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A list of episodes from the first season of The Incredible Hulk.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
1 "The Return of the Beast, Part One" Bob Forward September 8, 1996 1
2 "The Return of the Beast, Part Two" Bob Forward September 15, 1996 2
3 "Raw Power" Jess Winfield September 22, 1996 3
4 "Helping Hand, Iron Fist" Stewart St. John September 29, 1996 4
5 "Innocent Blood" Bob Forward October 6, 1996 5
6 "Man to Man, Beast to Beast" Len Wein October 27, 1996 6
7 "Doomed" Bob Forward November 3, 1996 7
8 "Fantastic Fortitude" Bob Forward November 10, 1996 8
9 "Mortal Bounds" Bruce Reid Schaefer
Greg Blair
November 17, 1996 9
10 "And the Wind Cries...Wendigo!" Meg McLaughlin November 24, 1996 10
11 "Darkness and Light, Part One" Bob Forward February 2, 1997 11
12 "Darkness and Light, Part Two" Steven Granat
Cydnee Clark
February 9, 1997 12
13 "Darkness and Light, Part Three" Greg Johnson February 16, 1997 13


Dr. Bruce Banner would try to cleanse himself of the violent Hulk, only to be continuously stopped by General Thaddeus Ross and Major Glenn Talbot. He will meet foes such as Abomination, Leader, Gargoyle, and Zzzax. Bruce Banner will seek help from Iron Man and War Machine from the Hulk and from S.H.I.E.L.D. Hulk must escape from Ghost Rider. Because of the menace of Doctor Doom Bruce's cousin Jennifer Walters requires a blood transfusion, a transfusion that only Bruce can give but is hesitant to give. Hulk must team up with Thor to stop a gamma virus that has spread throughout Chicago. Ross must work together with the Hulk in order to save Betty Ross from the Wendigo. Betty and Doc Samson finish their Nutrient Bath to allow Bruce to separate from the Hulk. But the Hulk, suddenly mindless, goes on a murderous rampage until he is captured by the Leader. When the Hulk escapes Bruce confronts him in the desert, both are getting weaker. Bruce must decide between a normal but brief life as himself or a long life cursed with his other half.

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