Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Shocker
Powers and Abilities Shocker Suit: Powerful Electric Blasts
Team Affiliations Insidious Six
Allies Kingpin
Alistair Smythe

The man known only as Shocker was a mercenary supervillain. He often works for Kingpin and is part of the Insidious Six.



Kingpin hired Shocker to deal with photographer Eddie Brock after he took images of Rhino stealing Prometheum X from the space shuttle. Shocker threatened the journalist until Spider-Man intervened. He later kidnapped John Jameson taking him to a church. There they awaited J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man to get the Prometheum X back. The exchange was made and Spider-Man attacked Shocker. Spider-Man crushed his gauntlets then almost pushed him off the bell tower to his death. Spider-Man stopped then lowered him safely.

He later joined Rhino is attacking Spider-Man. Together the two overpowered the hero, but were stopped by Venom.

Shocker Abandons Suit

He later joined the Insidious Six under the leadership of Kingpin along with Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Rhino, and Chameleon. They kidnapped Kingpin's rival Silvermane but were stopped by Spider-Man. They eventually corned the hero in a warehouse and captured him. Upon discovering his identity, that of a young boy named Peter Parker, the team reasoned that he was simply protecting Spider-Man by pretending to be the hero. They forced Parker to take them to the real Spider-Man. Parker tried to escape but Shocker blasted him in the back off the roof. Spider-Man appeared and defeated them all. He threw Shocker into a nearby watertower where his suit overloaded and exploded forcing him to abandon it.

He was later hired to kidnap the vampire known as Michael Morbius.

He rejoined the Insidious Six to steal a doomsday weapon designed by World War II figure Red Skull. However, the team was betrayed by Chameleon, who was really Red Skull's adopted son. When freed, he and the team went their separate ways.

Powers and Abilities


Shocker has gauntlets that fire powerful blasts of electricity. Presumably, his suit is to protect himself.


Shocker was voiced by Jim Cummings.

For reasons unknown, he is the only significant villain to never have his real face shown. In fact, even when he loses his costume he still wears a mask.

For reasons unknown, his powers were changed from sound based to electrical based.

In the Comics

His real name, unused in the series, is Herman Schultz.

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