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Real Name Silvermane
Allies Hammerhead
Alistair Smythe
Miles Warren
Family and Friends Alisa Silvermane (Daughter)

Silvermane is an elderly criminal who is the chief rival to Kingpin.


Nothing is known about Silvermane's early life. At unknown point he went to a criminal life and eventually became a boss of criminal organization.

At some point he had a daughter named Alisa. She took on the last name Silver so that nobody would know about their relationship.

As he became older, Silvermane became obsessed with becoming young again. At one point Alisa went became an intern for Dr. Curt Connors to spy on his work.

He became a top level criminal and rival to the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk.

Silvermane hired Hammerhead to capture the superhero Spider-Man. However, Kingpin formed the Insidious Six to kidnap Silvermane. Spider-Man thought that he was simply a kindly old man and rescued him, then he stopped the Six.

When the Tablet of Time was discovered, Silvermane tried to have Hammerhead take it. After Hammerhead failed to obtain the Tablet, Silvermane fired him. Tombstone got Tablet for Silvermane, then kidnapped Dr. Connors. He then kidnapped Martha Connors to ensure Curt's cooperation.

Connors got the Tablet of Time working and Silvermane used it. He became a young man again, endowed with superhuman physicality that allowed him to fight against Lizard and Spider-Man, but quickly de-aged further. He soon became a boy, then a baby. Alisa grabbed her infant father and they fled after she had Tombstone set the Tablet to overload with energy and tear the place apart.

Still able to retain his mentality, baby Silvermane orchestrated a way back. He planned to use Spider-Man's youth and powers to make himself a young man again.

He hired Kingpin's former assistant, Alistair Smythe, who kidnapped Black Cat forcing Spider-Man to kidnap Scorpion. Spider-Man was captured and they began to switch powers. However, Vulture appeared and took Spider-Man's place. Because the supervillain was an old man, Silvermane returned to his elderly self while Vulture, who was also obsessed with regaining his youth, stayed young.

It is unknown what happened to them as neither Kingpin nor Spider-Man saw or heard from them again.


Silvermane is vengeful and ruthless man. He can hold the grudges long after the fact. Despite this, he truly loves his daughter and deeply cares about her.


Silvermane was voiced by Jeff Corey as an old man, Townsend Coleman as an adult, Matthew McCurley as a child, and Cannon Young as a baby.

His daughter Alisa is original to the series.

In the Comics[]

His real name is Silvio Manfredi. Silvermane was merely his nickname due to his hair turning gray at a young age.

He never had a daughter, but had a son named Joseph.

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