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For the episode see "The Starjammers".

The Starjammers are a group of pirates traveling in space.



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Little is known about the team. At some point they came together under the leadership of the Earthling Corsair.

They desired to kill the Shi'ar leader D'Ken. To get close to him, they went to Eath to steal the M'Kraan Cyrstal to trade to him. They confronted the X-Men, a group of mutants, and captured the team. However, they were tricked and he got the crystal. The Starjammers worked with the X-Men to stop him, while Jean Grey became possessed with the Phoenix Force and stopped D'Ken.

At some point, Corsair fled to Earth to escape a Shi'ar peace officer. There he found that the X-Men's team leader Cyclops was his son.


Currently the only version of the team outside the comics.

In the Comics

Other members include Lilandra, Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl, Deathbird, and Binary.

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