Silver Sable

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Spider-Man encounters Silver Sable attempting to assassinate the mayor of New York and a European Union Guest named Harlan Tremain. As it turns out, the Tremain is really an undercover terrorist "The Piranha" planning to kill the president when he gets the chance. When Silver Sable discovers that Peter Parker (Spider-Man) had caught her on surveillance when she had attempted to kill him, she attacks Peter's apartment and kidnaps Mary Jane, Harry and Indy. Peter later discovers that Silver Sable is also posing as the mayor's assistant, Jane Perkins, but before he can stop her from kidnapping the mayor and Tremaine, he first has to save his friends, which gives her time to get away. Spider-Man eventually catches up to her, though, and the two have a final showdown on top of the mayor's limo. It ends with the limo crashing off the Brooklyn Bridge Spider-Man saves the limo before it hits the water, but Silver Sable falls off and she swims away shown by her air bubbles in the water. ("Spider-Man Dis-Sabled")


Silver Sable caught the attention of two psychic twins who used it to torment Spider-Man.

She joined Kraven the Hunter who wanted to kill Spider-Man as revenge for being sent to a gul Sable was then caught by Spider-Man and taken to jail. In the process, she told Kraven, "There are other ways to get revenge on Spider-Man." Kraven was thus inspired to kill Mary Jane. However, this appearance of Sable was an illusion. Sable's presence was part of a scheme by the Gaines twins to manipulate Spider-Man into thinking Kraven killed Mary Jane in the hopes that he would kill Kraven. The Gaines twins sought vengeance for Kraven's murder of their parents. ("Mind Games Part One")

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