Real Name Teleport
Powers and Abilities Instantly Moves Persons/Objects from One Location to Another
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Nightcrawler
Teleport is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Teleportation is the ability to instantly transport a person, persons, or objects from one location to another.


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The only known person to naturally have the ability to teleport is the mutant Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler teleports by entering another dimension. He leaves behind a puff of sulfur at both locations of the teleportation. He moves instantly so he is unaware that he enters another dimension.

He can teleport just a short distance away.

Forge built a device that would extend his teleportation abilities while also slowing down his time in the other dimension. While there, Nightcrawler encountered strange creatures. He brought Wolverine with him who fought them off. The device then let the creatures into their dimension, and they had to fight them off.

Rogue briefly got the ability to teleport by taking the powers of Nightcrawler through her own mutant abilities.

Apocalypse also has the ability to teleport.


First time any series deals with how Nightcrawler teleports.

In the Comics

Phoenix Force, Scarlet Witch, Colossus's sister can also teleport.

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