Real Name Superman
Alternate Identity Man of Steel

Superman is a comic book superhero. He is known for his incredible strength and durability earning him the nickname Man of Steel, due to the reputation of the strength of steel. Part of the character's backstory is that he is from a dying planet and his parents sent him to Earth in a spaceship.

Bruce Banner was a fan of the character. When he was injured and Betty Ross gave him a hug hurting him, he joked that he was not the Man of Steel.

Maria Taina Elizando theorized that Superman's backstory was actually for Spider-Man. When the superhero came to see her, she asked if it was. He told her she confused him with someone else and then told her his real backstory.


The name Superman was not used, only the nickname of Man of Steel.

He was created by Jerry Siegel, who worked on The Marvel Super Heroes, and Joe Shuster.

In the Comics

The DC Comics universe has crossed over with the Marvel Universe several times. Some sources have suggested that the Marvel and DC multiverses exist within one omniverse.

He has met Spider-Man, fought him, and fought alongside him.

He fought Hulk. The result of the battle was decided by fan vote. Fans voted for Superman to win.

He is able to pick up Mjolnir.

A younger version of Superman and Spider-Man merged into one character called Spider-Boy while Superman himself was merged with Captain America into a character named Super-Soldier.

After Thor became separated from Donald Blake, Nick Fury gave Thor a secret identity similar to Superman's Clark Kent. Thor made a joke about this identity being ineffective before bumping into Superman as Kent.

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