Sleeper (MSH)
All three Sleepers combined
Real Name Sleepers
Powers and Abilities Fires electricity
Family and Friends Red Skull (Creator)
Sleepers are from the Non MAU series, The Marvel Super Heroes.

The Sleepers were giant robots designed by the Red Skull to be awakened twenty years after World War II to carry on his work.


During World War II, Red Skull designed a series of three giant robots and hid them away. The Sleepers were programmed to activate twenty years after the end of World War II and destroy all of humanity.

Sleeper 1 (MSH)

The first Sleeper

The first Sleeper was awakened by Red Skull's sleeper agent, Von Kimmer in Bavaria, Germany. Captain America arrived shortly afterward and tried to fight it. However, the Sleeper was too large and too strong to be defeated.

Sleeper 2 (MSH)

The second Sleeper

While the first Sleeper was rampaging through Bavaria, another of Red Skull's agents named Agent 2 reactivated the second Sleeper. The second Sleeper was able to locate the first Sleeper and attached itself to the back of the first Sleeper. Captain America jumped onto the Sleepers back as it began to fly in the air. As the Sleeper flew in the sky it destroyed houses on the ground. Captain America jumped off the Sleepers back as the German Air Force attacked it. However, the Air Force was unable to destroy the Sleepers.

Captain America then went to a nearby U.S. Army base and informed the base's general of Red Skull's Sleepers. The general then sent out his soldiers to destroy the Sleepers and made Captain America their commanding officer in the field. The military attempted to destroy the Sleepers with all of their heavy artillery but to no avail. Instead the Sleeper was able to destroy all of the tanks and ships that were firing at it.

Sleeper 3 (MSH)

The third Sleeper

Red Skull's third agent then activated the last Sleeper which was designed to look like a giant skull. As the third Sleeper floated into the sky it combined with the other two. Captain America deduced that the third Sleeper was actually a giant bomb and that it was flying to the North Pole. Captain America also realized that Red Skull had programmed the Sleeper to create a hale to the center of the Earth with its lasers and fly into the core. While in the Earth's center the giant skull bomb would explode and the explosion would destroy the world.

Captain America then had the U.S. Army fly him in a plane right over the Sleeper. Captain America, with a flame thrower, then jumped onto the Sleeper. Captain America then turned on the flame thrower and pointed it at the Skull Sleeper. Captain America then parachuted off and left the flame thrower on the Sleeper. The flame thrower was able to heat up the Skull Sleeper and it exploded in the sky.


This is the first version of the Sleepers outside the comics.

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