Real Name Super-Adaptoid
Alternate Identity Adaptoid
Powers and Abilities Power Imitation
Team Affiliations A.I.M.
The Super-Adaptoid is from the Non MAU series, The Marvel Super Heroes.

The Super-Adaptoid is a sentient android and supervillain.


Adaptoid (MSH)

The Adaptoid was built by A.I.M. and was brought to life by the Cosmic Cube. The Adaptoid was built to kill Captain America. The Adaptoid had the power to copy the power of any super-powered being and could take their form.

The Adaptoid, disguised as Edwin Jarvis, drugged Captain America's coffee. Then he used his adaptive powers to take the hero's shape and strength, but the real Captain America woke up and defeated him.

Captain America and Jarvis took the Adaptoid to Goliath's lab, where he was seen by the Avengers Goliath, Wasp and Hawkeye, who didn't know that the Adaptoid was just pretending to be unconscious in order to adapt their powers and abilities. After the other Avengers left, the Adaptoid fought Captain America again. When Captain America saw that the Adaptoid had copied all of the Avengers powers he dubbed him the "Super-Adaptoid". To win some time, Captain America defied him to prove he could fly just like Wasp. At mid-flight, Captain America crushed the Super-Adaptoid's wings so he made a landing on New York Harbor, where they continued their fight until Captain America had them both fall into the water, where the Super-Adaptoid met his doom, disintegrating into nothingness while the star-spangled Avenger swam to safety.


Super-Adaptoid was voiced by Carl Banas and Vern Chapman.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

Only Captain America fell into the water, leaving the Super-Adaptoid to believe he had been successful into destroying him.

After finding out about Captain America's survival, the Super-Adaptoid adapted the powers of more Avengers and faced the whole team until Quicksilver noticed that he couldn't use more than two or three powers at once, so the Avengers face him all at once to have him use all his powers and get an overload.

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