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A list of episodes from the second season of Spider-Man. The first season to have an overall story arc, called the Neogenic Nightmare.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
14 "The Insidious Six" John Semper, Jr.
David Lee Miller
September 9, 1995 201
15 "Battle of the Insidious Six" John Semper, Jr.
Doug Booth
September 16, 1995 202
16 "Hydro-Man" John Semper, Jr.
James Krieg
September 23, 1995 203
17 "The Mutant Agenda" John Semper, Jr.
J.M. DeMatteis
Stevent Grant
Michael Edens
September 30, 1995 204
18 "The Mutants' Revenge" John Semper, Jr.
Michael Edens
Francis Moss
Ted Pedersen
October 7, 1995 205
19 "Morbius" John Semper, Jr.
Brynne Stephens
Lydia Marano
October 28, 1995 206
20 "Enter the Punisher" John Semper, Jr.
Carl Potts
November 4, 1995 207
21 "Duel of the Hunters" John Semper, Jr. November 11, 1995 208
22 "Tablet of Time" Mark Hoffmeier
Stan Berkowitz
John Semper, Jr.
November 18, 1995 211
23 "Ravages of Time" Mark Hoffmeier
Stan Berkowitz
John Semper, Jr.
November 25, 1995 212
24 "Blade the Vampire Hunter" Stephanie Mathison
Mark Hoffmeier
John Semper, Jr.
February 3, 1996 209
25 "The Immortal Vampire" John Semper, Jr.
Meg McLaughlin
February 10, 1996 210
26 "Shriek of the Vulture" John Semper, Jr.
Gilles Wheeler
Eyelyn A. R. Gabai
February 17, 1996 213
27 "The Final Nightmare" John Semper, Jr.
Sandy Fries
February 24, 1996 214


This season, Spider-Man would battle new enemies and old. First, several villains would team up as the Insidious Six. He would also encounter new villains such as Morbius the Living Vampire, Hydro-Man, Silvermane, Tombstone, and Vulture. He would also come into conflict with the heroes Blade and Punisher. Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy would complicate matters further as Peter's feelings for both grew. All the while, he would battle his own body as his genetic mutation causes him to evolve into a hideous monster.


In an interview, executive producer John Semper, Jr. stated the purpose of the Neogenic Nightmare was to create a story arc for a Saturday morning show like what Stan Lee did for comics in the sixties. Although opposed by the studio and network, successive seasons would also contain similar season-long stories.

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