The Cat
John Hardesky as the Cat.jpg
Real Name John Hardesky
Alternate Identity The Cat
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Anastasia Hardy (Wife)
Felicia Hardy (Daughter)

John Hardesky is the criminal known as The Cat, husband of socialite Anastasia Hardy, and father of Felicia Hardy.


John was "the son of the Great Hardesky, the greatest escape artist of" the time. As a thirteen year-old boy during World War II, John was tricked by Nazis into sneaking into a secret laboratory, where he was secretly witness to Steve Rogers's transformation into Captain America. Even though the lab was destroyed, John memorized the formula to the Super Soldier Serum. When he returned to his handlers, he realized that they were the Nazis while Captain America and his research team were the Allies and ran. Despite the Red Skull's orders to capture him, they never did. For his own protection, Hardesky shortened his last name to Hardy.

At some point he met and fell in love with Anastasia while also being a master criminal known as The Cat. They had a daughter Felicia, but in order to protect them he gave himself up to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. This must have happened when Felicia was a young child as she was unaware of her father's criminal activities nor whereabouts.

Hardesky was forcibly freed from his imprisonment while Chameleon took his place, all under Kingpin's orders. Eventually Felicia was kidnapped and reunited with an elderly John, who was forced to test the serum on her, transforming her into the Black Cat. Despite being reunited for such a short time, John had to leave in order to protect them. John left with Spider-Man and returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Before he left, Felicia admitted to her father that she was in love with someone just as mysterious as him.


The Cat was voiced by John Phillip Law. The actor who voiced him as a child is unknown.

In the Comics

John's last name was Hardy.

John wasn't captured until Felicia was thirteen.

Lydia and Felicia did not live well after John was captured.

After becoming Black Cat, Felicia was the one who broke John out of prison. They reunited shortly before he died of some illness.

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