Stark Enterprises
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Real Name Stark Enterprises
Alternate Identity SE
Team Affiliations Force Works

Stark Enterprises, often simply called SE, is a large company that focuses on technological innovations. It is owned by Tony Stark, who acquired it from his father Walter after his death. Julia Carpenter is the head of Research and Development. James Rhodes is head of security. Walter was killed while at SE.


Stark used SE to help fund and provide for his superhero team Force Works, which consisted of himself as Iron Man, Rhodes as War Machine, Carpenter as Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Century. He eventually designed an artificial intelligence called H.O.M.E.R. that also helped him. Deep beneath SE's building was the Iron Man Armory.

At another point, disgruntled former Stark Enterprises board member Simon Gilbert attacked his former company. Iron Man arrived to stop him and Gilbert was killed. Gilbert's son attacked SE as Firebrand but Iron Man stopped him.

Up until his eventual death, Stark Enterprise technology was often stolen by the Mandarin, The Hand, and Justin Hammer.

Thaddeus Ross and the Hulkbusters destroyed much of Stark Enterprises while trying to get Hulk. Iron Man sent the bill for the damages to either S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Pentagon.

Peter Parker, Debra Whitman, and Curt Connors went to a demonstration of portal technology at SE's New York City building. Dormammu had Baron Mordo send Venom and Carnage to steal the portal technology. While Spider-Man and War Machine fought them, the two symbiotes did accomplish their goal.


In the Comics

Stark Enterprises is also called Stark Industries or Stark International.

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