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Spider Wars
The Spider-Men
Real Name Spider Wars
Winners Spider-Men:
Scarlet Spider
Spider-Man (Armored)
Spider-Man (Six Arms)
Spider-Man (Mechanical Arms)
Spider-Man (Actor)
Madame Web
Losers Spider-Carnage
Alistair Smythe
Green Goblin
Wilson Fisk
Related Secret Wars

The Spider Wars was a conflict spanning across the multiverse involving various versions of Spider-Man.


The conflict started when Spider-Carnage destroyed the entire multiverse. Beyonder and Madame Web reversed time and trained Spider-Men from across the multiverse to combat Spider-Carnage. They used the Secret Wars to train one particular Spider-Man. After he won that conflict, Spider-Man lead the other Spider-Men into battle against Spider-Carnage. In one universe, Ben Parker convinced the alternate version of his nephew to give up his quest for revenge. Peter tried to reject the Carnage symbiote but it refused to leave him. He jumped into a portal killing himself and ending the conflict. As a reward for winning the war and saving the multiverse, she took him to find Mary Jane Watson.


The story was original to Spider-Man. It possibly served as the inspiration for the comic storylines Spider-Men and Spider-Verse.