Team X
Team X
Former Members Maverick
Silver Fox

Team X is a defunct government black ops team comprised mostly of mutants. The group has an unknown connection with Weapon X.



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At some point, the group infiltrated the Soviet Union and defeated Omega Red by trapping him in ice.

Members Wolverine and Silver Fox fell in love and dated for a while.

The group was the subject of brainwashing by Weapon X where an undetermined number of memories were altered. Eventually, Weapon X bonded adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton but he broke out and the group abandoned the facility.

Eventually after several years, the four members found their way back to the facility and learned that their memories had been altered. Wolverine tried to get back together with Silver Fox, who he had thought been killed, but she insisted their love was faked. However, he noted that their memories included a tree carving that was not on the fake tree in the facility.


First version of the group outside the comics.

In the Comics

Kestrel is also a member.

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