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Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony SMITSV Trailer.jpg
Current Name Sony Pictures
Role Entertainment Company
Predecessor(s) Columbia Pictures Entertainment
Founded December 21, 1987 (as Columbia Pictures Entertainment)
August 7, 1991 (as Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Key Figure(s) Michael Lynton (Chairman and CEO)
Parent Company Sony
Subsidiaries Columbia Pictures
Sony Pictures Animation
Sony Pictures Television
Sony Pictures Releasing

Sony Pictures Entertainment is an entertainment company that produces, acquires and distributes filmed entertainment through multiple platforms. It produced and distributes Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It owns Sony Pictures Television, who previously made Spider-Man: The New Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man. It is a part of Sony, a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation.


Sony purchases the film rights to Spider-Man in the late 1990s. This resulted in the troubled production of Spider-Man Unlimited while they began making Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

The studio produced the three Spider-Man films from Sam Raimi. The first two were critically acclaimed and, along with the first two X-Men films, helped popularize superhero films to the mainstream audience. However, the third film was divisive among critics and fans and ended Raimi's run on the films.

When The Walt Disney Company purchases Marvel Entertainment it presented rights issues for Sony. They made a deal to return the television rights to Marvel in order to maintain film rights. They lost the rights to produce The Spectacular Spider-Man while Marvel did not have to rights to continue it, thus resulting in Ultimate Spider-Man.

The movie series was rebooted into The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. The first was praised and successful but not as much as the Raimi films. The second was intended to create a cinematic universe along the lines of Marvel Studios' films using the characters they owned rights to. However, it did poorly among fans and critics. And this series was also ended.

Most recently, Sony partnered with Marvel and Disney to share the film rights. Under the agreement, Spider-Man can appear in Marvel-owned features while Marvel helps Sony produce Spider-Man features.

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