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Beginning date October 24, 1992
Number of Episodes 1
Writers Stan Lee
Producers Jim Duffy
Lee Gunther
Kenneth R. Korn
Margaret Loesch
David Oliphant
Original Channel Fox Kids

Solarman was a series that had a test pilot created as part of a tie-in to a proposed comic book series. However, much like "Pryde of the X-Men", the series was not picked up and only the pilot exists.


The pilot was created to go along with a comic book series. The character was originally created in 1979 by David Oliphant and Deborah Kalman for Pendulum Press. They wanted to teach children about alternative energy, due to the energy crisis of the time. Stan Lee and Marvel president Jim Galton approaches Oliphant to integrate Solarman into the Marvel Comics.[1]


Benjamin Tucker dreams of working for Marvel Comics. The cyborg Commander Gormagga Kraal tries to drain energy from the sun, but his head scientist, Sha-han flees to Earth with the Circlet of Power. He gives Ben the Circlet along with the robot Beepie. Ben uses the Circlet to transform into Solarman, gathering energy from the sun.


M. G. Kelly
Bernard Erhard
Stan Jones
Lou Hunt
Pat Fraley
Adam Carl
Angela Lee Sloan
Bettina Bush

The official cast listing for Solarman does not include characters so it is unknown which actor voiced what character.


The episode was created in 1988 and pitched to television stations in 1989. However, no station picked up the pilot and the comic book series was eventually canceled, lasting only two issues.

Eventually, the episode aired as a special on Fox Kids on October 24, 1992.


Batman editor Joe Illidge and Deadpool artist N. Steven Harris are revitalizing Solarman with Scout Comics. The hero himself will be reimagined as a angsty, socially conscious hacker on the run from police, military, and aliens. [2]

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