Storm WXM
Real Name Ororo Munroe
Alternate Identity Storm
Powers and Abilities Controls Weather, Flight
Team Affiliations X-Men
Family and Friends Angel (Possible Boyfriend)
Storm is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, is a mutant and member of the X-Men. She comes from the continent of Africa where she is worshipped as a Goddess.


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As a child, Ororo experienced mental torture at the hands of the Shadow King. As a thief, she would frequently pickpocket others for their valuables, one of these being Charles Xavier. Unlike the others, however, Charles was determined to see to it that the Shadow King's mental dominance over Ororo be put to an end.

She went to the Xavier Mansion and joined the X-Men. She was with Xavier when Jean Grey turned into the Phoenix, destroying the mansion, and causing Xavier to disappear.

She returned to Africa where she was worshipped by locals for her powers. The bodiless Shadow King returned and possessed her. He convinced her that Africa was burning and she needed to save it. His plan was to force her to destroy Africa with her powers. The reformed X-Men arrived and Emma Frost stopped Shadow King.

She rejoined the X-Men. They had found Xavier, but he was in a coma and they were receiving messages from a dystopian future.

It is unknown when she began a relationship with Angel, whether it was before the team's separation or after the reformation. However, she took his transformation into Archangel by Mister Sinister.

After losing Angel, Storm's significance diminished. However, there were still a few times she had an active role. She and the other X-Men were relieved to see Jean alive after their long searches for her. However, she and the other X-Men were knocked out shortly before being able to all reintroduce themselves to Jean, who was taken from the mansion by Emma Frost and the Inner Circle.

She went outside of the mansion and looked in the air for Jean after Wolverine claimed she was taken by air. She got in the Blackbird with the other X-Men and watched Wolverine give out instructions on their mission. She was later shot down, along with all the other X-Men in the Blackbird by a multitude of Sentinels.

She and the others managed to get out of the recked Blackbird. She piloted a plane with Rogue and Iceman. She presumably fought alongside Iceman and Rogue, though was not seen doing so. She was later seen on the ground in a comatose state lying next to Iceman. After Emma Frost sacrificed herself to destroy the Phoenix, Storm went with the other X-Men to see Xavier, who told them the future had been averted and was replaced with the Age of Apocalypse.


Storm was voiced by Susan Dalian.

The relationship between her and Angel was made for the series.

In the Comics

Knew T'Challa when they were young. They fell in love eventually getting married where she became Queen of Wakanda.

Has joined the Fantastic Four, along with her husband Black Panther, when Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman left the team to focus on marriage.

Loki once tricked her into becoming the Goddess of Thunder, in an attempt to humiliate his brother Thor.

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