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The Ancient One
Powers and Abilities Unknown magical abilities
Allies Doctor Strange

The Ancient One is a powerful sorcerer and mentor to Doctor Strange.


The Ancient One is a powerful sorcerer and attracted the attention of Baron Mordo. The Ancient One taught Baron Mordo even though Mordo was also learning the dark arts.

While looking for a miracle cure to heal his broken hands, Dr. Stephen Strange heard about and came to The Ancient One. Strange wanted The Ancient One to instantly fix his hands while he wanted Strange to study the mystical arts with him. Frustrated at not getting what he wanted, Strange left.

On his way out Strange heard that Baron Mordo wanted to destroy and replace The Ancient One. Strange tried to warn him but Mordo used a spell to stop him. Fortunately The Ancient One knew of Mordo's plan and was prepared with a spell of his own.

Stephen Strange becomes The Ancient One's student.

The Ancient One had been testing Strange, who passed. Mordo left to learn from Dormammu and Strange became The Ancient One's apprentice. The Ancient One taught Strange the mystical ways until he himself became a powerful sorcerer and took his own assistant.

It is unknown just what happened to The Ancient One after that.


The Ancient One controls high level magic and is a cosmic energy wielder able to generate a near infinite range of effects.


The Ancient One was unvoiced.

In the comics The Ancient One is the Sorcerer Supreme, the most powerful sorcerer in a given dimension, before Doctor Strange. However, no such reference is made in the Marvel Animated Universe. It is unknown whether the term was simply ignored or if it did not exist within the animated universe. Another possibility is that The Ancient One is not the most powerful sorcerer and thus not the Sorcerer Supreme. It is also possible The Ancient One is still alive since no further reference is made to him.

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