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Silver Surfer (TV Series)
Silver Surfer Title Shot.jpg
Beginning date February 7, 1998
End date May 16, 1998
Number of Episodes 13
Producers Stan Lee
Avi Arad
Original Channel Fox Kids
Previous Series The Incredible Hulk
Next Series Spider-Man Unlimited

Silver Surfer is a series loosely tied to the Marvel Animated Universe. The series only lasted one season for a total of thirteen episodes starting on February 7th, 1998 and ending May 16th, 1998.

The series was thematically darker than previous Marvel comic series.


When Galactus arrives to consume Zenn-La Norrin Radd offers himself in exchange for his planet's protection. Galactus gives him a portion of his powers and he becomes the Silver Surfer, however he has lost his memories and conscience. Acting as the herald the Surfer finds world after world for Galactus. The Surfer is eventually freed and turns on his former master. Upon his return of Zenn-La the Surfer finds that the planet has been moved. The rest of the series deals with the Surfer trying to find Zenn-La and his beloved Shalla-Bal while at the same time dealing with the horrors he committed under the control of Galactus.


Animation was provided by AKOM, who worked on most episodes of X-Men.

The show was among the first to prominently feature computer generated imagery along with cel animation. The animation style was true to the graphic stylings of Silver Surfer creator Jack Kirby.


Actor Role(s)
Paul Essiembre Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd
James Blendick Galactus
Tara Rosling Nova/Frankie Raye
Colin Fox Uatu
Gary Krawford Thanos
Camilla Scott Shalla-Bal
Denis Akiyama Watcher Prime
Lawrence Bayne Zedaro
Oliver Becker Adam Warlock
Bernard Behrens Nietr
Rick Bennett Votrick
Robert Bockstael Pip
Christopher Britton Zarek
Valerie Buhagiar Shellaine
Lally Cadeau Lady Chaos
David Calderisi Kiar
Michael Copeman MacLag
Alyson Court Amber
Jennifer Dale Nebula
Len Doncheff Raze
Shirley Douglas Universal Sourge
Don Francks Kalek
Elizabeth Hanna Kili
David Hemblen Supreme Intelligence
Howard Jerome Geatar
Lorne Kennedy Planetary Essence
Roy Lewis Ego
Mary Long
Alison Sealy-Smith
Tracey Moore Tor-Kay
John Neville Eternity
Nicole Oliver Gamma Jen Beth
Karl Pruner Beta Ray Bill
Elizabeth Shepherd Infinity
Cedric Smith Mentor
Norm Spencer Drax
John Stocker Ivar
Marc Strange Lord Glenn
Aron Tager Master of Zenn-La
Robert Tinkler Borad

Many of the guest voice actors were some of the regular cast of X-Men.


See also Silver Surfer Episodes.

The series only lasted thirteen episodes airing from February 7, 1998 to May 16, 1998. The series ended on a cliffhanger, though eight episodes were written for the proposed second season.

Some episodes alluded to written Golden Age or Silver Age science fiction. Two titles (Second Foundation and The End of Eternity) were from novels by Isaac Asimov; the character name First Speaker was from Second Foundation, and Mentor was from Doc Smith’s Lensman series, which was also an inspiration for the Green Lantern. The story for the episode Antibody was written by Harlan Ellison, and the title The Forever War was from a novel by Joe Haldeman.


In Fantastic Four the Silver Surfer arrives on Earth still under the control of Galactus. Galactus then traps the Surfer there with a cosmic ray barrier. In Silver Surfer the Surfer gains his independence after an encounter with Ego the Living Planet. The Fantastic Four would not have appeared in the series until the last three unmade episodes.


The show had high ratings and positive critical reception. However, Marvel Entertainment was facing bankruptcy problems and could not afford to continue funding the show. Eight episodes were written for the second season but never made.

Proposed Second Season

The Silver Surfer recreates the universe and learns the history of Thanos and Lady Chaos. The Surfer returns to Zenn-La but to set foot on it he needs the help of the Virals, so he must save the Universal Library. Unfortunately Shalla Bal sacrifices herself causing the Surfer to become lost once again. In his grief he tries to end the Kree-Skrull War. Terrax would then become the next herald of Galactus. The Surfer and the newly unemployed Nova would return to Earth only to confront the newly formed Fantastic Four and later stop Terrax and Galactus from destroying the planet.

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