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Have you liked what I've done for the page? -User:Redsonjustinforever

So here's the problems I have with the article.

  • Information is quite sketchy. For example, there's a section talking about Jean hearing voices during a speech and that the team goes to save her. But never does it say why she needed help, nor does it say what happened with it. And it's important to connect the dots between seasons. There's a lot of sections that need expansion so those who don't know the series by heart can understand it. Right now, it seems like a lot of random events put together.
  • There are many sections that have a lot of images, sometimes too many, and several that have no images at all. This isn't very consistent. I really don't like having two images with one paragraph. Makes it look cluttered. And some of the images seem redundant and unnecessary. Like there's two images for her destroying the television camera footage, when only one is really needed for this page.
  • And many of the images don't really have anything to do with the corresponding paragraph. Like the image of Kitty mad at Avalanche for using his powers isn't next to a paragraph dealing with Avalance or her being mad at anyone. I've been trying to put them with the paragraph, or at least make a paragraph to help explain the image, but it's hard when they are not ordered correctly.
  • There's also the occasional spelling and grammar error. Lots of run-on sentences. I noticed a few Rouges (red make-up) when her name is Rogue.
  • Also, almost all of the images do not have XME at the end of the title. Since this is a Non MAU series they should have that.

I'll point out Thor and Avengers as good examples of what I want. They have detailed information that flows from one event to the other, and the gaps are filled. Images are spread out fairly evenly and are next to the paragraph they're showing. --ARTaylor 03:02, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

Well, uh, okay I guess I'll try to improve it. -Justin

Further improvements

Now that we've got ARTaylor's opinion on it, does anyone else have anything to say? --The Average Man

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