Spider-Man Actor
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Team Affiliations Spider-Men

An actor hired to play Spider-Man, this man eventually had to help various real versions of the fictional superhero. He joined several other alternate universe versions of his fictional character as part of the Spider-Men, who each really were the character he merely portrays.


This alternate universe counterpart to Spider-Man does not have any powers. He is an actor hired to portray Stan Lee's made up character. However, fiction became reality when Madame Web and the Beyonder asked the man to accompany five real Spider-Men to defeat Spider-Carnage. Though the lead Spider-Man asked him to stay he was sent and able to stop the destruction of the universe. After Spider-Carnage killed himself the actor took Spider-Man to see Stan Lee.


Like all other Spider-Men on the series, he was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes. It is possible that within the series he is actually supposed to be Barnes.

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