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A.I.M. to Beta Ray Bill (Planet Hulk)
Beta Ray Bill (Yost Universe) to Chimichangas (Short)
China to Doctor Octavius (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
Doctor Octopus to G4
Gabe Khouth to Hostage (Pryde of the X-Men)
Hot Chocolate (The Spectacular Spider-Man) to Jim Lee
Jim Parsons to Lori Alan
Lorna Dane to Mister Fantastic (The Super Hero Squad Show)
Mister Fantastic (Yost Universe) to Phase (Pryde of the X-Men)
Phase (X-Men: Evolution) to Rumor
Runt to Spider-Man Season 2
Spider-Man Season 3 to Thunderbird
Thunderbird (Productions Universe) to Will Friedle
Will Meugniot to Zzzax (Yost Universe)
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