Susan Choi
Susan Choi
Real Name Susan Choi
Allies Richard Fisk

Susan Choi is a federal agent of the United States of America. She secretly used her position to help the criminal Richard Fisk.


Richard hired Peter Parker for a job at Fisktronics for saving the life of his father Wilson. The father and son then framed Parker of treason while having Choi arrest Parker. He was eventually taken to court and accused of selling secrets of the country's enemies. NYPD detective Terri Lee grew suspicious of Choi, and it turned out that she was part of Richard and his father's framing of Parker in a plan to sell secrets to the enemies of their country. Richard then had Chameleon and some of his father's forces kidnap Parker from custody while also framing the superhero Spider-Man. He was rescued by another superhero named Daredevil.

Eventually, Lee defeated agent Choi while Spider-Man and Daredevil stopped Richard. They were arrested, put to trial, and convicted.


Susan Choi was voiced by Amy Hill.

She was created for the series.

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