Spider Seeker
Spider Seeker
Real Name Spider Seeker
Powers and Abilities Flight
Smart Bombs
Tracking Software
Allies Black Widow
Black Widow II
Family and Friends Spencer Smythe (Designer/Builder)
Alistair Smythe (Builder)
Norman Osborn (Commissioner)
Kingpin (Commissioner)

Spider Seekers were small robots designed to hunt down, attack, and monitor the superhero Spider-Man.


Spider Seekers are able to fly and hover. They have a small camera in the center to transmit information back to its controller. They carry explosives and can go on suicide missions.


Spencer Assembles Spider Seeker

They were initially created by Spencer Smythe and commissioned by Norman Osborn. Their purpose was to seek out Spider-Man, hence their name. As Spencer was apparently killed, his son Alistair began producing them for the Kingpin.

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