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Spider-Man SBD.jpg
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Powers and Abilities Web Fluid
Enhanced Strength and Speed
Loki's Scepter
Allies Iron Man
Spider-Man is from the Funko Universe video Spellbound.

Spider-Man is a superhero.


Little is known about Spider-Man. At some point he acquired superpowers and uses webbing.

He's a swinger

At some point he was swinging through a city when he spotted the villain Loki on a rooftop. He landed and was joined by Iron Man.

Lokie readied his scepter and fired. Spider-Man and Iron Man leapt out of the way. The blast exploded behind them.

Mind controlled

When Iron Man landed he was blasted across the roof. Spider-Man landed near him and examined him. He then ran to face off against Loki. Loki also ran forward, twirled around, and fired again hitting Spider-Man.

Must obey

The hero dropped then rose slowly, his eyes glowing blue as he came under control of Loki's powers. Loki calmly walked behind him. He stopped and looks at Iron Man. Spider-Man turned to see and Loki pointed at him.

Iron Man stood and rubbed his head. Spider-Man chose that time to attack and kicked him back. Iron Man stared off against him. He flew forward and swung a punch but Spider-Man dodged it. He fired a repulsor blast but Spider-Man dodged and propelled himself forward crashing Iron Man through the wall.

Attacking a friend

Spider-Man tried to strangle Iron Man who struggled to keep Spider-Man off him. Spider-Man fired webbing but Iron Man aimed Spider-Mans' hand out of his way. He then aimed Spider-Man's hand so the webbing hit the scepter.

The scepter flew out of Loki's hand into Iron Man's. With the mind control dissipating, Spider-Man stood recovering himself. He blinked and the blue disappeared from his eyes.

They stared at Loki then walked forward. Spider-Man grabbed the scepter out of Iron Man's hand and walked forward. Loki slowly backed away as Spider-Man and the scepter came closer.

Giving as good as he got

Spider-Man used the scepter to make Loki think he was a chicken. Loki's eyes turned blue and he began walking around clucking and flapping his arms.

Just a kid a heart

Spider-Man pointed the scepter and laughs. Iron Man just stared at him. Spider-Man noticed and stops laughing. Iron Man shook his head then demanded the scepter back. Spider-Man reluctantly handsed it back.

It is unknown what happened afterwards, though presumably they brought Loki to the proper justice.

Powers and Abilities

Great power

Spider-Man has vastly increased strength and speed comparable to a normal human. He also has greatly enhanced agility. He was able to fight Iron Man, who uses advanced armor, and nearly defeated him.

Perhaps his most iconic feature is his webbing. It is unknown if Spider-Man produces the webbing himself or if he creates it and uses a device to use it. The webbing allows Spider-Man to swing through the city and is able to use it offensively in battle as well.

Spider-Man briefly used the power of Loki's scepter, but he was forced to give up right after.


Spider-Man is propelled into heroism for reasons known only to him. When he sees trouble, no matter how great it is, he goes to stop it.

However, Spider-Man has a darker side. When freed of Loki's control he instantly sought revenge surprising even Iron Man.

Still needs responsibility

This is perhaps due to being younger. He was somewhat childish in dealing with Loki causing the ire of Iron Man who chastised him for his immaturity.


Spider-Man was unvoiced, but the laughs sound like Drake Bell, who plays Spider-Man on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H..

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