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Real Name Jonathan Ohnn
Alternate Identity (The) Spot
Powers and Abilities Creates Dimensional Portals
Allies Tony Stark
Herbert Landon
Family and Friends Silvia Lopez (Girlfriend)

Spot is the criminal name of Dr. Jonathan Ohnn.


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Dr. Jonathan Ohnn was a brilliant scientist who specialized in inter-dimensional technologies. He worked for Stark Enterprises directly under Tony Stark. However, his portal technology was stolen by the symbiote powered supervillains Venom and Carnage under the direction of Baron Mordo. The three almost released the demon Dormammu into their dimension but was stopped by Venom, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

Because of this, Stark stopped the dimensional work fearing it was too dangerous. Angry at him, Jonathan quit but was quickly hired by Wilson Fisk. Fisk gave him an extensive lab and a beautiful assistant, Dr. Silvia Lopez.

Jonathan and Silvia fell in love as they worked on the portal. However, he came to realize that Fisk wanted to use the technology for criminal purposes.

In an accident, portals attached themselves to Jonathan. He realized he could control the portals with his mind and go anywhere with him. During the accident, stray portals were scattered across the city and Jonathan closed them all.

Calling himself the Spot, Jonathan intended to steal what he wanted to get away from Fisk and Stark to be his own man. He began robbing banks and jewelry stores. He even took the Engagement Ring off of Felicia Hardy's hand that she got from Jason Philips. He later lied to Fisk saying that they had not finished the portal technology yet.

However, Fisk had been spying on them and Silvia had known about Fisk's career as the Kingpin. Fisk kidnapped Silvia forcing Spot to do his bidding, by defeating Spider-Man.

Spot finds Spider-Man and fights him though the hero uses his Spider-Sense to win. He then reveals to Spider-Man about Kingpin and Silvia. The two then trick Kingpin into thinking Spot had won so the wallcrawler could get into Kingpin's headquarters.

During the battle, they then realize that a stray portal was growing bigger and would engulf the Earth starting with New York City. Kingpin donated a plane to use so Silvia, Jonathan, and Spider-Man could close it. But Spot could not close it outside the portal so he went in and closed it from the inside. He expressed his love for Silvia and they hung on together as they were sucked in.

It is unknown what happened inside the portal and why the two never appeared again. It is possible that like the portal technology Spider-Carnage would later use, the two were killed inside.

Alternate Version

In an alternate reality, Dr. Jonathan Ohn created the portal technology for Kingpin. They were confronted by Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man, but the two heroes began fighting each other. The Carnage symbiote escaped and attached itself to Spider-Man creating the evil Spider-Carnage.


Spot was voiced by Oliver Muirhead.

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