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The Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes.jpg
Beginning date September 1, 1966
End date December 1, 1966
Number of Episodes 65 (195 Segments)
Writers Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Jack Kirby
John Romita, Sr.
Joe Simon
Bill Everett
Larry Lieber
Don Heck
Jerry Siegel
Producers Robert L. Lawrence
Steve Krantz
Original Channel Syndication
Next Series Spider-Man

The Marvel Super Heroes was the very first animated venture based on characters from Marvel Comics. The series focused on Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Namor. The series ran for three months between September 1st and December 1st in 1966.


The stories were lifted directly from the comics, now called the Silver Age of Comic Books, rather than adapting the stories. Just a few stories were changed to omit some characters or to bring closure to stories that continued in another comic.


The series was made by Grantray-Lawrence Animation. It was headed by Grant Simmons, Ray Patterson, and Robert Lawrence.

Because of the short production schedule, the series used xerography for animation. The animators used images from the actual comic books for crude animation. Today, that would be called motion comics.


Actor Role(s)
Sandy Becker
Arthur Pierce
Captain America
Max Ferguson Hulk
Paul Soles Rick Jones
Bruce Banner
Happy Hogan
John Vernon Iron Man
Glenn Talbot
Chris Wiggins Thor
Kraven the Hunter
Grey Gargoyle
Carl Banas Bucky Barnes
Len Birman Hercules
Len Carlson Quicksilver
Vern Chapman Super Adaptoid
Bernard Cowan Narrator
Peg Dixon Jane Foster
Pepper Potts
Scarlet Witch
Betty Ross
Lady Dorma
Black Widow
Gillie Fenwick Baron Zemo
Radioactive Man
Space Phantom
Tom Harvey Giant Man
Paul Kligman Red Skull
Thaddeus Ross
Power Man
Mole Man
Ed McNamara Titanium Man
Henry Ramer Doctor Doom
Crimson Dynamo

Actors voicing Captain America, Doctor Doom, Hulk, and Bucky also portrayed the characters in live-action segments. These were written by Jerry Siegel, most famous for helping to create DC Comics superhero Superman.


See The Marvel Super Heroes Episodes.

Sixty-five episodes were produced. Each episode was comprised of three seven minute sections, totaling one-hundred and ninety-five segments. Each group of three would focus on one superhero tale. In between the segments were descriptions of the other four heroes.

The series aired in syndication, meaning it was not part of one series everywhere but the channel varied by city.

Each day featured a different hero: Captain America on Monday, Hulk on Tuesday, Iron Man on Wednesday, Thor on Thursday, and Namor on Friday.


Sell Reel


Live-Action Segment

This is the only known video of the live-action segments of The Marvel Super Heroes to still exist. The video features Arthur Pierce as Captain America.



Rotten Tomatoes ranked the series among its top one-hundred superhero series with this series at fifty-one above Big Hero 6 at one-hundred Spider-Woman at eighty-nine, Iron Man: Armored Adventures at eighty-six, Ultimate Spider-Man at eighty-three, Spider-Man Unlimited at seventy-three, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes at sixty-nine, The Super Hero Squad Show at sixty-eight, X-Men: Evolution at sixty-six, Fantastic Four at sixty-four, Avengers Assemble at fifty-eight, Guardians of the Galaxy at fifty-five and below Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends at forty-eight, The Spectacular Spider-Man at forty-six, Spider-Man at forty, Spider-Man at nineteen, and X-Men at five.[1]


The 2008 Iron Man film from Marvel Studios features a big band version of the Iron Man segments theme song without lyrics. The original song is included on the soundtrack.

The comic Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 features a flashback that uses the Iron Man segments theme song's lyrics.[2]


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