Real Name Stan
Stan is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Stan is the owner of a costume shop.


At one point, Stan's shop was visited by a young boy named Miles Morales. Stan gave the boy some advice and a costume of Spider-Man.


Stan was voiced by Stan Lee. The role will be the first released following Lee's death.

Stan is named after Lee. This is the same name he used in The Spectacular Spider-Man and again on Ultimate Spider-Man.

Christopher Miller said of Lee's role, "I remember when we talked about it, we said, 'You know, he's so integral to the spirit of this movie that we don't want to just give him a little passing cameo.' We wanted him to be more important and carry some emotional weight to the movie." Phil Lord added, "Essentially we really thought since he was the guy who created the character with Steve Ditko that he should really give him something important like a talisman. So he gives him the spider suit, and says, 'There's no give backs.' And we thought that was really important." Lord also said, "We certainly felt really happy to do it with him, and obviously this last week [with Stan Lee's passing], it made it extra meaningful and moving to watch the movie get finished and just know that he gets to be such a resonant part of it. And we showed some fans the feature maybe two or three days after he passed away, and it was really emotional just watching everyone engage with it and collectively salute him."[1]


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