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Beginning date September 22, 1979
End date January 3, 1980
Number of Episodes 16
Original Channel ABC
Previous Series Fantastic Four
Next Series Fred and Barney Meet the Thing

Spider-Woman is a series that aired between September 22, 1970 and January 3, 1980. It is currently the only series based on Spider-Woman. The series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, the last for the company before being incorporated into Marvel Productions.


Actor Role(s)
Joan Van Ark Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew
Larry Carroll Detective Miller
Lou Krugman Police Chief
Bruce Miller Jeff Hunt
Bryan Scott Billy Drew
Paul Soles Spider-Man
Ilene Latter
Karen Machon
John H. Mayer
John Milford
Vic Perrin
Dick Tufeld
Tony Young
Additional Voices

Paul Soles reprised the role of Spider-Man from Spider-Man, though there is no apparent connection between the two.

Billy Drew and Jeff Hunt were both original to the series.


The series featured sixteen episodes.

Home Video

Liberation Entertainment had planned to release the entire series on Region 2 DVD in 2008, but the company went bankrupt. Clear Vision Ltd. released the Region 2 DVD on July 20, 2009.

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