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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Solomon R Guggenheim Museum.jpg
Real Name Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Alternate Identity The Guggenheim
Team Affiliations New York City
Family and Friends Statue of Liberty
Chrysler Building
World Trade Center
Rockefeller Center

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is an art museum in New York City.

During the Atlantean Invasion of New York City, the armies of Atlantis destroyed the building.

So much art lost

When the Skrulls built a video game for the Fantastic Four, they included the Guggenheim's likeness. In the game, Skrull ships destroy the building as people ran.


Footage from "Incursion of the Skrulls" and "Now Comes the Sub-Mariner" featuring the Guggenheim is the same.

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