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The Spider-Men was a group of alternate versions of Peter Parker from various parallel universes. They were pulled together through Madame Web and the Beyonder to stop Spider-Carnage, yet another alternate Spider-Man, who had destroyed every universe. Their adventures became to be known as the Spider Wars.


  • Spider-Man: The leader of the group, though this created some disagreement among the group. He proved his leadership abilities during the Secret Wars. He was the one that finally caused the downfall of Spider-Carnage.
  • Scarlet Spider: the reason for the need of the team. Goes by the name Ben Reilly. Spider-Carnage refuses to believe that he is a clone of Ben and caused the destruction the team hopes to avoid.
  • Spider-Man (Armored): The rich and arrogant one of the bunch. This version never knew failure because in his world Uncle Ben never died.
  • Spider-Man (Mechanical Arms): In this one's universe he defeated Doctor Octopus and began using his mechanical arms.
  • Spider-Man (Six Arms): This version suffers from the same mutation that Spider-Man suffered.
  • Spider-Man (Actor): A completely powerless human. In his world at least Spider-Man, Hulk, and Fantastic Four were fictional characters. His real name is unknown as he is not Peter Parker.
  • Madame Web: A powerful cosmic being that is the assistant to Beyonder. She trained at least Spider-Man, and possibly the others as well.
  • Beyonder: A powerful cosmic being. He sensed the destruction of the different universes and together with his assistant they reversed time and trained the various different Spider-Men.


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Each of the different Spider-Men is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.

Many of the alternate versions of Spider-Man stem from the comics. Spider-Man has donned metallic armor, grew four extra arms, and acquired Doctor Octopus's metallic arms. Though not for the same reasons as given in the show and has obviously given each up.

It is possible that the actor Spider-Man is supposed to be Barnes.

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