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The Amazing Stan
The Amazing Stan Announcement.jpg
Writers Scott Peterson
John P. Roberts
Sanjee Gupta
Producers Josuah Wexler
Gill Champion
Bob Sabouni
Note: this article describes an upcoming release.

The Amazing Stan is an upcoming animated series based on the late figure Stan Lee.

It was announced at this the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con that Pure Imagination and POW! Entertainment have partnered together to create a series focusing on Stan Lee as a modern-day youngster who is a "constant dream" while he and his friends "learn to take risks, explore new ideas, and never ever give up."

Writer Scott Peterson, of Escape from Cluster Prime and Phineas and Ferb fame, will develop the show based on the concept by Pure Imagination's chief content officer John P. Roberts and Sanjee Gupta.

Peterson said, "It is an honor to help carry on the creative legacy of one of the greatest storytellers that pop culture has ever known by introducing an original animated adventure series featuring a new cast of characters for kids and adults to connect with. Stan Lee turned his childhood daydreams into a universe that features superheroes that have resonated with generations of all ages and cultures. Now his millions of fans can look forward to seeing him appear as an animated version of his younger self for the very first time."

Roberts, Pure Imagination CEO Josuah Wexler, POW! President and CEO Gill Champion, and POW! chief marketing officer Bob Sabouni will be the executive producers.

Champion said, "Stan had the uncanny ability to see the world with a childlike imagination. For example, an office building becomes a castle, while the streets below form a moat protecting the inhabitants inside. It takes a very special creative team to capture the story of a young Stan and the birth of his unique creations. We're thrilled to work with Pure Imagination Studios and its team of creators and collaborators to tell this remarkable story and share this amazing ride with his legion of fans."

The project was conceived by Roberts and Gupta. Before his death, the two brought it to Lee who gave it his blessing and became involved in the early development.

A two-minute preview of the series was announced at the convention.[1]