Silver Sable
Specspidey ep21b.jpg
Real Name Sable Manfredi
Alternate Identity Silver Sable
Family and Friends Silvermane (Father)
Hammerhead (Romantically Involved)

Sable Manfredi, also known as Silver Sable, is the daughter of the criminal Silvermane.


After her father was sent to jail, Sable took over the Manfredi Family Gang.

Sable went to an auction to get a device that would give the person who owned it control over the Rhino and clones of him. When it went to Kingsley instead she took it from him, but ran into old romantic interest Hammerhead, Spider-Man, and Rhino. She and Hammerhead teamed up against Spider-Man and Rhino but they lost and escaped.

When her father was released from the Vault, he and his daughter went to a meeting with Tombstone and Doctor Octopus. When Hammerhead injected her with a sedative, Silvermane got angry because he loved his daughter and a fight ensued. When Sable awoke, she tried to contact her father, but he was already sent jail, again.


Silver Sable was voiced by Nikki Cox.

For the series she was made the daughter of Silvermane, who she has had no prior tie to.

In the Comics

Her name is Silver Sablinova.

She comes from and rules the small European state of Symkaria.

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