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Spiderman (1981)
Beginning date September 12, 1981
End date March 6, 1982
Number of Episodes 26
Producers David H. DePatie
Lee Gunther
Arthur Vitello
Original Channel Syndication
Previous Series Fred and Barney Meet the Thing
Next Series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man is a series that ran from September 12, 1981 to March 6, 1982. It is the second series to focus on Spider-Man after Spider-Man.


The series helped launch Marvel Productions, the successor to DePatie-Freleng Enterprises that created Fantastic Four and Spider-Woman.

Doctor Doom was given a recurring role following the success of Star Wars and the resemblance of Doom to Darth Vader.


Actor Role(s)
Ted Schwartz Spider-Man
Linda Gary May Parker
Buster Jones Joseph Robertson
Mona Marshall Betty Brant
William Woodson J. Jonah Jameson
Ralph James Doctor Doom
Jack Angel Moe
Man Mountain Marko
Donald Blake
Corey Burton Lizard
Peter Cullen Red Skull
George DiCenzo Captain America
Stanley Jones Doctor Octopus
Morgan Lofting Black Cat
Don Messick Vulture
Neil Ross Green Goblin
Michael Rye Mysterio
Michael Sheehan Mortimer
John Stephenson Doctor Norton
B. J. Ward Medusa
Paul Winchell Silvermane
William Boyett Hammerhead
F. Lee Bailey
Wally Burr
Philip L. Clarke
Henry Corden
Regis Cordic
Brad Crandall
Brian Cummings
Jeff David
Jack DeLeon
Walker Edmiston
Ron Feinberg
Brian Fuld
Lynn Johnson
John H. Mayer
Arlin Miller
Vic Perrin
Tony Pope
Richard Ramos
Gene Ross
Marilyn Schreffler
Gary Segar
Andre Stojka
Additional Voices

Linda Gary and Neil Ross reprised their roles for Spider-Man, though Gary died during the course of the series. Jack Angel also appeared in the series. Ross also played Osborn on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, though not Green Goblin.


Although airing concurrently with Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends the other series was seen as a sequel to this one. Both series used the same animation studio using the same style. Green Goblin appeared in both and both series had him transform into the goblin rather than wear a costume as the comics did.

Cementing a tie, the other series' episode "The Prison Plot" used footage from "When Magneto Speaks...People Listen" as a flashback.

These two along with The Incredible Hulk are considered part of the Marvel Productions Universe.


There were twenty-six episodes total. The series ran along Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as part of Marvel Action Universe, not to be confused with the 1990s The Marvel Action Universe.

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