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A list of episodes from the fifth and final season of Spider-Man. Unlike previous seasons, this one has three story arcs: Six Forgotten Warriors, Secret Wars, and Spider Wars.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
53 "The Wedding" John Semper, Jr.
Meg McLaughlin
September 12, 1997 404
54 "Six Forgotten Warriors" John Semper, Jr. September 19, 1997 405
55 "Unclaimed Legacy" John Semper, Jr. September 26, 1997 406
56 "Secrets of the Six" John Semper, Jr. October 3, 1997 407
57 "The Six Fight Again" John Semper, Jr. October 10, 1997 408
58 "The Price of Heroism" John Semper, Jr. October 17, 1997 409
59 "The Return of Hydro-Man, Part One" John Semper, Jr.
Eileen Fuentes
James Krieg
October 24, 1997 410
60 "The Return of Hydro-Man, Part Two" John Semper, Jr.
Meg McLaughlin
October 31, 1997 411
61 "Arrival" John Semper, Jr.
Karen Milovich
November 7, 1997 412
62 "The Gauntlet of the Red Skull" Virginia Roth November 14, 1997 413
63 "Doom" John Semper, Jr.
Mark Hoffmeier
Ernie Altbacker
November 21, 1997 414
64 "I Really, Really Hate Clones" James Krieg
Mark Hoffmeie
John Semper, Jr.
January 31, 1998 415
65 "Farewell, Spider-Man" John Semper, Jr. January 31, 1998 416


Spider-Man's latest adventures become personal. Peter is finally able to wed the lovely Mary Jane Watson only to find the truth behind her return almost too devastating to endure. Peter learns that his parents were traitors and must clear their name. Spider-Man teams up with six legendary superheroes to save the world. He will have to face five of the world's greatest villains in the Secret Wars. In the end he will have to face his greatest enemy, himself.


Production of the season was rushed as it was three months behind in scripts. Those scripts were complicated thus making every phase of productions suffer. To make up for this production was sped up, material was underdeveloped, and mistakes were made. The producers left feeling less delighted than they wanted. [1]

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