Real Name Telepathy
Powers and Abilities Ability to Transfer Thoughts Through Non-Physical Means
Allies Telekinesis

Telepathy is ability to transfer thoughts through the mind without physical means. It is an ability shared by several including mutants, sorcerers, and cosmic beings.

Known Users


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The ability to transfer thoughts provides for a wide range of uses. It is most often used to read the mind of others. It can also be used to control others.

Telepathy can be enhanced through the use of Cerebro. Xavier and Jean Grey use Cerebro to help find other mutants over long distances.


Professor Charles Xavier is considered to be the most powerful of all Earth-born telepaths. It is unknown how powerful he is compared to cosmic being such as Ego, Phoenix, and Beyonder.

Thanos had Ego use his telepathy to unlock the mind of Silver Surfer freeing him from Gaalctus' control.


In the Comics

Others who have shown this ability but not in any series include Cable, Thanos, Mandarin, Mister Sinister, Spider-Woman, Leader, Fin Fang Foom, Tyler, Mojo, Changeling, Stick, and Supreme Intelligence.

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