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A list of episodes from the first season of Spider-Man.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate
1 "Night of the Lizard" Gerry Conway
Stan Berkowitz
John Semper, Jr.
November 19 1994
2 "The Spider Slayer" John Semper, Jr.
Stan Berkowitz
February 4, 1995
3 "Return of the Spider Slayers" John Semper, Jr.
Mark Hoffmeier
February 11, 1995
4 "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous" John Semper, Jr.
Brooks Wachtel
Cynthia Harrison
February 18, 1995
5 "The Menace of Mysterio" John Semper, Jr.
Marv Wolfman
Stan Berkowitz
February 25, 1995
6 "The Sting of the Scorpion" John Semper, Jr.
Marty Isenbereg
Robert N. Skir
March 11, 1995
7 "Kraven the Hunter" John Semper, Jr.
Jan Strnad
Mark Hoffmeier
April 1, 1995
8 "The Alien Costume, Part One" Avi Arad
Stan Lee
John Semper, Jr.
Stan Berkowitz
Meg McLaughlin
Len Wein
April 29, 1995
9 "The Alien Costume, Part Two" John Semper, Jr.
Brynne Chandler Reaves
May 6, 1995
10 "The Alien Costume, Part Three" John Semper, Jr.
Mark Hoffmeier
May 13, 1995
11 "The Hobgoblin, Part One" Larry Brody
John Semper, Jr.
May 20, 1995
12 "The Hobgoblin, Part Two" Stan Berkowitz May 27, 1995
13 "Day of the Chameleon" John Semper, Jr. June 11, 1995


This season introduced most major characters including our hero Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May, Felicia Hardy, and John Jameson. We also saw the introduction of many of the webcrawler's most powerful villains such as Venom, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Chameleon, and the Scorpion. Unlike the following seasons, this does not have an overall storyline. Each episode is generally separate from the others, not including two- and three-part episodes.

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