Real Name Sif
Alternate Identity Lady Sif
Powers and Abilities Skilled swordsman and archer
Team Affiliations Asgardians
Allies Warriors Three
Family and Friends Thor (Boyfriend)

Lady Sif is a powerful warrior from Asgard.


Physical Therapy
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She is in love with Thor. When young, she was disgusted that the Einherjar would let Thor beat them in combat. She told Thor this then beat him up. She then went off to Kona Lifandi to be trained by Brunhilde and the Valkyries. Thor came to her after he took Elderstahl and killed two Frost Giant but was captured. When the Jotuns attacked she escaped, though Brunhilde told her not to return. She witnessed Algrim turn and kill the Einherjar. They went to Asgard where Sif joined the Warriors Three in stopping the siege. Her heroism, and some help from Thor, got her to be the first woman to join the Einherjar. They grew up and Sif helped fight off another siege led by Loki. She then helped protect Odin when he entered Odinsleep, though she was defeated by Hulk.


Sif was voiced by Grey DeLisle in Hulk vs Thor, Nika Futterman on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Tara Strong on Thor: Tales of Asgard.

In the Comics

Sif merged with Jane Foster to become one much as Thor and Donald Blake are one.

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