Stark Enterprises
Stark Tower UA2
Real Name Stark Enterprises
Allies Pym Industries
Family and Friends Tony Stark (CEO)
Stark Enterprises is from the Non MAU videos Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II.

Stark Enterprises is the company owned and managed by Tony Stark.


The headquarters to the company are located in New York City in a large helicopter. Inside the building is a fancy restaurant, Tony's office, and a personal bar just for Tony. In Tony's office he has a clothing rack that rises out of the floor.

Iron Man Armory UA2

Tony uses Stark Enterprises to fund and maintain his life as the costumed superhero Iron Man. He designed several exosuit armors to aid him. In addition to Iron Man he also built a War Machine armor and Tin Man Armor. Over time he built dozens of different armors. One of the main features of his armor was the repulsor beams that could fire offensively.

To store them he put them all in a secret armory in his tower that he could enter through his private bar. The armory was several stories tall but completely hidden from the outside. As a tribute to his drinking, the switch to enter the armory was hidden in a beer tap.

However, because Tony is often off saving the day as Iron Man or wooing various women as Tony, Stark Enterprise business is often handled by Tony's butler Jarvis.

Stark Enterprises would provide S.H.I.E.L.D. and other government groups with equipment, including weapons. Some of the equipment was necessary to rebuild the Rebirth Chamber.

Stark Office UA

Though, the company was notorious for not getting the equipment to the government group on time while Tony was known for being difficult to get ahold of. He also had a reputation for not caring if he wouldn't make money. As others would put it, he prioritized projects by which would give him more money.

Tony felt that his company put S.H.I.E.L.D. "on the map," though the government company felt they did the same for Stark Enterprises.

After Betty Ross informed Nick Fury of Tony's aloofness, Fury decided to contact Tony himself. He sent his number one agent, Natalia Romanoff also known as the Black Widow, to bring Tony to him.

That night, Tony rode an elevator to a fancy restaurant, which he happened to own, with two beautiful women who were also his assistants. Upon exiting, he wrote something on a pad and handed it to one of the women who walked away. The other woman handed him a cell phone for a call with a Mr. Fortier.

Stark Restaurant UA

Tony and Fortier talked about a conference while Stark greeted several other people in the restaurant. After he finished the call he tossed the phone back to the woman and walked to the bar. The bartender, knowing that Tony was coming, there already had his drink ready for him.

At the bar Tony saw a woman who was with another man, but drank a toast to her anyway. Then he noticed a gorgeous redheaded woman in a small red dress walking towards him, catching the attention of all the men in the room. The woman with a Russian accent ordered the same thing Tony had.

The two flirted for a bit before she walked off and Tony followed. Tony asked for her name but she wanted to tell him in private. The two went upstairs to his office. In the office Tony asked her name once again. This time she introduced herself as Natalia Romanov and pulled his jacket down binding his hands behind his back.

Tony recognized the name as she pulled a gun on him. Fury, who had been sitting in his chair at his desk, turned around and introduced her has his agent. Tony knew why Fury was there and informed him that the parts had shipped that morning.

However, Fury was there for another reason. He wanted to know where Iron Man is. Tony kept up his charade and claimed he didn't know anything about Iron Man. He claimed that the hero used "cheap toys."

Jarvis interrupted and told Tony that his helicopter was ready to talk him to his meeting with the governor. Before he left he asked her if she would like to have a drink later, but she refused.

Stark Helipad UA

Tony went up to the roof followed by Fury and Natalia. Fury then reiterated that it was a matter of national security, so Tony gave S.H.I.EL.D. some plasma cannons at a discounted rate. He then got into his copter and flew off.

After Iron Man and the Avengers were defeated by the Chitauri, he flew back to Stark Enterprises and went to his office. Before he even took off his armor he poured himself a drink. He let it sit on the desk while he turned around to stare at the cityscape.

After the Chitauri were defeated and things settled down, Tony upgraded his building. He built several more stories onto the top of his building. He even redesigned the Stark logo.

Months later, Iron Man and the Avengers went to Wakanda where Iron Man's armor was heavily damaged by the Wakandan warriors and the Chitauri Command Ship. At that time the Command Ship entered Earth's atmosphere and extended an energy field around the planet.

Stark Personal Bar UA2

Tony returned to Stark Enterprises. He laid on a table in the armory drinking some alcohol while he tried to take his armor off. He put a brace on his knee. Upstairs, Jarvis watched the news on the energy field before entering the armory.

As Jarvis entered the room Tony pressed a control which caused a large mechanical arm to descend. the arm lifted his broken chest piece off, breaking the sticky residue that kept the armor to his body. He simply left the rest of his armor lie around him.

Tony needed to find a new armor to use so he and Jarvis descended the stairs going deeper into the armory. Jarvis suggested the Tin Man armor as he liked the color and design. However, Tony felt he needed heavier equipment.

Tony suggested the War Machine armor. But Jarvis felt like it handled like a ten ton tractor. Tony decided to disregard that because it had powerful guns. He flipped a switch and watched the missile launcher and mini-gun move into position.


The design of Stark Tower changes between the two videos. In Ultimate Avengers, the letters STARK name rose above the roof while in Ultimate Avengers II the roof rises several stories above the name. Also the design of the A changes from a letter to a stylized upwards arrow.

In the Comics

The company is also known as Stark Industries, Stark International, Stane International, Stark Innovations, and Stark/Fujikawa. In the Ultimate universe it has gone by Stark Industries and Stark Solutions.

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