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Spider-Man Spider-Geddon.PNG
Beginning date October 10, 2018
End date October 31, 2018
Number of Episodes 3
Writers Kevin Shinick
Seanan McGuire
David Hine
Fabrice Sapolsky
Producers Nick Lowe
Howard Schwartz
Kenneth T. Ito
Jacob Thomas
Mark Basso
Dan Buckley
Cort Lane
Eric Radomski
John Cerilli
Alan Fine
Dan Silver
Stan Lee
Stephen Wacker
Shaun Avnet

Spider-Geddon is motion comic web series that was made to tie into the Spider-Geddon comic book limited series. One episode features characters from Spider-Man.


Spider-Man and White Widow spy on Herman Schultz who is meeting a Nazi to sell him a weapon. However, Spider-Man and White Widow are discovered and fight Schultz, now calling himself Shocker, and learn that the weapon is a suit that fires electricity. By using the suit, Shocker nearly kills Spider-Man and White Widow. However, Spider-Man knocks over a water tower and the water fall onto Shocker and short circuits the suit. Just then a Spider-Man from another dimension called Spider-UK arrives and tells Spider-Man that he needs his help to fight Inheritors. As Spider-Man Noir and Spider-UK walk through a portal, White Widow knocks out the Nazi.

I another universe Gwen Stacy leaves band practice for the The Mary Janes. Mary Jane tells Gwen that she better not be late for their concert later that night. As Gwen leaves she changes into her Ghost-Spider costume and goes web slinging. Ghost-Spider hears a scream and goes to investigate. Ghost-Spider then saves a woman from three muggers. As Ghost-Spider web slings away Spider-Ham teleports onto a rooftop and Ghost-Spider sees him. Spider-Ham tells Ghost-Spider that there is a crisis that he needs help with and the two of them go into a portal to another dimension.

In yet another universe Spider-Man fights android duplicates of the Avengers. However, Spider-Man discoveres that Mysterio is posing as Thor and knocks him out. This causes Mysterio to no longer be able to control the Avengers androids. After defeating Mysterio, Spider-Punk arrives from another dimension and tells Spider-Man that he needs his help to save the entire multiverse. Spider-Man goes with Spider-Punk through a portal to another dimension.


This motion comic series ties into the Spider-Geddon comic book limited series.


Spider-Geddon lasted one season consisting of three episodes.

  • Spider-Geddon Episodes


This event happened sometime in-between the events of the Bring on The Bad Guys Saga and before "Brain Drain" due to the appearance of Mysterio.


Actor Role(s)
Griffin Burns Spider-Man
Mugger #3
Nazi Agent
Guard #1
Guard #2
Jake Eberle Spider-Punk
Mugger #1
Mugger #2
Spider-Man (Noir)
Shocker (Noir)
Reba Buhr Ghost-Spider/Gwen Stacy
Erika Harlacher Mary Jane Watson
Betty Brant
White Widow


Name Position
Kevin Shinick Writer
Seanan McGuire Writer
David Hine Writer
Fabrice Sapolsky Writer
Tim Eldred Director
Nick Lowe Producer
Howard Schwartz Producer
Kenneth T. Ito Producer
Jacob Thomas Co-Producer
Mark Basso Co-Producer
Dan Buckley Executive Producer
Cort Lane Executive Producer
Eric Radomski Executive Producer
John Cerilli Executive Producer
Alan Fine Executive Producer
Dan Silver Executive Producer
Stan Lee Co-Executive Producer
Stephen Wacker Co-Executive Producer
Shaun Avnet Associate Producer
Dario Brizuela Art
Alti Firmansyah Art
Paco Diaz Art
Rachelle Rosenberg Color Art
Andres Mossa Color Art
Michael Tavera Music
Kevin Manthel Music

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