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The Daily Bugle
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Real Name The Daily Bugle
The Daily Bugle is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The Daily Bugle is a tabloid newspaper company based in New York City.



After the debut of the superhero Spider-Man, the Bugle focused on others that Jameson deemed more heroic. However, other newspapers that did cover him began selling more. They began covering him, though painting him as a menace who causes more problems than he solves. Jameson was quick to paint the wallcrawler in the worst possible light and reluctant to say anything of his heroics. He would use vague, unsourced, and even misleading information to do so.

At one point, Venom broke into Jameson's office and claimed that photographer Peter Parker was actually Spider-Man. However, Venom was discovered to be Eddie Brock who was committed and his claims were dismissed.

Although Spider-Man is constantly aggravated by the Bugle smearing him, he never acts out against them.


The Daily Bugle is located in the real life Flatiron Building, which was used as the location in the Spider-Man film trilogy.

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