Silver Sable
Silver Sable SMTNAS.jpg
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Silver Sable
Jane Perkins
Powers and Abilities Martial Arts, Various Weapons
Allies Spider-Man
Silver Sable is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

The Russian woman known only as Silver Sable is a highly skilled assassin and mercenary.


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Silver Sable was hired to take down the terrorist known as The Piranha, whose real name is Harlan Tremain. He had infiltrated the office of the mayor of New York City. His goal was to kill a visiting foreign president who would be visiting.

Silver Sable went undercover as Jane Perkins and worked as the mayor's assistant.

She tried to take out the terrorist, Spider-Man appeared and thought she and her group were trying to kill the mayor. He fought them off and they fled for another chance.

Silver Sable then realized that during the failed attack she had been recorded by a boy named Peter Parker. She went to Parker's apartment to find the video but found nothing. She then kidnapped his friends Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Indira Daimonji.

She kidnaps the mayor and Tremaine. She forces Spider-Man to save Parker's friend so she could get away. He saves the three and catches up to the limo. The two fight and it comes out that Tremaine is a terrorist in disguise. The limousine crashes off the Brooklyn Bridge and Spider-Man saves it. However, Silver Sable falls down into the water below.

Tremaine was arrested and the mayor and president were fine. However, Silver Sable was never seen again.


Silver Sable caught the attention of the two psychic Gaines Twins, who used her image to torment Spider-Man.

In the Gaines' illusion, Silver Sable joined Kraven the Hunter, who wanted to kill Spider-Man as revenge for being sent to a gulag. Sable was then caught by Spider-Man and taken to jail. In the process, she told Kraven, "There are other ways to get revenge on Spider-Man." Kraven was thus inspired to kill Mary Jane.

Spider-Man believed that Mary Jane had died and sought to kill Kraven. When he discovered that it was a trick, and the real Mary Jane was alive, he fought the Gaines Twins. However, they tricked him again into putting Indy in the hospital. Spider-Man then gave up his superhero identity after defeating the Gaines Twins.


Silver Sable was voiced by Virginia Madsen.

Her country of origin was changed from the fictional Symkaria to the real Russia.

In the Comics

Her real name is Silver Sablinova. This was unused in the series.

Actually rules her home country of Symkaria.

Leads a group called the Wild Pack.

First met Spider-Man when HYDRA took over a school. Her cousin was in the school and the two went separately to stop HYDRA. Though they have often fought, she and Spider-Man usually team up.

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