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The Incredible Hulk (TV Series)
The Incredible Hulk.jpg
Beginning date September 8, 1996
End date November 23, 1997
Number of Episodes 21
Season One
Season Two
Producers Stan Lee
Original Channel UPN
Previous Series Spider-Man
Next Series Silver Surfer

The Incredible Hulk was the fifth series to air in the Marvel Animated Universe. The series premiered on September 8, 1996 and ended November 23, 1997. There were two seasons and a total of twenty-one episodes.

The Hulk was voiced by Lou Ferrigno who played Hulk in the 1977 live action series, and the first time Ferrigno had speaking Hulk lines.

The series was eventually named The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk for the second season after the introduction and inclusion of She-Hulk.


The series started with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner having already become Hulk and on the run. This season saw the introduction of allies such as Betty Ross and Rick Jones as well as villains such as Leader and General Thaddeus Ross, Betty's father. Banner's cousin Jennifer Walters was introduced and made into She-Hulk, though she would not became a major character until Season two. The season also saw numerous subplots that slowly developed over the course of the season. Betty, along with Doc Samson, attempted to make a Gamma Nutrient Bath that would separate Banner from the Hulk. The Leader was bringing mutant Gamma Warriors to life, along with a failing alliance with The Gargoyle. General Ross also had a fragile association with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Gabriel Jones, who was ordered to destroy the Hulk completely while Ross wanted to capture and harness the power of the Hulk. All the subplots eventually came together in the three-part season finale which also introduced the Grey Hulk.

This season was particularly dark in terms of the story. Endings were bittersweet or complete downers. Ghost Rider, a dark yet popular comic book character, appeared during the season's darkest phase.

This season was renamed The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk after UPN felt that the first season was too dark, wanted more female viewers, and more emphasis on humor. This was mainly done by the inclusion of She-Hulk as a major character alongside Banner and Hulk. The season started off with the wrapping up of Season one's story lines. She-Hulk and Banner partnered up and went on further adventures.

This season's episode "The Lost Village" won an Emmy award for "best audio editing".


Main Cast

Actor Role(s)
Neal McDonough Bruce Banner
Lou Ferrigno Hulk
Genie Francis
Philece Sampler
Betty Ross
Luke Perry Rick Jones
Matt Frewer Leader
Mark Hamill Gargoyle
Lisa Zane
Cree Summer
She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters

Matt Frewer reprised his role from Iron Man, the only actor from Hulk's previous appearances to do so.

Recurring Cast

Actor Role(s)
Thom Barry Gabriel Jones
Michael Donovan Grey Hulk
Kathy Ireland Ogress
Richard Moll Abomination
Kevin Schon Glenn Talbot
Samuel Laroquette
Shadoe Stevens Doc Samson
John Vernon Thaddeus Ross

Guest Cast

Actor Role(s)
Leigh-Allyn Baker Taylor
Michael Bell Zzzax/Mitch McCutcheon
Clancy Brown Sasquatch
Jim Cummings Absorbing Man
Richard Grieco Ghost Rider
Jennifer Hale Miss Allure
Dorian Harewood War Machine/James Rhodes
Robert Hays Iron Man/Tony Stark
Michael Horse Jefferson Whitedeer
Tom Kane H.O.M.E.R.
Maurice LaMarche Doctor Strange
Stan Lee Mr. Walters
Dawnn Lewis Hybrid
Chuck McCann Thing
Leeza Miller McGee Wendigo
John Rhys-Davies Thor
Kevin Michael Richardson Dark Entity
Dark Hulk
Peter Strauss Walter Langkowski
Mark L. Taylor Donald Blake
Simon Templeman Doctor Doom
Eric Vesbit John
Beau Weaver Mister Fantastic

Richard Grieco, Chuck McCann, John Rhys-Davies, Simon Templeman, and Beau Weaver all reprised their roles from Fantastic Four. Dorian Harewood, Robert Hays, and Tom Kane reprised their roles from Iron Man.


The series lasted twenty-one episodes airing between September 8, 1996 and November 23, 1997.


Unlike Iron Man and Fantastic Four, fan reaction was generally positive for the first season but worsened during the second. Fans felt the darker tone of the first season was more in tune with the comics. Fans also felt that guest stars such as John Rhys-Davies as Thor and Mark Hamill as Gargoyle were well played.

The second season's lighter tone was intended to increase the series' appeal. However, it alienated the show's core fanbase and ended up backfiring. Rick Jones, Major Talbot, Doc Samson, Leader, Gargoyle, Gamma Warriors, and the Outcasts disappeared, while Betty Ross became less important.

Because of the backlash due to the changes, the show was quickly cancelled.

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