she wonders why he is so shy.

Emily doesn't look behind her

Just then a figure rises behind her and Lucky begins to bark. She turns and wonders what it is. She runs over asking the dog to be quiet so she can surprise her father.

She runs towards the house. Lucky whines as she goes then turns back to see the figure disappearing.

Inside, Emma sets down a plate with a steak and vegetables onto the table. Elizabeth thanks her saying it looks delicious. Emma claims that nothing is too good for the master on his first night home. She turns and leaves.

Victor, who has been staring out the window, notices how late it is and wonders where Emily is. Elizabeth feels she will be home soon, but Victor claims she is much too indulgent with their daughter.

Just then Emily announces she is home. She peaks around the door and giggles. Victor runs to her and kneels down to give her a hug. The two say how much they missed each other.

Father and daughter together again

Emily then shows him her present, the bouquet of flowers. Victor happily accepts then gives her his present. She opens it and admires the scarf. Elizabeth smiles at the family reunion. Emily puts the scarf around her and Elizabeth says she likes having the family together again.

A nearby candelabra lights the room.

The three sit around the table praying to God thanking them for the meal. Victor raises his head asking what is to eat. Emily begins cutting her steak saying it all looks good. Emily chews a piece and finds it delicious. Victor laughs saying there is nothing like a good steak.

Victor begins cutting his but a massive amount of blood begins oozing out. He stares at it in panic then sees himself holding a large saw with his hands covered in blood. Suddenly the steak becomes a body.

Haunted by the past

He flashes to some time when he and Zuckel were cutting apart a body in his laboratory.

Suddenly his knife flies away and breaks apart his glass of wine. Emily stops eating and asks if anything is wrong. Victor simply sits there in shock. Emily calls out to him. Elizabeth wonders if the steak is too rare.

Victor is shaken out of it when Emma cries out and tells the madam to come quickly. The two parents look over when Emma states that someone killed their bird. Emily stands up upon hearing this.

Mother comforts daughter

They go outside and see the birdcage smashed and the bird dead. Emily is shaking then hugs her mother. Elizabeth consoles her daughter wondering who would do such a thing. Victor simply shakes as he looks at the mess.

Later, Victor sits in his office thinking about how he wished Zuckel had finished the monster off. He holds his wine, sweat dripping down his head.

He thinks back to when he tried to convince his father, then a professor, to help him. His father told him that Victor's desire to raise the dead was insane and blasphemous.

Victor stood in a large auditorium, a skeleton hanging behind him. He stepped forward complaining that moral discussions were meaningless in science.

Grandfather told him that morality was a greater concern to them than anyone. He felt that morality held civilization together and needed to guarded by those who could abuse it.

Father and son argue

Getting angry, Victor told him that he would continue with his experiments anyways and stormed off. Leaning on his cane and still able to see, Grandfather called out to him but was left alone.

Back in the present, Victor sips his wine when a hand placed on his shoulder startles him. He turns to see Elizabeth asking if he is feeling better. She claims they were worried about him.

Victor asks if Emily went to Grandfather's already. Elizabeth says she did and admires how the two get along so well. Victor wonders why the old man lives by himself in the mountains.

He thinks his father hates him and finishes his wine. Elizabeth counters that the old man likes living by himself. Just then the two hear a loud scream. Elizabeth says it sounds like Lucky.

Victor sets down his glass claiming not to care about a dumb dog. He stands and heads to bed. Elizabeth looks at him worried.

Victor enters his room and sets down a lamp. He undoes his cravat but notices something in his bed.

An offer he cannot refuse

He grabs the lamp and walks over seeing the sheets soaked with something red. He pulls the sheet back then screams in terror. On the bed in the dead and bloody Lucky. Victor backs up crying for anyone to help him.

Later that night Bellebeau sits down, takes off his hat, and rubs his bald head. He looks over at Victor, Elizabeth and Emily sitting nearby, and decides to begin. Victor says that everyone is there except the maid. Bellebeau assumes that they trust her.

The inspector's assistant walks over. He says that nothing was stolen and it doesn't appear to be a burglary. He says that the dog was ripped apart with hardly anything left.

Upon hearing this, Emily cries out for Lucky and begins to weep. Bellebeau asks her to stop crying, saying that in time she will forget this. He apologizes for bringing it up. He then orders his assistant to leave.

Bellebeau asks if anything is missing. Elizabeth responds that everything is there.

Emma then walks in and hands them all tea. Bellebeau eagerly grabs his drink and a pastry. He says that he hasn't had fresh pastries since his mother made them for him as a boy. He grabs his cup and knows that the tea is English by the smell.

Taking a sip, Bellebeau explains that the police believe a madman is on the prowl. He claims they found the victim of an equally brutal murder in the park that morning. He once again compliments the tea.

He goes on to say that they found a footprint at the murder scene, but it was far too large for a human.

Victor realizes that the creature is still alive

Victor stares in shock. He mindlessly lets his cup of tea drop and it shatters on the ground.

Bellebeau is shocked as it splashes on him and Victor apologizes. Victor asks Emma to get a rag for him. Bellebeau rubs his head saying it is no problem as he can just wash the clothes.

Trying to make up for his rude behavior

The inspector stands and puts on his hat. He tells Elizabeth and Emily to take care. Elizabeth wishes him a good night. Victor stands and again apologizes for the mess. Bellebeau leans over and hopes that Emily will feel better soon.

Bellebeau then leaves. Victor sighs when he is gone. However, Bellebeau reenters the room asking what kind of doctor Victor is. The doctor replies that he studies natural science. Bellebeau points out that he would cover a wide range of subjects. He thanks the doctor and leaves again.

Victor begins sweating as he leaves.

Later that night, clouds move over the darkened sky as Victor lies in his bed. He is tossing and turning while calling out. Suddenly, the windows open. The monster appears in the window while Victor cries out in his sleep yelling "Go away!"

Haunted by his actions

He opens his eyes to see the monster looming over him. The monster leans over and grabs his head and neck. He is then running away from the monster that grows to gigantic proportions behind him.

He monster calls out asking why Victor made him. The doctor is suddenly grabbed from behind and lifted by his head. The monster begins to squeeze.

Victor sits up in his bed dripping sweat. Elizabeth runs up wondering what is wrong and he responds it was only a nightmare. She tells him to try to get some sleep.

He then says that they were done with it once and for all. When Elizabeth tries to find out what he means, he tells her that he wants to be alone for a while and reassures her it was just a dream.

The next day, Victor is walking towards a university. Students are welcoming the doctor as he walks along.

He opens the door to his office and sees Zuckel waiting for him. He berates the assistant as Victor had been looking for him but Zuckel did not get in touch him. Zuckel retorts that Victor is always complaining.

Zuckel states that a soon-to-be famous scientist should not lose his temper. Victor demands that Zuckel face him when they're talking. Zuckel agrees and turns to reveal his new eye patch. He then lifts it revealing his missing eye.

Zuckel's new favorite trick

Victor is shocked but cannot turn away from Zuckel's mutilation. Zuckel closes in making Victor look away. He grabs the doctor explaining that he made Zuckel look this way.

Victor shoves him away demanding to know if he is being threatened. Zuckel approaches him again saying that he wants money and lots of it. He suggests that five-hundred thousand would pay for the eye.

Victor does not know where he would get that kind of money. Zuckel says he better find out or else the world will know of his experiments. Victor agrees to do as he asks but only if the monster is positively dead. Zuckel offers to show him the body and Victor agrees.

Zuckel then offers to be more hospitable. Zuckel tells him that there is a faculty meeting and that he was told to invite Dr. Frankenstein as soon as he arrived. Victor leaves and Zuckel states that he is about to set himself free of Victor's orders.

As he wanders down the hall, Victor wonders what the meeting could be about and assumes that something has happened. He reaches the door and knocks. A voice tells him to enter and he opens the door.

Inside, the other faculty are sitting patiently for him to enter. He tells the group that he is in their service. An elderly man at the head of the table welcomes him and says "Well done." The group begin to applaud him.

The pinnacle of Victor's life

The elderly man walks over and tells Victor that he is the newest member of the International Society of Natural Science. The board congratulate him and Victor is so stunned he has to make sure. The man congratulates him again and the two shake hands.

Later, Victor is riding his carriage and thinking about the events. He is happy to finally be a member of the society and believes nothing will stop him since he will be famous throughout Europe. He then realizes there is something in his way that he needs to take care of.

Elsewhere, a farm sits in a field. Hay and tools sit about. A father tells his children that they need to eat up so they can finish all their chores. The family, including an elderly woman, hear a grunting noise behind him.

The monster is hungry

The family turns and suddenly scream in terror. They huddle together before the father tells them to run. The monster's enormous hands grabs the bread, apples, and a cheese wheel from the abandoned table.

In their house, Elizabeth is happy that Victor is now part of the society. He hugs his wife. She says she always knew they would select him.

Emma then calls out telling them to see what someone has done. The two run out and see that the garden has been trampled. Victor wonders who would do that.

Victor finds proof

Emma looks over and spots a massive footprint in the soil. Victor is shocked and falls back. Emma and Elizabeth catch him. Elizabeth tries to reassure that it is nothing more than a footprint. He shakes but says that everything is alright.

Emma states that it is too big to be made by a human. Victor wonders how it is possible.

Nearby, Zuckel hides behind a tree, smiling at the family's misfortunes.

Later, in a smoke-filled pub, Victor sits at a table off to the side with Zuckel. He hands him a small package filled with money, five-hundred thousand. Zuckel laughs that it looks so small.

Victor works to fix his mistakes

When he reaches for the money, Victor grabs Zuckel's hand. He demands to know for sure that the monster is dead. Zuckel replies, "Sure, although..." Victor demands to know "Although what?"

Zuckel reminds Victor of the footprints he found. Getting angry, Victor yells at him since he is not sure the creature is dead. Realizing how he raised his voice, Victor looks around hoping no one is looking. He restates to Zuckel that they must be certain.

Zuckel wonders why Victor would care if the monster is still alive. He then takes a drink of his beer. He then jokes that Victor is worried the monster will seek revenge. When Victor questions him on this, Zuckel reassures the doctor that he will take care of everything.

He states that members of the Natural Science Committee shouldn't have to worry about their personal safety. Victor orders him to stop with the vaguely threatening remarks. Zuckel then asks him if he could make a fortune out of his misfortune. He then leans over and again lifts the eye patch. Victor turns away.

Later, Victor is sitting inside a tub in a steam filled bathroom. He curses Zuckel but feels at peace in his home.

Suddenly, a drop of blood falls down. He opens his eyes and sees more drops falling down. They increase until the bath is completely red. Victor screams in terror.

Victor has no luck with animals

He looks up and sees a severed horse head hanging above him. Elizabeth knocks on the door asking what is wrong. She enters and screams at the bloody head above her husband. Victor calls out to her as she feints. She falls back against the wall. Victor wonders who would do this.

Later, Victor is pouring wine into a glass, his hand shaking. He wonders how the monster could have found him. He rationalizes that the monster could not have followed him. He considers that this might be part of his imagination, but realizes someone is doing these things.

The windows behind him open. He stands and looks out. The candles in the room suddenly blow out. He hears angry growling saying "hungry" and thinks the monster is there.

He runs to the wall and grabs a double-barreled shotgun. He walks to the window but hears something behind him. He turns and sees the massive silhouette of the monster. He screams in terror.

He orders the monster to get out then fires at the creature's head. Doing nothing, Victor continues to fire but only destroys a vase and window. He calls out to the creature and hears his name. He turns back to the silhouette but it is gone, leaving two bullet holes in his wall.

He hears the door open and sees a shape move inside. He warns the figure and levels the shotgun. Elizabeth comes in holding a candle but is shocked to see her husband pointing a gun at her. She asks what he is doing.

Victor tries to have a normal life

Relieved to see his wife, Victor lowers the gun and walks over to her. He pleads with her to hide since the monster is there. Elizabeth reasons that he has had another nightmare and should calm down. He then looks around and sees the damage he has done.

Victor believes he is losing his mind. Elizabeth tries to reassure him, but Victor claims he did see it. Emma then peaks in through the door.

Elsewhere, Zuckel is sitting at a table with a projector by his side. A plate of steaks sits nearby and he stabs one with a large knife then takes a bite.

He sits in his cabin holding a large foot-like device wrapped in bandages. It looks like the monster's foot. He tells himself that Victor cannot believe the monster is still there until there is something out there. He then throws the foot device aside and laughs.

He turns on the projector and begins to growl in a deep voice "Franken!" He continues turning it on and off, looking at the wall to see the outline of the monster.

Victor announces he is there after realizing that Zuckel has been the one torturing his family. Zuckel laughs saying that he was reminding the doctor who was in charge. Victor grabs him and punching him out of his chair.

Zuckel sits up holding his eye patch. He reminds the society member that he should not make a scene. Victor grabs the man and Zuckel says he would not wish for Victor to be removed from the society. Victor pulls him close saying he will not be threatened.

Victor gets angry

He shoves the former assistant down. Zuckel states he will make the world aware of what Victor did. Victor berates him for blackmailing him. Zuckel retorts that he is being accused of crimes when Victor is the reason he lost his eye. He again lifts his eye patch.

He states that the doctor must pay for his suffering. Victor reluctantly asks what Zuckel wants. The man tells the doctor that he wants ten-thousand dollars every month until Victor's death in payment for the eye. Victor claims he is mad.

Zuckel grabs another steak with his knife. He claims not to care how Victor does it, whether he sells his house or daughter to do it. He just wants the money. Victor asks what he will do if he refuses. He goes on to say that he has done all that he has been asked, and been nearly bankrupted.

As Victor storms out, Zuckel states that he will be at the wharf the next night waiting for him. As he reaches the door, Victor states that in the eyes of the law both men are equally guilty and he would also go to prison. He then leaves.

Zuckel curses him for being so concerned with society still. He holds up his knife calling it "the law" and throws it embedding the weapon into the door.

Later at the police headquarters, Bellebeau is once again rubbing his head complaining that the case is one of the toughest they have had. He talks to his assistants about the murderer's identity. One bows his head saying that all their leads have been dead ends.

Bellebeau struggles to solve the puzzle

He tells the two that they have to find something soon since the madman could strike at any time and any place. The assistant sighs saying they are trying their best. Bellebeau notes that they have no results.

The other assistant suggests that the evidence points to the killer being some kind of monster. Bellebeau dismisses the idea saying monsters are impossible. The assistant states that all witnesses say the same thing: that it is too big to be a man.

Bellebeau relents and asks to hear about these inhuman sightings. He explains that someone saw it on a farm north of the town. When Bellebeau presses him, the man claims it killed and ate almost a dozen chickens. The inspector then jokes about a monster eating chickens.

The assistant explains the story. Excited chickens were heard on a farm. The farmer ran out of his house with a rake yelling at whatever was causing it to leave. As he approached the chicken coop he raised the rake over his head then stopped and backed up.

The monster finds a meal

He spotted the monster, crouched by the coop, eating his chickens. The monster stopped and turned towards the man. The man lowered the rake as the monster approached holding a dead chicken. The monster repeats the word "Franken."

Back in the present, Bellebeau confirms with his assistant that the creature was saying "Franken." The assistant reiterates that the monster repeated it several times according to the farmer.

Bellebeau wonders why the monster would say "Franken." He once again confirms with his assistant. He then hopes the farmer was mistaken.

Elsewhere, Emily is picking roses from a bush. Suddenly a large shadow looms over startling her. She rises and Zuckel approaches asking if she is Emily, Victor's daughter. She then recognizes him as her father's assistant.

He tells her that they "no longer see eye to eye" and lifts his eye patch. Emily is shocked and drops her flowers. She asks what happened to him. He puts the eye patch back on saying that someone in a laboratory "got careless."

Zuckel tells her to remind her father that he remembers Victor's secret. When she asks what it is, he replies that it wouldn't be a secret then. He continues saying that she should ask her father what it is. Emily presses her question again, and again Zuckel states that it is Victor's secret to tell.

Zuckel sends a message

He asks her to tell her father that he saw her and will be waiting at the wharf for him. Zuckel then leaves. He turns back for a second and bids her a nice day.

Later, Victor yells at Emily saying not to believe anything Zuckel says. Emily wonders what the secret is. She tells him that she knows that Victor knows what happened to Zuckel's eye. Elizabeth approaches behind her.

Victor puts his hands on her shoulders saying there are some things children shouldn't know. Emily doesn't believe he should keep secrets from her and turns to go ask him.

Victor loses sight of what's important in his life

Victor chases her and grabs her arm. He turns, ordering her to do as he says, and drags her along. Elizabeth asks if he is mad.

Victor says he has to do this. He pushes Emily in a darkened room and closes the door. He then fiddles with the knob until it locks. Inside, Emily pulls at the door begging for her father to let her out.

Elizabeth begs him to tell her why he is doing this. Victor approaches his wife ordering her to stay out of it. He turns and runs up the stairs. Elizabeth watches him go.

Emma peaks out from a door watching the events uttering that the family will never be the same.

Victor realizes Zuckel is a mistake

Victor enters his room and closes the door. He opens a drawer and pulls out his hand gun stating that Zuckel went too far. He realizes he could not handle Emily knowing what he has done and has to kill Zuckel.

Elizabeth pounds on the door demanding to be let in. Victor orders her to wait. He opens the gun and sees that it is fully loaded.

Later that night, Zuckel sits by the shore under the light of a nearby lamppost. He mutters to him self that the doctor knows what will happen if he doesn't show up now that Zuckel knows how to find Emily.

He hears some splashing and looks up to see a canoe rocking against the dock. One of the paddles falls in.

Believing someone is there, Zuckel stands and pulls out his gun. He looks around but only hears the boat. He puts the gun away realizing he is scaring himself.

The monster finds Zuckel

Just then the monster approaches him from behind and places his massive hands on Zuckel's shoulders. Zuckel slowly turns and screams at the giant's appearance.

He pulls out his gun but the monster bats it away. It bounces off the ground and into the water.

The monster lifts him up and Zuckel orders the creature to let him go. He then kicks the monster in the knee and flies backwards. He looks up terrified as the monster approaches.

He backs up while the monster closes in. Zuckel reaches the shore and the monster looms over him. He looks around and only finds a small rock. He throws the rock and hits the monster right in the nose.

The monster holds his face, then remembers when Zuckel tried to shoot him after his creation. Recalling falling off the cliff, the monster roars and approaches Zuckel. Zuckel stands and runs.

As he flees, he is suddenly gripped around the neck and lifted into the air. He tries to scream as the monster squeezes.

Victor watches helplessly

Walking along, Victor hears the cries for help. He pulls out his gun and runs forward but stops upon seeing the scene. Zuckel and the monster and standing near the shore with the creature chocking the man.

Zuckel waves his arms around in weakening circles. Eventually the monster snaps his neck. Victor cries out. Zuckel's body goes limp and the monster throws him into the water.

Victor swears as his former assistant floats in the water. Suddenly the monster turns to face him. Victor wonders how the creature found him. The monster says "Franken" and approaches. Victor backs away.

After going backwards several paces, Victor raises his gun and fire. The monster shies away as Victor continues firing. When the gun runs out, the monster continues coming closer.

Victor throws the gun onto the ground and flees. The monster growls causing Victor to scream.

Zuckel's body still floats in the water.

Another murder

The next day, Bellebeau removes a sheet revealing the dead face of Zuckel, frozen in shock with his eye patch missing. The inspector states what a mess he is having been ripped apart. He claims that nothing in his thirty years of experience has turned his stomach like this.

He covers the corpse and his assistant states that Zuckel was dead when he went into the water, indicating he did not drown. The assistant states that he likely died from a broken neck. Bellebeau smiles telling the sergeant that he is quite smart. The sergeant thanks him for the compliment.

The other assistant approaches stating that there are signs of a struggle and that they found a gun nearby. Bellebeau reaches for the gun and examines it. He points out that it is a nice weapon and well maintained and realizes it was recently fired.

The sergeant reasons that it wasn't the murder weapon since Zuckel was killed by hand. Bellebeau compliments the two for being so perceptive. The sergeant states how honored he is.

Bellebeau stands and makes sure that the body is Zuckel, assistant to Doctor Frankenstein. The sergeant confirms as the two had gone to the university together in Geneva. Bellebeau wants to know more about the man.

At their home, Emma is carrying a suitcase while walking out of the house. Elizabeth begs her not to leave. She catches up to the maid saying that she is like a mother to Emily who will miss her.

Not the house she once watched over

Emma looks at her employer stating that while the family has been nice to her, there is an evil presence in the house. She pushes Elizabeth away and walks off, with the madam still begging her to stay.

Bellebeau approaches and excuses himself, taking off his cap. He notices Emma leaving wondering why she left. Elizabeth doesn't understand her reasoning. The inspector spins his hat thinking that the woman looked very frightened.

Emma continues on alone. Walking along the road, she notices a dark shape behind some bushes and hears some eating noises. She stops and berates the man for stealing food.

She suddenly drops her suitcase when the shape turns and she sees the monster. As he stands, she backs up and trips. Emma cowers on the ground as the monster approaches.

Looking for his next meal

He leans over and grabs the suitcase in one hand. He grips it with both hands then pulls it apart spilling her belongings all over the road. He roars and throws both halves of the suitcase.

Terrified, Emma prays to God to be with her.

Playing mind games

In his home, Victor demands to know what Bellebeau wants this time. Bellebeau apologizes for constantly troubling him. He reaches into his jacket saying he is returning something, and pulls out the gun placing it on the table.

Victor reacts in shock and Bellebeau smiles as he catches him. Victor then claims that the weapon isn't his as he doesn't own one. Bellebeau puts it back in his jacket claiming it was a mistake and must belong to someone else.

He stands to leave. He then tells Victor that his assistant was found murdered. Bellebeau is surprised when the doctor doesn't seem more shocked. Victor does say that the man was a good assistant.

Bellebeau agrees, pointing out that Victor took Zuckel on a month-long trip to England. Victor replies that it was an academic sabbatical and they were doing researching.

Bellebeau wonders why they would go to a run down place like Snowden Castle. Bellebeau then asks if he was trying to recreate the work of his father. Victor replies that he was not, but the inspector is not sure.

Elizabeth speaks up saying that Bellebeau can be. Elizabeth tells the inspector that she joined Victor on the trip and that he did not go anywhere near a laboratory. She assures him and Bellebeau relents. He apologizes for bothering the two and leaves.

Before he leaves, he tells the two that a local farmer was attacked and all the creature said was "Franken." The couple is shocked to hear this. He points out how odd it is then repeats the word "Franken" as he leaves.

Elizabeth lies to protect her husband

With the officer gone, Victor slumps down knowing that Bellebeau knows. Elizabeth wonders what exactly it is that the inspector knows. Victor claims to be too ashamed to say. Elizabeth puts her hand to his head in comfort.

Deep in the forest, a small dock stretches over a creek. High above, the Alps rise above it all.

Nearby, Philip watches Emily milk a goat. He wonders if she can do it. She replies that she knows how to do this.

She tells Philip that her mother came with her and that she'll make a cake for him. Just then she squirts herself in the face. The two children start laughing.

Philip is happy to see her laughing again, claiming she hasn't for a long while. Emily becomes sullen noting that it has been a long time.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth and Grandfather are walking through a field together. He apologizes when he hears that the couple is having problems. He wonders if he can do anything to help.

Elizabeth is worried because she and Victor have always told each other everything. She notes that he is hiding something disturbing. They stop and he claims that they have all done things to be ashamed of, but they must let go of their youthful follies. He then wonders to himself if Victor started the experiments again.

He remembers a conversation between him and Victor, wherein the son claimed that the world must know about Grandfather's works to create life. He told Victor that creating life is different than reanimating a dead person. He claimed it was dangerous and wrong. Victor claimed that nothing would stop him and that the world would recognize his father's brilliance.

Victor reveals some truth

Elizabeth snaps him out of his day dream wondering what the secret is. She loves her husband and wants to help him. Grandfather does not know if he can. He claims he tried to be God by creating life, but realized it was terribly wrong.

Elizabeth then asks if the inspector was right and that Victor made a monster. Grandfather does not know, so Elizabeth asks if he suspects and demands to know why. Grandfather begins to explain a story that began long ago.

Elsewhere, Emma lies dead in the dirt with dried blood running out of her mouth. Police comment that the poor old woman worked for Doctor Frankenstein. Another replies that according to the coroner, something frightened her so much that her heart just stopped beating.

The officers look around as the mess of her stuff lying around. Bellebeau walks up. The sergeant informs the inspector that she was literally scared to death.

Bellebeau agrees with the coroner and believes he knows what she saw. Another officer tells him that whatever it was that killed her was hungry, as they found eaten bits of roots around while all her stuff has bite marks.

Bellebeau comes up with some theories

Bellebeau reasons that the creature needs a lot to eat and theorizes they could use that information to track where he will be next.

That night at a banquet hall, a man toasts a bride and groom wishing them happiness. Two glasses clink together.

Around the hall, tables are covered in cloths with food on them. People are dressed up talking to each other. One of the guests tells the groom to kiss the bride, or else he will do it for him.

The people laugh and the couple looks embarrassed. They then stare into each other's eyes and move in to kiss.

Just then, one of the windows opens. A wind blows the curtains up and puts out the candles in the chandelier. The people are confused wondering what happened. The couple stop their kiss and look around worried.

One of the guests looks around and sees a large person. He asks if anyone invited him. Another guest states he never saw the giant.

They look at him and the monster is sitting on the ground eating something.

The monster crashes the party

A group of uniformed men enter reassuring the guests that they will have all the lights lit again soon. One goes over to the monster shining a light. He turns and tears off a piece of turkey leg.

The bride suddenly shrieks. The other guests start to storm out. The bride then faints into the groom's arms. A guest tells someone else to call the police.

A man claims to have the creature and smashes a chair over his back. However, the monster is completely unaffected. The man backs up and drops the remaining chair piece.

The monster stands and grabs the man by his shirt. Another guest realizes the monster wasn't phased by the attack at all. The creature raises the man above his head and slams the man onto the ground.

The monster's weakness

The monster turns towards the uniformed men. They raise their lanterns and throw them. They break apart on a table in front of the creature bursting into flames. The monster shies away from the fire as it spreads to the floor.

The monster is paralyzed with horror as his mind flashes back to his birth and being engulfed in flames. Eventually the monster snaps out of his and runs right through a windows shattering it to pieces.

Later, Bellebeau is addressing a group of officers. He tells them to spread out but be careful while they search for the creature. An officer runs up saying that they surrounded the creature.

Bellebeau pulls out his gun ordering them to go get him.

Deep in the woods, the monster trudges along. Someone spots him and yells out that he is heading towards the mountains.

The monster is not invincible

Bellebeau and his men run up and see the creature. The raise their guns and begin firing. Most of the shots miss but one hits the creature in his arm. As he stops, more bullets hit him.

He stands and goes on. Bellebeau and his men continue to run after him. However, they stop when they see the creature holding an enormous tree trunk over his head.

The monster throws the trunk and the men run out of its way. Bellebeau rises and tells the men to be very careful as the monster is incredibly strong.

The monster continues on, wandering through an open field light only by the crescent moon. He holds his injured arm. He stops and then collapses onto the ground.

After lying on the ground for some time, the monster opens his eyes and stands once again. He continues on. He spots a cabin in the distance.

Inside, Emily is singing. Grandfather is playing his guitar while Philip sits at the table listening.

The monster walks up to the window and spots the three inside. He looks around then leans closer to see. He closes his eyes to listen.

Too engrossed to notice

Inside, Philip doesn't notice the monster standing just outside. Grandfather and Emily stop and the two men applaud the girl. Philip compliments her on her talent.

Emily compliments her grandfather on his music playing. Philip agrees saying he could be a musician. Grandfather then does an introduction for his "performance."

Emily then tells Philip that before he became a scientist her grandfather wanted to play music. Philip then suggests that she become a professional entertainer.

The monster continues to watch the conversation as Emily wonders if she could do that. Grandfather then continues his monologue by introducing Emily Frankenstein.

Philip stands saying that it is getting colder and the fire needs some building. The monster watches as Philip grabs a stick and stirs the coals.

When the flames start up, the monster shies away and screams. Emily stands and is shocked by the sudden unexpected sound. Both Philip and Grandfather look at her wondering what is with her.

Emily points to the window saying she saw something really big outside. Grandfather thinks it could be a bear. Philip decides to grab the rifle and take a look.

The protector of the house

He grabs the gun off the wall and goes outside. He looks around but sees only empty woods. He theorizes that it went away.

Grandfather claims that the bear won't bother them anymore. Emily reassures him that she saw something big. Grandfather tells her not to worry as they have Philip around as their knight in shining armor.

He laughs and urges them to sing again. He readies his guitar and continues playing.

The monster is lonely

Just down the road, the monster turns away from the house. Looking sad, he begins walking away.

As he wanders through the woods, an owl looks down on him from a high branch. He stops and looks at the bird then continues on. The owl watches him go.

Nearby, a river sparkles in the moonlight. The monster reaches the shore and looks down into the water to see his reflection. He kneels down to get a closer look.

After several minutes he rises grabbing his face in horror. He looks around and sees several rocks nearby. He lifts them up and throws them into the water.

He grabs another rock and holds it above his head. He stares at his reflection before tossing it into the water.

A good memory

The monster then collapses to the ground and begins crying. He leans back and stares at the moon, thinking of Emily. He then lowers his head.

The next day, Bellebeau leads Victor through the police headquarters. He informs the doctor that his men found something that he should see, something from a case he is working on. They stop at a door and the inspector bids the doctor to enter.

Victor demands to know where this clue is. The two men enter and Bellebeau closes the door on the dark room. He tells the doctor to look at the other side. Victor suddenly cries out in terror.

He sees the shadowy shape of the monster standing on the other side. It begins to come near him. Victor cries out for it to stay away. Bellebeau simply watches.

Victor grabs a chair and raises it ordering the shape to stay away. He throws it and it breaks apart, not doing anything to the shape. Bellebeau turns on the light and Victor sees that it is only a shadow.

Victor wonders what is going on. Bellebeau moves a curtain where the sergeant is operating Zuckel's projector. He turns it off. Bellebeau explains they found the projector in Zuckel's room.

Victor protects himself

Bellebeau walks over to Victor demanding that he know everything about what Victor knows about this creature. Victor reiterates that he knows nothing. Bellebeau states that it is a pity.

He turns to the doctor saying how sorry is for what happened to Emma. Victor looks up shocked. Bellebeau apologizes for thinking Victor had been told. He explains that her body was found that morning.

Bellebeau informs Victor that something scared the old maid to death.

In his carriage, Victor remembers what his father told him about bringing the dead back to life being blasphemy. He wonders to God what he has done. He realizes he is guilty and must be punished.

That night in his study, he looks down and pulls a dagger out of its sheath. He then puts the blade to his throat but shakes before doing anything.

Elizabeth protects her family

Elizabeth runs up and pushes the blade away. Victor tells her that she doesn't understand. The two struggle for the blade.

Elizabeth replies that she does not care what he has done, just that she loves him. She gets the dagger away from him. Victor replies that she has no clue what he is going through.

She tells her husband that she knows him as well as she does herself. He tells her he is ashamed. She tells him that they will always be a part of each other and that they can overcome anything.

The two hug. Victor thinks to himself that while she means what she says, even she would never forgive him if she knew what he had done.

At his cabin, Emily is pouring milk for Grandfather then sits. He tells her that it is time for her to go home. He says that she has been there for some time and that her parents must miss her.

She doesn't feel loved

Emily claims they don't, but Grandfather believes she doesn't want to leave because of Philip. When she gets embarrassed, Grandfather laughs.

She then asks why he never visits their family. He wants to know why she is asking. She informs him that her father has secret, something to do with Lucky and Zuckel. She believes he did something very wrong.

Grandfather explains that a secret doesn't necessarily mean something wrong. He tells her it could be something she would not understand yet.

Philip enters and bids farewell to the professor. Emily asks where he is going. Grandfather replies that the boy is getting some supplies for him, and that he might enjoy Emily's company. She stands and offers to walk partway with him.

Elsewhere, Victor walks along a road. He thinks to himself that to atone for his sins he must destroy what he created.

Back at the cabin, the monster stops along a cliff overlooking the home.

Inside, the door opens revealing the monster. He crouches down and mumbles. Grandfather looks up wonder if he has a visitor. The monster grumbles again, and Grandfather replies that he cannot see well and hopes the person will come in and make themselves at home.

Grandfather meets "Grandson"

The monster crouches down and enters standing near the old man. Grandfather explains that he has no food to offer except goat's milk. He then stands to help his guest.

Walking along the road, Emily asks when Philip will return. The boy says he will in two or three days. Emily wonders if he could get back soon, and he promises to try.

The two stop and Philip says she should return before Grandfather gets worried. She tells him not to worry about her then leaves, each saying their good bye.

Getting to know him

Back in the home, Grandfather offers the monster a glass of milk. He takes it in his massive hand. Sensing something wrong, Grandfather holds his guest hand. He then sits up to feel his face.

He sits down realizing that he is the monster. The monster grumbles, and Grandfather claims he will be safe there.

The monster holds up the glass in his two hands when Emily walks in the door. She screams when she spots the enormous person and he breaks his cup.

Nearby, Victor hears the scream and realizes it is his daughter.

She runs and grabs her grandfather's arm. She pulls at him saying that the monster is there and they have to run. She grabs a cup ordering the creature to stay away and throws it, but it simply bounces off his chest.

Emily tries to protect him

She continues urging her grandfather, but he tells her to stop. He claims that everything is alright and that the monster won't bother her. She hugs him saying that she is scared.

The monster stands and leaves through the small door. Grandfather bids the creature to return but it continues walking away.

Grandfather tells Emily that there was nothing to worry about. He explains that despite being blind, he can tell a lot about a person. He goes to say that too many people judge by appearances.

As the monster walks away, Grandfather explains that he is scared for the creature. He worries that if he wanders too close to town he will be killed. As the creature leaves, a shotgun suddenly fires at him.

Grandfather cries out for his guest. Victor runs to the door saying that he missed him and orders the two to stay inside. He runs off.

Grandfather orders Emily to not allow Victor to kill the monster. Emily agrees and runs out the door.

She cries out for her "papa" and looks around but sees no one.

Victor and his "son"

Victor wanders through the woods, knowing that the creature is close. He hears a sound and turns then gasps. Looming over him is the creature.

Victor slightly lowers his gun as the creature says "Franken." Victor looks ready to cry. He thinks back to creating the monster, recalling that he considered himself the father to it and the thing his son.

He apologizes to his "son" and claims he must destroy him. He levels the shotgun and fires, but only hits the creature in the arm.

The monster calls out to him, but Victor levels the gun again. He fires again and the monster backs into a tree.

He grabs a branch and swings it at his creator knocking him back. Victor is knocked back against a tree passing out, his gun lying next to him. The monster growls when he hears Emily crying for help.

A terrible beast

Nearby, Emily is backing away from a massive bear. As it nears her, it stands on its hind legs and roars. The little girl screams and faints.

The beast moves down to get her but the monster grabs the bear's skin pulling it back. He pulls it around and attacks. Emily lies on the ground, out cold.

The monster grabs the beast's muzzle and closes its mouth. He pushes its head back. The bear then scrapes its claws across the bullet wound on the monster's arm.

Monster versus Beast

The monster then twists its neck around and shoves it back. The bear falls to the ground, lifeless.

He crouches over Emily and watches her sleep. He scoops her up in his arm and carries her off.

Soon, Victor wakes up and looks around. He realizes the monster has gone but theorizes that he hasn't gone far. He then climbs up a hill through a field.

A kind heart

Back in the cabin, Grandfather asks his returning guest about the gunshots and Emily. The monster lowers the girl and Grandfather realizes who it is. He tells the creature to bring her into the bedroom.

Some time later, Emily lies in bed then opens her eyes. She looks around and sees her grandfather. He is glad that she is awake and alright. She sits up and hugs him, telling him that a bear attacked her.

He tells the child that she was lucky the monster was there to save her. They look over and see the giant sitting on a far too small chair. She gasps at the sight of him. Grandfather reassures her it is okay.

The monster tries to say "be okay" when his chair shatters beneath him. Emily looks over realizing he broke the chair. She sees the monster sitting on the ground among the mess. Emily laughs and Grandfather tells him he will have to make a sturdier chair.

Just then, Emily notices blood from his arm wound. Grandfather realizes that Victor shot the man. Emily walks over and asks if he is hurt.

Smile needs work

The monster growls but Emily simply takes off her scarf. She wraps it around his arm and ties it. She asks if he is feeling better. The monster looks around then smiles. She makes a silly face back at him then realizes he is trying to talk. Grandfather nods in approval.

Later, the monster is carrying Emily on his shoulder past bushes of white and red roses. She smiles as the wind blows her hair.

Grandfather kneels nearby, hearing his granddaughter's cries of joy, as he works on a new chair. He pounds it with his hammer then looks over at the other two.

Inside, Emily hands "Franken", as she calls him, a bowl of dough and informs the giant that they will be learning to make bread. She tells him to take the spoon and stir to make dough. The monster looks around confused.

He grabs the bowl and spoon with both hands and she congratulates him, then tells him to stir. He starts very slowly and she compliments his work. He goes faster and dough begins flying everywhere. She tells him not to go so fast.

Little girl upset

The monster smiles but Emily is upset that the two are covered in dough. She tells him he did a bad job.

Outside, two birds land on a branch and look down. They see Grandfather, Emily, and the monster sitting at a table. Emily informs Grandfather than Franken made the bread. Grandfather believes it when he sees the misshapen and burnt loaf.

Franken looks down at his new sturdier bench and feels it. He rocks back and forth, and Emily says not to worry since it was custom made for him. Grandfather claims it is strong enough to hold an elephant.

The two laugh as Franken tears a piece off of his bread. Emily looks up and notes how sweet the two birds are. The two tweet and Emily asks them to come down.

One lands on her arm and the other lands on her shoulder. He looks at them and smiles. Franken watches and repeats her words.

Gentle giant

The two birds fly over and land on Franken's shoulder. He offers his bread to them and they begin pecking at it. Franken simply watches them eat.

Emily wonders why he was so mean before but so nice now. Grandfather theorizes that he was treated badly and reacted as anyone would, but Emily does not understand.

Grandfather dismisses it as being unimportant. He then points out that everything is new to him, like the birds. They watch as he continues to stare at the two eating birds.

Emily then asks him what those are and tells them they are birds. Franken then tries to say the name, but it comes out like butter. Emily corrects him.

She then asks for him to try her name. He tries but fumbles and she corrects him. He tries again but still fails. She's disappointed he can't say her name.

Grandfather reassures her that Franken will be saying it soon enough. He claims he will talk like any other person soon. Franken tries her name again but Emily gives up at this mistake. Grandfather laughs.

Happy times

Later, Franken sits on the ground under a large tree and pushes Emily on a swing. She comes back and Franken pushes her again. She wishes to go higher.

Her necklace with a crucifix falls off. Emily tells Franken not to go so fast. She then notices the necklace on the ground. Franken reaches down and grabs it.

Deep religious themes

Emily walks over and asks if he knows what it is and says it is a crucifix. The monster tries to sound the word. She tells him that it is a symbol of their belief in God, their creator.

Franken tries to say God, but it comes out as "good." Emily laughs saying that God is good. She then asks for her necklace back.

He offers it to her and she thanks him. He watches as she puts it on and tucks it in her shirt. She tells him that the crucifix is important to her.

As day turns to night, Victor cries out wondering where the monster is. He claims the monster must be destroyed for the good of everyone. Then fires two shots into the air still wondering where he is.

He thinks that he and Elizabeth will never be happy until it is gone.

Worried wife

In their home, Elizabeth looks out on the dark wilderness. She thinks that she could not bear it if anything happened to Victor. She hopes that God will protect him from harm.

The next day, Philip is returning with a bag on his back. He thinks about how surprised Emily will be that he returned in just a day.

The supposed attack

He nears the cabin and looks in the window. However, he is shocked to see the monster sitting inside. He realizes he needs to get to town to get help. He thinks that the monster has attacked Emily and the professor.

In town, people are standing around the streets. There are men on the roofs with guns searching below. They talk about being too scared to go out of the house. Several men carry guns and weapons such as axes. They talk about protecting their families while lighting torches.

Bellebeau and his officers stand before the crowd. The inspector addresses them explaining that an unruly mob will get someone hurt. People in the mob yell out that no one will stop them and that the monster will not get away.

When reason fails

Bellebeau tries to tell them that the murderer is very dangerous. He desperately calls out to them as they run by him. He calls them mad dogs and orders his men to follow.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth claims she can no longer wait and goes to follow her husband.

In the woods, the monster is making a bundle of sticks. As he reaches down for another, a shot blasts it away. He looks up at the sounds of angry yelling.

Grandfather turns and wonders who is hunting at this time of year.

The monster stands and drops his bundle. He growls but the angry mob continue shooting at him. He turns and flees.

Grandfather realizes that the hunters are shooting at Franken and he needs help.

Cornered and outmatched

The monster backs up as he becomes surrounded by men with guns and torches. He steps forward to intimidate them, but someone tosses his torch at him. He runs from the flaming objects, batting one away as he does.

Unnoticed, one of the torches catches the underbrush on fire. It quickly spreads to a nearby tree engulfing it. Soon the entire forest in ablaze.

Grandfather wanders through the forest, calling out to Franken. He wonders why his friend will not answer him.

The fire continues to spread to more trees.

More torches are thrown at the monster. He continues running.

Another torch causes more of the forest to burn.

At a nearby creek, Emily is washing clothes on a dock. She suddenly hears the distant sound of gunshots. Wondering what is happening, she runs after the sound.

She reaches her grandfather's cabin, smoke billowing in the distance. She calls out for her grandfather and Franken but no one is around.

She runs inside but finds them both gone. Elizabeth runs up and calls to her daughter. Emily runs out and the two hug.

Both sense danger

Emily explains that she cannot find Grandfather anywhere. Just then the two hear shots coming from the rising smoke. Elizabeth realizes that Grandfather is somewhere out there with Victor and runs after them. Emily stands there not wanting to be alone.

Deep in the blaze, birds and deer run from the fire. Elizabeth appears and calls out for her husband and her father-in-law.

Back at the cabin, Emily watches the smoke. Philip runs up and she explains that her mother and grandfather are in the fire. He says that the monster has kidnapped Grandfather as a hostage. She tells him that Franken wouldn't do anything like that.

Elsewhere, Victor looks up and sees the fire. Seeing that it is near his father's cottage, he realizes that Emily may be in danger.

Back in the fire, the forest is completely engulfed. Embers drop down everywhere.


Nearby, Bellebeau and his men watch the blaze. He comments that a forest fire is just making things worse. As he rubs his head, an ember lands on it burning him. He quickly puts it out.

The sergeant suggest moving away from the fire. Bellebeau tells him to stop whining since there are people trapped in there.

Inside the fire, Grandfather lies on the ground. He weakly calls out for Franken, coughing in the smoke. He prays to God to protect Franken as he is innocent.

The monster's greatest fear realized

Nearby, Franken is terrified by the fire all around him. He waves it in vain. Grandfather tells him to come back to save him. Franken coughs and watches as Grandfather finally collapses.

The monster pushes forward, shielding himself from the flames. He stops when flaming tree branches fall. He covers his mouth and looks around, finally spotting Grandfather.

He reaches down and tries to wake the old man. Grandfather wakes and tells him he should not have come back for him. The monster puts his hand on Grandfather's shoulder and the old man thanks him.

Franken nods then sees an enormous tree fall towards them. He grabs Grandfather and covers him with his body. The tree falls right onto his back.

The monster overcomes his fears

Franken screams in pain as the flaming trunk rests on him. Grandfather bids farewell to him. The monster then stands, holding the flaming tree above him, and tosses it aside.

Elizabeth continues walking through the blaze, shielding her face with his scarf. She stops when she sees the monster carrying Grandfather. The monster walks towards her with Grandfather in his arms. Grandfather tells her to stay back.

Ignoring him, she rushes towards two. However, she is suddenly caught in the flames as they sweep across the path. She screams in pain.

Elizabeth doesn't escape death

The monster rushes forward to help her. Elizabeth struggles to move as tree trunks fall all around her. The two men watch helplessly as one of the trunks falls right on top of her.

Franken stops and Grandfather cries out for her then faints. Her screams die down.

Later, the forest is a skeletal mess. Trunks are broken in half and there is no green to be seen, only the blackened dead.

Emily and her dead mother

In a clearing, the once angry mob watches as Emily cries over the dead body of her mother, placed in a stretcher. The mother has been wrapped in bandages but her skin is deathly pale.

Philip and Bellebeau stand nearby watching her. All the men have their hats over their hearts.

Victor pushes his way through the crowd. He is shocked to see his daughter and deceased wife. He remembers back to what his wife said about the two always being together and overcoming anything together.

He bows his head noting that he has the blood of his wife on his hands as well. Bellebeau watches, shocked.

Nearby, the monster watches the crowd.

Someone puts a sheet over Elizabeth to cover her. Philip comforts Emily who still has tears streaming down her face. He looks up angry.

Victor finally accepts responsibility for his actions

Bellebeau offers his condolences and explains that his men are doing all that they can. However, the creature is hiding somewhere. Victor then tells him that he has to do it, for it his is responsibility.

Nearby, the monster looks at Grandfather and sets him down.

Bellebeau then wonders why the Frankenstein family was targeted as the creature's victims. He points out that everyone Victor is close with has been directly affected.

Emily pipes up saying that Franken would never do that. Philip gets angry pointing out that the creature is responsible for the deaths of her mother and grandfather.

The monster leaves

The monster takes one last look at Grandfather.

Just then, a villager spots the creature. Emily and Philip look over to see him stumbling away. The officers and mob chase him back into the woods.

Victor examines his father, with Emily kneeling nearby, and finds that the old man is still alive. Emily hopes that he does not die. Just then, Grandfather calls out to Franken.

Emily tells the near-unconscious man that the monster couldn't have done this. Standing behind her, Philip says he will deal with the creature himself. She looks downs seeing that he is holding a revolver.

He walks away and Emily calls out to him. He runs into the woods after the creature.

Near some buildings, the monster pushes away some villager then escapes through a broken fence. The mob tries to follow but the monster pushes some wood down in front of them blocking their way.

A new adversary

The mob continues running through the buildings. The monster hides behind a building watching. He slowly walks away but stops when he sees Philip holding the gun at his side.

Philip tells the creature this is for Emily's grandfather and mother. He slowly raises the gun, trying to hold it steady. The monster shakes his head trying to stop him.

Philip pulls the trigger but barely misses the monster's head. He fires again but still misses. After a third missed shot, the monster walks towards him.

The boy's last struggle

Philip backs up but the monster grabs the gun. He twists it in Philip's hand causing the boy to cry out in pain. As the two struggle for the weapon, Philip fires.

The monster is hit and accidentally knocks Philip back. Philip is knocked against a small rock wall. He lands on the ground struggling to stay up then collapses. The gun lands at his side.

The monster runs up but stops. He hears Emily crying out for her young friend. He looks up and sees her running towards the boy. She kneels down and tries to wake him.

Emily yells out that Franken killed Philip. The monster kneels down to comfort her. She pushes him off, yelling at him not to touch her.

She stands and picks up the gun. The monster backs up when she points it at him. He raises his arms in surrender, trying to pronounce her name again. She calls him a murderer.

Emily betrayed

He stops waving his arms. She has tears streaming down her face claiming the monster killed her mother and friend and now her grandfather may die. She tells him that he cannot keep hurting people.

She fires the gun hitting the monster in the hand. He cradles his hand as blood streams down, crying out in pain. Shocked, Emily lets the gun fall from her hands.

Young love torn apart

The monster turns to leave, but stops when he sees Emily cradling Philip's body. He looks down at his hand then leaves.

As he wanders down the road, the monster recalls Emily telling him how dangerous he is. He stops and looks at the scarf still wrapped around his arm. He flashes back to when Emily put it on. He continues thinking about the fun times they had together. He then continues walking.

He looks up and sees a church. He looks up the steeple and sees the cross on top. He recalls what Emily said about her crucifix.

Inside, he opens the doors and walks in. The room is completely dark except for some light coming in through the stained glass windows. He wanders towards the front and stops when he sees the image of Jesus on the cross.

Monster finds religion

He looks at the statue's hand and sees a stake through Jesus' hand. He looks down and compares it to the hole in his hand, the bullet having gone clean through. He then puts his hands together in prayer and says "crucifix." He looks at Jesus' face.

The monster begins to cry.

Just then, Victor smashes his way through the doors. He walks forward saying that the creature killed Emma and Elizabeth and tried to kill his father. The monster shakes his head, unable to explain.

Victor tracks down his creation

He levels his shotgun and the monster throws a pew at his creator. The bench knocks him down causing him to miss his shot. The monster walks by him. Victor stands and watches the creature leave the building. He thinks that he must kill the creature or die trying.

Back in the cabin, Emily drops a mug shattering it. With Grandfather awake, she realizes Franken tried to save the old man. He claims he would have burned to death without Franken.

She asks about her mother. He explains that the monster tried to save her, but because he was carrying Grandfather he was too late. She explains the townspeople are hunting him for her mother's murder.

Grandfather tells Emily the truth

He sits up saying that the monster is without guilt. He explains that he and Victor created the monster and his actions are their responsibility. She realizes that was what her father was keeping secret. Grandfather goes on to say that he and Victor played with nature, and they are the ones who should be punished not their creation.

Emily runs out of the cabin towards Franken. She stops and calls out to him. She thinks to herself that she is sorry for what she said and was wrong.

Two men run by below her. She overhears them saying that the monster is heading towards the Dragon's Teeth in the Badlands. She wonders what she will do.

In the Badlands, tall rock spires, the "Dragon's teeth," rise into the sky. On the ground, animal bones lie completely absent of flesh. There is a large overhang extending beyond the cliff.

On top of the overhang, Bellebeau and the officers have cornered the monster. The inspector orders them to open fire. The monster crouches down behind some rocks to protect himself against the bullet barrage.

Police massacre

He lifts a large round rock and throws it. It rolls knocking down two of the officers. He grabs two more rocks and tosses them. The sergeant dodges one but the other hits his comrade.

The monster then tosses more rocks in a steady stream. One hits a man in the head knocking him down. Another rolling rock knocks down two more officers. Another rock strikes an officer in the face.

He then lifts a large rock and uses it as a shield to approach the men. Bellebeau fires but only hits the rock. He backs up as the creature approaches. He continues firing but cannot get around the rock.

Bellebeau is stunned when he is backed into a rock wall. He looks up and the monster looms over him. The creature raises the rock to bring down on the inspector.

The monster threatens Bellebeau

Bellebeau raises the gun to fire, but upon pulling the trigger realizes it is jammed. The monster closes in with the rock, covering the man in shadow. The inspector is terrified as the monster screams at him.

Just then, the monster stops when he thinks about Emily telling him not to hurt people. Bellebeau looks confused as the monster stops then drops the rock to the side. The monster then walks away.

As he wanders away, the monster is suddenly shot through the back. He turns around and sees Victor with his shotgun. He announces that he will destroy his creation, and that the monster needs to return to death.

Victor finally gets the monster

The monster backs away from his creator crying "No." Victor approaches with his gun and fires knocking the monster down. He wonders why the creature will not die.

Just then, Emily runs up and pushes the gun down. He reminds her that the creature is the reason her mother is dead.

She tells him that the monster didn't kill anybody and had saved Grandfather. Victor is shocked at the realization. She goes on to say that Franken would have saved her mother if he wasn't already helping Grandfather.

The monster kneels to the ground, holding his wound.

Victor realizes the error of his ways

Emily goes on to say that Grandfather explained how he and her father created Franken. She claims that killing the monster would be like killing her. Victor lowers his gun saying he was wrong.

Bellebeau watches the two.

Emily apologizes

She runs over to Franken and apologizes. He looks up at her and smiles. He once again tries saying her name, this time getting it right. Emily is pleased to hear him say that and begins to cry. She says that Franken is no monster, but her friend. She then hugs the giant.

The monster knows what he must do

The monster pushes her back and stands. Emily watches as he walks over to the cliff's edge. She calls out to him and he turns to smile at her. He says her name then falls back over the side.

Emily cries out as he falls to the depths below. Victor stands there shocked.

The monster looks happy as he falls down head first. The scarf around his arm then unties itself and flies free.

Victor ends his miserable life

Emily crouches on the edge, crying as her friend goes to his death. Saddened, Victor turns the gun around and puts it to his chest.

Emily hears the gunshot and turns. She screams as her father falls. Bellebeau cries out. Victor falls to the ground.

Emily left all alone

Victor looks up and asks that Emily eventually forgive him. He tells her he cannot go on. He calls out to Elizabeth then dies. Emily cries over her deceased father while Bellebeau watches.

Nearby, the mountains rise into the sky.

At Grandfather's cabin, a grave has been dug with a small wooden cross atop. Emily's red scarf is tied to it.

Nearby, Bellebeau looks over the grave, puts on his hat, and then turns to leave.

Some time later, Bellebeau is finishing his narration of the events. He explains that the monster died along with his creator. He notes that Victor was misguided.

He then wonders whether the doctor had created a monster or if it was society's fear of the creature's appearance that caused him to act out violently. He goes on to say that he was never able to answer that, and probably never will.

The monster at peace

Later, the town of Geneva and surrounding area are at peace. The monster's cross still stands with the scarf tied to the top. At the base, someone has planted roses that are in bloom.


"My name is Bellbeau, Chief Inspector Bellebeau. This report is the result of my investigation into the deaths attributed to the so-called Giant of Geneva. I have forbidden my publisher to release it until after my death. I believe it will prove once and for all the existence of the so-called Monster of Frankenstein."

-Bellebeau, first line of the film

"Zuckel, this is the moment we've been waiting for. Our creation needs only one more thing: the spark, the spark of life."

-Victor Frankenstein, first line

"Zuckel. Hurry! We need the power now."
"But Victor, I'm not sure..."
"What is it? We are about to accomplish something that scientists have only dreamed of, and we haven't a moment's time to waste now."

-Victor Frankenstein and Zuckel, first line

"Remember Doctor, this is your decision."


"Oh, my God. He moved. My creation. Listen to me my child. I have given you life."

-Victor Frankenstein

"My, my child. Mine."

-Victor Frankenstein

"What have I done? Have I just given life to a monster?"

-Victor Frankenstein

"Oh my God. He's going to kill us!"
"We must destroy him, Zuckel. You hear? You'll have to help me."
"I don't have to follow your orders anymore. I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen to me."
"Shut up and make yourself useful."

-Zuckel and Victor Frankenstein

"Die monstrosity!"


"It was now that I became involved in these grisly events. Events which stretch the limits of my imagination, and the memories of which will stay with me for the rest of my life."


"Well, well. A peddler. He was murdered. But by whom?"
"There's a piece of him this big [Holds up hands] missing, inspector."
"Something made a meal of him. We found piece of him everywhere."
"Apparently the murderer gobbled up quite a bit."

-Bellebeau, Bellebeau's Assistant, and Police Officer

"They're too big to be a man's [foot]prints."
"You're right. But they don't look like the tracks of an animal either. They look like the footprints of some kind of monster."

-Police Officer and Bellebeau's Assistant

"Oh, you've come back. Oh Victor."
"Ah my dear, how I've missed you."

-Elizabeth Frankenstein and Victor Frankenstein

"Okay Lucky. I'm done now."

-Philip, first lines

"Well, Grandpa, I gave you Mom's letter and then I did some cleaning up in the cabin."
"Thank you very much, young lady."

-Emily Frankenstein and Grandfather Frankenstein, first lines

"I want to thank you so much for taking care of Grandpa."
"No need to thank me. I love taking care of that kooky old guy."

-Emily Frankenstein and Philip

"Oh Philip. Why are you always so shy?"

-Emily Frankenstein

"Oh Emily. Come to daddy."
"Oh Papa, I missed you."
"You're a sweetheart, I missed you too."

-Victor Frankenstein and Emily Frankenstein

"Thank you, Oh Lord, for the blessings we have before us and we thank you for bringing our family back together at this table, and for your everlasting bounty. Amen."

-Victor Frankenstein

"I thought Zuckel would put an end to him forever. FOREVER! How did it become such a monster?"

-Victor Frankenstein

"Professor, there must be some way to convince you."
"Never. This obsession with bringing the dead to life is not only insane it's blasphemy."
"Why waste time on meaningless moral lessons. This is a concern of science."
"Son, morality should be of more concern to us than anyone. Morality is the fabric of civilization. It must be most closely guarded by those of us who have the power to abuse it."
"I don't care what you think. I'm going ahead with my experiments."
"Victor, listen to me. Victor!"

-Victor Frankenstein and Grandfather Frankenstein

"I haven't smelled fresh pastries like these since I was a boy. My mother used to make them every weekend. The aroma brings back wonderful memories."



-Dream Monster

"So you're back. You know I've been looking for you. Why haven't you gotten in touch with me?"
"Well doctor, what are you complaining about now?"
"What are you saying? Who do you think you're talking to, Zuckel?"
"A man who is about to become a world famous scientist shouldn't lose his temper so."
"How dare you, Zuckel. You better look at me when I'm talking to you."
"Yes, perhaps I should." [Reveals missing eye] "Why are you so shocked, doctor? You're the one who made me look like this. You're responsible."

-Victor Frankenstein and Zuckel

"You're slave is going to set himself free, Dr. Victor. And he won't have to grovel for you or anyone else ever again."


"Welcome Doctor Victor Frankenstein. Well done. Doctor Frankenstein, it's my pleasure to welcome you as the newest member of the International Society of Natural Science. Congratulations, doctor."
[All others] "Here here. Well done, doctor."
"You mean I'm now a member?"
"Precisely, doctor. And again, congratulations."
"Thank you, thank you. Very much."

-University President, Faculty, only lines, and Victor Frankenstein

"Five-hundred thousand. Looks so small, eh."


"My mind. I'm losing my mind. Oh God. I can't let that happen. No."

-Victor Frankenstein

"Now I understand, you scum. So you're the one, Zuckel. You're the one responsible for everything that's happened to me and my family. Aren't you."
"Right. You guessed it, doctor. Just to remind you who is the boss."
"How dare you, you pig!"

-Victor Frankenstein and Zuckel

"Zuckel, you seem to be forgetting something. Legally speaking, you're just as responsible as I am and you could also go to prison."

-Victor Frankenstein

"Uh huh. The monster attacks chickens. Terrific."



-Past Monster, first line

"This family will never be the same."


"I wouldn't be able to bear the same of Emily's learning of my monster's creation. Zuckel cannot be allowed to live."

-Victor Frankenstein, inner monologue

"I'm scared of my own shadow tonight."



-Zuckel, last line

"Zuckel. Oh my God."

-Victor Frankenstein

"But how did you...It's not possible."

-Victor Frankenstein and Monster

"Please Emma. Please don't go. You've been like a second mother to Emily. You know how much she'll miss you. Please reconsider."
"You've always been kind to me. But now there's an evil presence here. I can't. Sorry, but I must leave this place."
"Oh, stop. Don't go."

-Elizabeth Frankenstein and Emma

"Oh dear God, please be with me now."

-Emma, last line


-Bellebeau, inner monologue

"Oh, did you know your assistant was found murdered?"
"He's dead."
"But Doctor, aren't you shocked to hear about this."
"O-of course. He was an excellent assistant."
"Yes. I guess he must have been. Otherwise you wouldn't have taken him with you when you spent that month in England."
"It was an academic sabbatical. We went there to do some research together."
"Strange choice for a sabbatical. A rundown old place like Snowden Castle."
"What makes you say that?"
"You weren't trying to duplicate your father's work!?"
"Hm. No. I wasn't."
"I wish I could be sure of that."

-Bellebeau and Victor Frankenstein

"He knows. He knows."
"Tell me, darling. What does he know."
"I'm too ashamed to tell you."

-Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth Frankenstein

"Hey, a laugh. I'm glad. You haven't laughed for a long time, Emily. Sounds nice."
"Oh, really?"
"You bet."
"I guess, it has been a while."

-Philip and Emily Frankenstein

"My dear, we've all done some things we're shamed of. But the follies of youth are no concern now." [Inner monologue] "Unless he's started again."

-Grandfather Frankenstein

"Father, the world cannot remain ignorant of the work you have done that has resulted in the creation of life. The story must be told."
"The creation of life is different than bringing someone back from the dead. It's dangerous. It's wrong!"
"Nothing you can say will stop me. The world must be made to recognize your brilliance."

-Past Victor Frankenstein and Grandfather Frankenstein

"I once thought I could be a God. But I saw that by creating life I was doing something that was terribly wrong."

-Grandfather Frankenstein

"May you enjoy long life and happiness."

-Toasting Man

"That was wonderful, Emily. Bravo. I knew you had a nice voice, Emily, I never imagined you could sing like that."
"And your compliment was wonderful too, Grandfather."
"I agree, it was great. Why, you could be a professional musician, professor."
"Ah, and now for your musical pleasure, here is Doctor Frankenstein."

-Philip, Emily, and Grandfather Frankenstein

"Dear God. What have I done? I am guilty, and must suffer the consequences."

-Victor Frankenstein, inner monologue

"Victor, no! Let go of [the dagger], Victor."
"Elizabeth, let go. You don't understand."
"I'm not going to let it go. I'm your wife. I don't care what you've done, I love you."

-Elizabeth Frankenstein and Victor Frankenstein

"Victor, my darling. I love you. I'm a part of you and always will be as you will always be a part of me. There isn't anything we can't overcome together."

-Elizabeth Frankenstein

"I know you mean what you say, darling. But if you knew of the blood on my hands and what I have created, I know even you wouldn't forgive me."

-Victor Frankenstein, inner monologue

"To atone for my sins, I must destroy what I have created."

-Victor Frankenstein, inner monologue

"I may be blind, but I can tell an awful lot about a person even without my vision. Far too many people judge their fellow Man by their outward appearance."

-Grandfather Frankenstein

"If only..."

-Victor Frankenstein and Monster

"It's almost as if I were his father and he were my son."

-Past Victor Frankenstein

"You see, he may not look much like a human but he has a human heart and it was only natural for him to act like one. For better or for worse."

-Grandfather Frankenstein

"Know what that is? It's called a crucifix, Franken."
"It's a symbol. It stands for something. Our belief in God, our creator."
"Well, God is good."

-Emily Frankenstein and Monster

"Emily! Emily."
"Oh, momma. Momma, I can't find Grandpa anywhere. He's gone."
"He's out there somewhere with your father. Oh, I've got to go find them."
"Don't leave me!"

-Elizabeth Frankenstein and Emily Frankenstein

"Good bye, my son."

-Grandfather Frankenstein to the Monster

"Grandfather! Oh my God!"

-Elizabeth Frankenstein, last line

"Momma! Momma! Oh, momma. Why!?"
"No! Not Elizabeth!"

-Emily Frankenstein and Victor Frankenstein

"So now I have the blood of my darling Elizabeth on my hands as well."

-Victor Frankenstein

"Doctor Victor, you have my condolences. We're doing everything we can. But my men still haven't come up with a way to stop him. He's hiding somewhere in the mountains."
"I must do it."
"I must be the one. It's my responsibility."

-Bellebeau and Victor Frankenstein

"Now, this is for Emily's grandfather and her mother."

-Philip, last line

"You murderer. You've murdered my whole family. You killed my mother. You killed Philip. And now Grandpa may die. You can't go on hurting people. You've caused too much pain already. I must."

-Emily Frankenstein



"There's no sanctuary here for the likes of you. You frightened poor Emma to death. You tried to kill my father. And you murdered my wife. You must...die!"

-Victor Frankenstein

"I will kill him, or die trying. In his holy place, I swear."

-Victor Frankenstein, inner monologue

"So you were saved by Franken?"
"Correct. If it hadn't been for him I would have burned to death in that inferno."
"And what about Momma?"
"He didn't kill your mother. He tried to save her. But he came too late. Carrying me, he just couldn't get to her fast enough. He made a valiant attempt, Emily. But she was gone."
"But they're hunting him for killing her."
"No, he's guiltless. Your father and I created him. Therefore, his acts are our responsibility."

-Emily Frankenstein and Grandfather Frankenstein

"We are the ones that tried to unravel the secrets of nature. Therefore, we are the ones who should be punished. Not poor Franken."

-Grandfather Frankenstein, last line

"What I have created I will destroy. You are of the dead and must return from whence you came."
"No. No. No."
"Why won't you die!?"

Victor Frankenstein and Monster

"Grandpa said it was you who made Franken. You created him. He's a part of you and killing him would be like killing me."
"I was...wrong."

-Emily Frankenstein and Victor Frankenstein

"Oh Franken. I'm sorry."
"Em-il-y. Emily."
"My name. You said my name. Oh thank you Franken."
"You're no monster. You're my friend."
"Good. Good." [Walks to cliff's edge]
"Oh Franken!"
"Emily." [Jumps]

-Emily Frankenstein and Monster, last lines


-Elizabeth Frankenstein, last line

"Please, try to forgive me, my dear Emily. I just...can't go on. Elizabeth."

-Victor Frankenstein, last line

"And so, the monster perished. As did his creator, Doctor Frankenstein. Though the doctor may have been misguided in his attempts to create life, I often ask myself 'Did he create a monster or was it mankind's inability to accept the outwardly monstrous form of what he had created that caused us to treat him in a way that made his violent actions inevitable?' I've never been able to answer that question, and I don't suppose I ever will."

-Bellebeau, last line of film


  • Much inspiration for the film came from the classic Universal monster movie series. Director James Whale directed 1931 Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Ian McKellen portrayed Whale in the biographical film Gods and Monsters and then went on to play Marvel villain Magneto in the X-Men film series.
  • The film is framed as a story told by Bellebeau after his death. The book is written as a letter from Captain Robert Walton, who found Victor in the Arctic and was told the story before the doctor's death.
  • Zuckel fires six shots at the monster with his revolver.
  • The murdered peddler was carrying turkey legs, bread, cabbage, and sausages.
Grandfather Frankenstein
  • In the comics, Victor's father is named Alphonse. He was a scientist but can see perfectly well. He was also unaware and uninvolved in Victor's experiments.
  • Emily Frankenstein is original to this film. Victor and Elizabeth were not married long enough to have a child.
  • The scene of Victor finding the dead dog in his bed is similar to a scene in The Godfather when a man found a horse head in his bed. Similarly, he finds a horse head above his bath.
  • The family was eating cherries, bread, apples, and a cheese wheel when the monster scared them away.
Castle Frankenstein
  • The actual Snowden Castle, mentioned by Bellebeau, bears no resemblance to the location seen in the beginning of the film. Likely, going to England was a cover for Victor's experiments.
  • Grandfather jokes about a musical show staring Doctor Frankenstein. Seven years earlier, the parody film Young Frankenstein featured a musical number between Doctor Frederick Frankenstein, grandson of Victor who created his own monster.
  • Grandfather claims that the monster will be talking like normal soon. In the book/comics, the monster secretly watched a family in a small cabin, similar to Emily and Grandfather, and learned to talk like normal.
  • The angry mob carrying torches and weapons is a popular device used in several monster movies, but was not present in the book or comics.
The animals run
  • The shot of birds and deer running from the forest fire is similar to the 1942 Walt Disney film Bambi. In 2009, The Walt Disney Company would buy Marvel Entertainment.
  • In the book/comic, the monster actually did kill Victor's wife after he refused to reanimate a bride.
  • Nine men, including Bellebeau, confront the monster on the overhang.
  • Death count of twenty: the peddler, Emily's bird, Lucky, a horse, Zuckel, Emma, wedding guest, bear, Elizabeth, one of the mob, Philip, seven officers, the monster, and Victor. This does not include not the countless chickens the monster ate. The sergeant's fate is unknown though he was not shown to be killed. Zuckel kills three animals, the forest fire killed one, the monster and Victor committed suicide, the monster killed the rest.
  • The end sequence, after Bellebeau's final narration, are all stills from the film. In order, they are tree tops of the forest, a field near a mountain, the dock by the creek, the church, and the tree swing. The monster's grave is the only new shot, thought the swing is shown without anyone.
  • This film is listed in the Marvel Multiverse unofficially as Earth-TRN134.
  • As of Big Hero 6, this is the third longest running Marvel animated movie trailing Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned and Big Hero 6. It is the second longest non-theatrical film by only a minute.


  • The story is supposedly a dictation by Inspector Bellebeau, but there's no way for him to know most of the events of the film.
  • If Frankenstein was creating a man, he would not need steer parts so there's no need for a head on his table.
  • Victor leaves the lab with a bag in his arms but it wasn't shown at anytime beforehand.
Victor could not have seen this from that distance
  • While fleeing the monster, Victor and Zuckel stop and watch him break through the castle wall. However, the previous shot showed they were far too distant to even see where the monster escaped.
  • The monster squeezes Zuckel's head, but nothing else. The missing eye looks as though something went into the head, which the monster did not do.
  • While they are eventually proven correct, the police jump to the conclusion that the peddler was murdered. They found him eaten, there were no witnesses, and the footprints had yet to be discovered, but apparently never considered an animal attack.
  • While at the peddler's murder scene, Bellebeau says that the killer must have a sense of humor after hearing that there was no witnesses, but there is nothing inherently funny about that and he does not point out anything that is humorous.
The Godfather shot
  • When Victor finds Lucky the dog is intact but bloody. But when Bellebeau comes over he is told that there was hardly anything left of him.
  • Victor should have no clue what the monster is wearing since he last saw the creature in bandages yet dreams in exactly what he has on.
  • There is a noticeable jump cut when Victor is approaching the university where the lighting on the ground suddenly changes between frames.
  • There is no way Victor could not have seen who put the horse head in his bathroom. The room was filled with too much steam before it started to drip to have been put up before. It could not have been during the bath since Victor would have noticed during the quiet.
  • Victor uses a double barrel shotgun but fires four shots in a row without reloading.
  • Bellebeau states that Zuckel was torn apart. Besides his missing eye ball, there is nothing to suggest that considering the audience sees his body during and after the murder.
No one ever moved the body to examine it
  • An officer examining the Emma murder scene states that the coroner already knows the cause of death, but the body has not been moved at all for any examination.
  • No reason is given for why Bellebeau and his men didn't continue chasing the creature after it threw the tree at them.
  • The monster shows no damage after fleeing Bellebeau, despite getting hit several times.
  • When the monster throws the rocks into the river, the splashes move down with the current. In reality, the splash would stay in place.
  • Bellebeau tells Victor that they found Emma's body that morning, completely ignoring the previous night of shooting at the creature.
  • Considering that the only reports of the monster have been murders and violent incidences, Grandfather should have no reason to trust the monster especially around his granddaughter.
  • When Victor remembers the monster's birth outside his father's cabin, he recalls saying a line that did not occur during the footage shown.
  • When Emily faints during the bear attack, her hair is brown.
No burns despite dying in an inferno
  • Elizabeth was killed by a falling flaming tree in the middle of an inferno, yet neither she nor her clothes show any signs of burns afterwards. Grandfather and the monster also show no signs of fire damage.
It should be Victor or Doctor Frankenstein
  • Several times throughout the film, he is called Doctor Victor. Proper title usage would be either Victor or Doctor Frankenstein. Likely this is due for the need to match lip movements.
  • Obvious reused animation when the monster is throwing rocks at the officers and the rock rolls into two officers.
  • Bellebeau cannot hit the monster's head when using the rock shield but the rock is not big enough to cover his lower body, which Bellebeau never tried hitting.
  • The sergeant is the only one, besides Bellebeau, not to be hit by the monster's rock throwing. Yet he does nothing to help anyone and seems to disappear.
  • The monster was shot by Victor on his right side yet when Emily is explaining everything to her father he his clutching his left.



English[1] Japanese Role
Greg Finley Nachi Nozawa Victor Frankenstein
Richard Epcar Hosei Komatsu Frankenstein's Monster
Additional Voices
Rebecca Forstadt Mami Koyama Emily Frankenstein
Michael Reynolds Ichiro Nagai Grandfather Frankenstein
Steve Kramer Jōji Yanami Bellebeau (spelled Belbo in Japan)
Tom Wyner Kei Tomiyama Zuckel
Tony Oliver Philip
Joe Perry Farmer Father
Mob 1
Wedding Guest 2
Louise Chamis Emma
Dan Woren Detective 1
Mob 2
Additional Voices
Robert V. Barron Detective 2
Mob 3
Wedding Guest 4
Wedding Venue Worker
Theodore Lehmann Chicken Farmer
Wedding Guest 1
Lara Cody Yoku Shioya Additional Voices


Person/Company Position
Yugo Serikawa Director (Japanese)
Mary Shelley Original Creator
Akiyoshi Sakai Writer
Toyoo Ashida Character Design
Studio Live Animation Studio
Toei Animation Production Studio
Robert V. Barron Director (English)
Ahmed Agrama Producer (English)
TV Asahi Broadcaster (Japanese)
Vestron Video Distributor (United States)
Harmony Gold USA Production Company (English)
Mountain Video Distributor (United Kingdom)
Mondo Home Entertainment Distributor (Italian)


The Monster of Frankenstein

Kyoufu Densetsu Kaiki! Frankenstein (恐怖伝説・怪奇!フランケンシュタイン) roughly translates to The Bizarre Legend of Horror! Frankenstein?. It has been advertised in the United States as The Monster of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Legend of Terror.

The movie was the second made by the deal between Marvel Comics and Toei Animation, the first being Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. While the deal was successful, these were the only two movies produced.

Unlike almost every other film, this film does not contain any titles either before or after the feature.

While the comics follow the plot of the original book by Mary Shelley, this film more closely follows the 1931 Frankenstein film and it's sequels.

  • Both films start off with Victor, renamed Henry in the earlier film, already in the process of creating the body. The book is written as a story Victor is telling, but details his life long before he gets the idea to reanimate the dead.
  • Victor uses an assistant that the monster then kills. In the book/comic, Victor worked alone.
  • The monster is reanimated with the power of lightning. In the book/comic, Victor is adamant he not reveal how he did it.
  • The appearance of the monster comes from the film series, including the flat top head and neck bolts. Though the comics also use this appearance.
  • The monster has a tremendous fear of fire. In the original film, it was derived from Victor's cruel assistant using it to torture him.
  • Throughout the Universal film series, it is revealed that Henry and Elizabeth remained married and had children. In the book/comics, Elizabeth is killed just after her marriage to Victor and before they have children.
  • The blind man the monster befriends comes from Bride of Frankenstein. Originally, the monster learns to speak from a family, who do not know he is there.
  • The inspector who suspects Victor Frankestein while hunting the creature comes from Son of Frankenstein, where he suspected Victor's son.
  • The assistant who then tries to blackmail Doctor Frankenstein also comes from Son of Frankenstein.
  • The angry mob, which has become a stereotype in classic monster movies, never appeared in the book.

The movie was produced and released in Japan on July 27, 1981 on TV Asahi, and released in the United States sometime in 1984.

Home Video

At the time of its release in the United Kingdom, home videos did not have any restrictions and evaded the scrutiny that films in theaters had. However, the Video Recordings Act 1984 changed that. Videos could not be shown without a certificate, and this included titles already released. Mountain Video could not afford to go back through its entire catalog so this film was one of several that went unpublished after the Act.


The vinyl cover

The music was composed and arranged by Kentaro Haneda. Yusuke Hoguchi did some composing on what is given as Track 6. Haneda also performed along with the Columbia Symphonic Orchestra, Satoko Yamano and Kumiko Kaori. Lyrics were written by Akira Ito.[2]

Roughly translated, the track listings of the vinyl are:

  1. Main Subject
  2. Horror Legend
  3. Franken Birth
  4. Theme of Bellebeau
  5. Love is Much Crab
  6. Satoko Yamano: Sky Song of Two
  7. Theme of Victor
  8. Franken of Sorrow
  9. Theme of Emily
  10. Spectacle
  11. Requiem
  12. Day Flower Epilogue Our People
Translations provided by Google Translate.

The vinyl is provided by Nippon Columbia.


The monster and Jesus

The reviewer at Anime Bargain Bin Reviews stated that the movie was fairly heavy throughout and built to an unexpectedly tragic ending. He felt it was an enjoyable horror thriller for the intended audience, but was marketed poorly. He praised the animation as being solid for a television project. He felt the dubbing was good and it had a fitting score. He enjoyed that it was unexpectedly violent along with having somewhat iffy religious subtexts. However, he noted that it had a slow pace and was dull at times. He felt the monster was a bit too cartoonish. He disliked the lack of credits and stated that the marketing materials were misleading.[3]

The video has a 6.2 rating on the Internet Movie Database.


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